The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 1 Part 1)

Chapter 1: Rebirth of the Legend (Part 1)

Boom! A black figure flew out.

I heard a very loud sound that came from a hundred-metre deep cave. 

This shocked me because the companions who entered earlier said that there won’t be any problems. But five minutes later, I was presented with this scene. 

It was said to be an ancient water cave… Well, from the outside, the normal-looking-ancient-cave echoed the blasting sounds, and the ground began to shake, followed by falling stones that lifted waves of dust. Finally, coming from the cave were several living creatures escaping outside at an incredible speed.

Without thinking much, I knew the cave was going to collapse. 

This wasn’t the first time something like this has happened since we started looking for the Water Spirit Stone and seeing that, I’m already numb to it.

“Wind talisman, a shield to cover the surroundings.” I took out the talisman to prepare the spell. Before the amount of ash created from the second explosion reached me, I had created a protective net. Although it was small, it was sufficient for me. 

But what caught me off guard was the next thing that happened. The moment the protection spell was seen, all the creatures who were initially escaping for their lives were suddenly rushing towards me. 

What the… fuck!

Although I have learnt a lot of spells under the guidance of Anin and Senior Gasai, I still couldn’t react to these creatures swarming towards me.

“Bang bang!” My vision had turned black, I felt something hairy that knocked me out, and golden stars and the legendary path to heaven appeared around me. 

But only for a few seconds, even before my grandma’s figure could fully appear, the path to heaven disappeared.

Then, I fell onto the ground, and immediately, I was covered by the ash from the explosion earlier on… I hope they’ll come to dig me out before I choke to death from being buried alive. 

Lying on the ground, buried within. 

My name is Chu Mingyang, I am in my second year of high school. Currently, I am enjoying a pleasant holiday… Well, it’s not exactly very pleasant. 

If someone says that being buried alive in the dirt, from someone’s explosion is pleasant, I will plant him right into the center of the Earth on the spot, and allow him to experience the feeling of ultimate pleasure. 

Also, I believe that I definitely possess this ability, because not long ago, the Five-Coloured Rooster told me that planting people into the ground is a basic ability. Even the Assassin could do it, which made it more logical that a Demon Master could do it too. 

“Cries of water.” A quiet voice came from the quiet ground, interrupting my thoughts, which were followed by another explosion.

Please do not use water–

There was no time to warn Yado, the water flushed me out from the ground. Due to the very strong pressure, I was swept towards the tree and hit it. Then, I stuck onto one of the branches in a star shape, along with some mud. 

… I will become a mud man, forget it…

“Yangyang, what are you doing in the soil?” With that psycho-smiling face, Leido’s voice came from behind: “Come down, faster, if you dry yourself in that state, you will be fixed to that branch. But personally, I would find it artistic, you wouldn’t mind going back to pose in this pose again for my artworks, right?” 

Fuck you! Do you also want to carve out the moment I collided with the trees!

I pulled my body out from the mud pile and I fell onto the ground. Only to realise that the surrounding mud must have been flushed away clean. Obviously, Yado’s water spell was highly effective, even the dirt from the explosion earlier has been washed away, and a rainbow was created with the sunlight shining through the water droplets in the air! 

“I mind a lot, please forget it!” Even if you don’t forget, as a Devil Master, I can curse you to walk, fall, and hit your head to lose your memories. 

After Leido carves it, the Five-Coloured Rooster and the rest will laugh for at least a year. No, a year is too short, it could be for a lifetime, and who knows, after I die, the Five-Coloured Rooster will definitely go to take his children to see, and then tell them, “This is the artwork the Water Goblins created for the Devil Master”, and the entire Sealed World will know that the current Devil Mater had collided into a tree and became a Water Goblin’s artwork on the spot and, it will be this story that shall be passed down for hundreds of years.

Just the thought of this alone is frightening.

“Leido! Do not carve!” I warned the Water Spirit who was laughing hard. 

“Aye, what a pity.” Leido put his sword away. 

Wait wait! Could it be that you wanted to use Thunder King to dig me up!

I suddenly felt that Yado who used the water spell was a good person. Compared to being buried in the ground and electrocuted into Tuyao* Chicken, being flushed into the mud was the better option.

[*t/n: Tuyao chicken is a form of Taiwan dish. The chicken is wrapped in foil and buried in the earth to cook under heat.] 

After all, no one wishes to die like Tuyao Chicken. By the way, I remembered that I had watched a puppet show before, and there was a character named… Kong Rou Shao*? 

[*t/n: Another Taiwanese dish. Thick-braised pork belly sandwiched in a bun.] 

Deciding to change the topic, I looked towards the cave —

…where is the cave?

Where is the cave!

“What have you done to the water cave!” Looking over, I only saw a flat ground, so flat that a road could be paved.

“It collapsed. When it was attacked earlier by the Water Magic Beast inside, it actually blew himself up and it collapsed.” Leido said using the ‘too bad it self-exploded before we managed to settle it’ what-a-pity tone. “The Magic Beast was probably used for protection in the past and seemed to have been there for a very long time, but its strength was unexpectedly big.”  

“Eh? Oh, .” Why am I no longer appalled by such an explanation?

Yado retracted his sword, then reached out, and pulled me up from the ground: “This place does not have the Water Stone here either.” 

“Another wasted trip,” I muttered, looking at Leido who crossed the map. 

Since we got the map from Lord Black Mountain, Yado and Leido have begun their long search, while I occasionally tagged along during the holidays, just like now. 

“We have searched everywhere in the Southern region and it seems like it has been taken by other people. Tsk, it’s not as easy as I expected.” Leido leaned over, looking at the dozens of places that had been crossed on the map. “Oh yes, Yangyang, is it alright for you to tag along as always with us? I remember you still have classes.” 

“Ah it’s fine, I don’t have classes on Fridays. So including the weekends, I have 3 days off.” Sometimes Leido and the rest would spend a few days outside. If it’s within 3 days, they will contact me as promised. If it’s too long, they would go on their own. Even though they are also students, they are White Robes and university students and they’re able to be out longer than me. 

There are some places that you can’t leave right away. If we meet in the maze-like terrain, we might spend even more days. 

The only exception was the other water region where we met a huge illusion and we couldn’t get out for 5 days. When I returned to school, I had missed 3 days of classes. 

Nearly got a ‘heart-warming’ education from the class instructor. 

“But after frequenting the water regions, Yangyang, you should be more familiar with the environment here, right?” Leido asked with a grin as he looked towards me. 

“…No.” Because I was always sent directly to the destination whenever I hung out with them, I’ve never had the chance to see the scenery in between the journeys.

For example, it’s like when you travel to Taitung for sightseeing from Taichung, but the windows of the coach are sealed throughout the way, so are you able to know what the outside looks like? At most, you could get off the coach to sightsee at Taitung and purchase a travel book.

Oh right, the custard apple* I brought the last time was delicious, so I’ll bring some for them the next time.

[*t/n: Custard apple and travel book sound the same in Chinese. That’s why Yangyang got reminded of the custard apple. Lol.]

Yado coughed, also evidently thinking of this incident, “Since there isn’t any water stone, let’s go back first.” 

“Ah! I’ll be directly heading back to school.” I knew that he was referring to the Water Goblins’ sacred place because they’d always go home first and make a feast for everyone.

Under the care of the medical team, Yido gradually recovered and had begun accepting simple missions. Only Leido and Yado refused to let him do it. 

Similarly, Senior Gasai was getting better under Yue Jian’s care, but I heard that his injuries were a lot more serious than Yido’s, so he has remained in Yue Jian’s ward until now, though he returned to the Purple dorm occasionally. He was usually sent back due to his conditions.

At the moment, Chifuyutoshi is by the side of Gasai to take care of him. According to Ryan, we have all agreed that Chifuyutoshi has developed a brother-fetish, Also Chifuyutoshi has rejected a few works to stay by his bed, and sometimes, even skipping class to go to his hometown to bring his brother some miraculous medicinal herbs.

The last time I visited Purple dorm to meet Ali, I heard Xiao Ting complaining. 

Chifuyutoshi scolded her for not sterilising the tea prior to brewing.

In other words, I think Senior Gasai didn’t sterilise the tea before brewing previously as well, and such bacteria will probably not cause any harm to them! 

There are no humans here, only superhumans!

“This is what Yido wanted to give you since you aren’t heading back with us. You should bring this back.” Yado who didn’t know my mind had wandered elsewhere, crushed a fingernail-sized crystal into pieces, followed by a basketball-sized box with some beautiful designs appearing in his hand: ”Water Goblins’ desserts. He said, you seem to love it the previous time you came.” 

I received the box with gratitude.

Since everyone knew my love for desserts, they often gave me some. 

Ali told me that this was normal because this world is different from ours back there. Every race has its own ceremonies and prayers at different times and seasons… and so on. All these offerings have to be hand-made. As compared to the Original world, the Sealed world is closer to the Gods, so these offerings tend to contain more sincerity. At the end of the prayers, these will be given to friends, which is also a form of a blessing.

Sharing the things that have been enjoyed by the Gods, or blessed by the Gods with our friends. 

That’s what it means. 

Furthermore, the idea is that as long as you are liked, you will often receive these foods. 

This made me stressed because I don’t know how to hand-make any desserts. I often pester my mother to make some green bean soup, red bean soup, or other snacks to return the favour. Luckily, everyone was generally accepting of the Taiwanese snacks. 

“Help me give my thanks to Yido~” I said my thanks and looked at the white box of desserts.

“Yido said, the green bean soup you previously gave was delicious. He’d like to learn from your mother when there is time.” Yado relayed the message from his older brother. 


The water spirit wants to learn how to make green bean soup from my mother…

That request sounds weird, no matter how you think of it!

, I will let my mother know.” Actually, I think my mother would be eager to teach Yido. Last month when I returned home with Ali who had a mission nearby, we bumped into my mother. Later, my mother quietly told me to bring more handsome classmates back. 

I think my mother will definitely love Yido. 

Not only is he handsome, but also a good person. Last time, Miaomiao told me that if Yido debuts, he will definitely be an auntie-killer. 

Where did she learn this phrase from!

“Thank you.” Yado nodded. 

“No, not at all.” After all, I’m not the one teaching…

“Then, we’ll head back first.” Leido kindly gave me a teleportation talisman. Once, there was a time where I was going to find them, I got stuck in between the cracks. After that, Leido or Yado would always help me prepare. “Next time, when you come, you can bring along Ziray–” 

Bias. This is definitely bias!

‘Don’t bring that problematic guy!” Yado’s face soured.

“In what way is he problematic!”

“In every way!”

“You guys enjoy yourselves, I’ll leave first…”

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