The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 4 Part 1)

Chapter 4: The Newly Added Guest (Part 1)

“So, you brought along the unicorn?” 

Standing outside the Medical Department’s main entrance, the Chief had a conflicting expression — not knowing whether he wanted to laugh or cry. 

“Uh… He said since the Soul Enforcement Bell belongs to him, if we don’t let him come along, we can forget about retrieving it.” 

Watching the human Unicorn follow, I broke out in cold sweat. 

The person standing behind me directly pressed onto my head, revealing a smile that made me want to beat him up and said: “Only I can use the items that I own, so where is the beauty that you’re talking about?” 

“Even if there is one, I won’t show it to you.” Chief’s experience was saying, ‘The Lewd Horse is prohibited from this area.’ 

“Hmph, if you want to use my item, you should let me see. “ The Lewd Horse folded his arms arrogantly, feeling very certain that we wanted his item. “First, let me tell you that the Bell Fragment will recognise its owner. To change owners, the previous owner must either give it up or the current owner must be willing to leave the World. Otherwise, the Bell Fragment will be useless in your hands.”

Finally, I knew the reason why he wanted to come. However, I believe we would be more appreciative if he explained it to us in a more natural way. 

Unhappily staring at him, the Chief opened his mouth: “Because we’re preparing for his awakening, so the medical team has gathered the best staff to facilitate the procedures of switching his medications. You are only allowed to enter in the last few days. At the same time, we’d need your Soul Enforcement Bell.” 

“I see.” Shikin pondered: “This means I can only see the beauty after two days…… but that’s fine, I hope he is worth waiting for.”

“So you can get out and come back the day after tomorrow.” The Chief chased with an unfriendly tone. 

By the way, I recalled that the Chief was also someone who likes pretty things. Previously, he was often being cultivated by seniors too. Is this what it meant by “Same Poles Repel”?

So perverts actually ostracise other perverts, the world is fair indeed.

“But I don’t want to go back~” Turning around to meet the Lewd Horse’s gaze gave me a shiver, the words he said subsequently made me realise that the situation was grave, “Give me a place to stay~” 

He spoke it too naturally, as if he was saying something like ‘Oh, the weather is sunny.’

“There are no stables at the Medical Centre.” The Chief rejected impolitely. 

Asrian coughed lightly, “Uh…… I’m sorry, my place isn’t convenient either……”

Actually, I think what he wanted to say was that if Dylo or the Tripping Prince may do something unexpected if they see a horse in his room, the moment they open the doors.

Who knows, maybe the next time I visit Asrian, I might see a piece of beast skin drying on the balcony. 

The three of them turned towards me.

Wait wait! Is this my responsibility!

My room isn’t a stable for rent! You should call Leido and Yado back and ask them to raise the horse at the Water Fairies’ Sacred Place instead! At least there are open spaces for the horse to walk, and being kept at the Sacred Place will help to purify his dirty soul!

“Then that’s settled. Relax, I only need a bed.” He was behaving very generously, as if it was my honour to have him choose my room. Shikin patter my shoulders firmly. 

……I hope you knew that I only have one bed in my room!

Giving it to you would mean that I’m sleeping in the toilet!

“This also works, it’s easier to find you if you’re in the Academy.” The Chief actually agreed.

Is anyone going to ask for my opinion first?!

“Shouldn’t we ask Restua before letting him stay in the Black dorm?” Will we create trouble if we randomly bring a horse in?

“It’s alright. There shouldn’t be a problem if it’s brought in by a resident, since it’ll be considered as your guest.” Completely obliviously at my final attempt to struggle, Asrian very kindly told me this information that I knew long ago.

Will you die if you let me struggle a little bit more —

“Then, this is settled!” The happy Unicorn placed his arms on my shoulders, as if we were good brothers* who’d known each other for a long time, and asked me in a low voice: “How many beauties are there in your dorm?”

[t/n: Brothers is used in this context as a figure of speech to indicate two very close friends.]

……I regretted it.

This time, I really regretted it.

I’ve learnt how to write the phrase ‘serves me right’ because it is currently the true reflection of myself. 


t/n: I’m back with Chapter 4 Part 1!! Unfortunately, I’m still not done with the things I wanted to do over the past weeks… But I didn’t want to delay the release for this novel any further so I decided to continue to work on the translations. However, the release will be slow so please don’t expect part 2 to come very soon. Also, I think you might have noticed the writing style is a little different in this part and that the sentences flow so much better now :”) My editor’s doing a good job in cleaning up my translations (I’m so thankful.)

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