The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Prologue)


“If the heart can speak, its words must be a curse.”

How much of a person’s past is filled with joy, regret, tears, sadness or even hatred?As long as you affirm yourself, the world will also affirm you.

What has happened in the past will not disappear, the path walked continues to remain. Perhaps there were many times the thought “If only I knew it back then” appeared, but the world will never give you the opportunity to rewind time.

Traces of sand will disappear with the wind, just like how time erases life.Figures on the waters will be removed by the wind,  just like how life leaves no marks.

I have encountered many unbelievable situations in my first year of high school.

The coward, weak and afraid me, desperately wanting to catch up with the pace, ended up creating a situation that cannot be unturned.

But someone has told me, the path ahead is still long.

Even if, not everyone continue to stay by my side.But, as long as you work hard to overcome, you will be you.

Until now, our story continues on.

Still, the story that belongs to me may also become yours.

The Unique Legend that belongs to us.


The Legend from the past

Life will never stop in a particular time forever.

The red blood flowing from the finger tip slowly draws an arc, the thick fluid gave off a pungent smell.He saw a leaf slowly falling down, gently coming contact with the blood on the ground, the dried leave is stained by the dark red fluid, stopping right over there. 

The body is turning cold.

The withered trees in the surroundings swayed along with the wind, as he hums the song that is no longer heard of.

With his weak voice, the young animals hiding behind the trees witnessed the moment where a life disappears.

The wind carries the song from the faraway homeland.Vaguely, he has heard his brothers singing to this son.

Whenever their spirits are low, they would sing this song to each other.

Despite asking for the song title a few times, they would say that the song originated from elsewhere. With the wind, the singing voice deeply engrains in his memory.

The first child steps on the pool of blood, his soul seeps into the deepest part of the soil, eternity will never persevere for long, hence the story continues to flow through time.

The second child lies amongst the bones, his soul seep into the deepest part of the world, his life will never persevere for long, hence the song continues to be sung through time.

The third…

The voice stopped.He looks at the dark redness next to his hand as his eyes loses brightness.

Time is rewinding.

But that is merely the last bit of recollections gifted in by his memories.

Although small, although it will melt away like the first snow, those are all is last moments.

A white sheet of paper stops in the air, as if it is sending off someone.No one can reject the fate associated to life, but they can choose to accept or resist it.

He has forgotten how many times the seasons have changed, and has also forgotten how many laughters he saw at that place.

Even if, the last moments spent there were pleasant.

The numbness in the fingertips is overcoming his thoughts, he knows he soon will not feel the pain inflicted by his killer on his neck, he also knows that the gradual blood loss will bring him to his final destination.

Perhaps he shouldn’t have existed in the beginning.

The moment the cold blade was drawn across his vessels, he knew all was going to end.The person standing next to him swung his sword, red blood splattered around, alongside with a smirking sound.

That person will never know that his victory is brought by his reluctance to attack, he could even stab his weapon through the person’s heart, but he knew he should —

Upon receiving the task, he did not regret rejecting his brothers’ offers to help.

He will not struggle, even till the last drop of blood becomes cold.

As memories bring him back to school.

That was also his last dream.


t/n: Ahhh.. I actually didn’t quite understand who’s POV the foreword was writing about until after finish reading the series and coming back to translate the book. (will not spoil the series) I really like how the author described the entire feeling of death. It brought me closer to this character. Anyways, the above is my first attempt in translating the book. I may come back and edit them to make sure the sentences flow better. But right now, I’ll be starting to translate ch1. 🙂


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