Hao Hao 好好(想把你写成一首歌)

Artist: Mayday 五月天
Lyrics By: Ashin 阿信
Composed By: Guanyou/Ashin 冠佑/阿信

想把你寫成一首歌 想養一隻貓

I want to write you into a song, I want to raise a cat

想要回到每個場景 撥慢每隻錶

I want to return to every scene and slow down every watch

我們在小孩和大人的轉角 蓋一座城堡

In the turning corner between being a child and an adult, we built a castle.

我們好好 好到瘋掉 

We are all well, really really well,


like reuniting with a long-lost twin.

生命再長不過 煙火 落下了眼角

No matter how long life is, it lasts as long the fireworks flashing in the eyes

世界再大不過 你我 凝視的微笑

No matter how big the world is, it cannot be compared to our smiles.

在所有流逝風景與人群中 你對我最好

Amongst the many scenes and the crowd, only you treat me the best.

一切好好 是否太好 沒有人知道

All is well but no one knows whether it really is.


As we carry our empty bags


Escaping the daily prison


Forgetting to grow up


Forgetting to grow old


Forgetting that time runs.

最安靜的時刻 回憶 總是最喧囂

In the quietest moments, memories are often the noisiest.

最喧囂的狂歡 寂寞 包圍著孤島

In the loudest moments, loneliness surrounds the isolated island.

還以為馴服想念能陪伴我 像一隻家貓

Thinking that taming my longingness can accompany me like a pet cat.

它就窩在 沙發一角 卻不肯睡著

Yet it lies in the corner of a sofa, refusing to sleep.

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