The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 1 Part 2)

Chapter 1: Rebirth of the Legend (Part 2)

And so, I returned.

This was the eleventh month without Senior.

I was standing in front of the Black dorm, the surroundings remained unchanged… Or perhaps a little bit different. After getting lost for two hours when I came back, I realised that the garden and the terrain will change their positions every week.

“Yangyang~ Let’s play chess~” The Black dorm door, filled with faces, swung open, probably guessing that I was back. All I saw next were the faces screaming and flying out, followed by Ritchie who ran out with a wooden chess set in his hand: “Dammit! Randall actually said that he wasn’t interested in any chess apart from Western chess! So you have to play with me.” 

I looked at the old chess set that he was holding in his hand. My head blanked for three seconds: “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to play…” Ever since I learnt that the ancient way of playing chess was different from modern chess, I didn’t dare to play it again. 

Ritchie’s baby face frowned.

“You could try asking Nero, maybe he will.” I somehow thought that although Nero may know everything in the world, he doesn’t know how badly his owner wants to befriend him. 


The babyface ran away.

Looking at the Black dorm, I slowly walked in.

At that time, after Senior had left, I once requested Restua to put me back to the normal student dorm. However, Restua told me that it was full and due to my unique identity, he advised me to continue my stay in the Black dorm. After all, the school and the Guild had managed to contain my identity as a Devil Master. There were still some students who knew about it. As a safety measure, it was better for me to stay with the Black Robes. 

Since Restua put it that way, I couldn’t reject him any further. 

But after staying here for some time and learning more things, I started to find the Black dorm not as scary as before… Okay, from extremely scary to very scary.

But the scariest are the Black robes residing within.

“Yangyang~ Do you want to come out and play with the older sisters?” Shaking her tail, Nulali walked down as I stepped into the main hall.

“No thanks!” Nothing good comes from going out with her!

I knew that from the previous time that I saw Lilia dragged back like a corpse. 

After Lilia was confirmed to be fit to take up missions, her partner got surrounded by the monsters, following which… according to Miaomiao’s recount, that was the beginning of a death-like nightmare.

No, to be described as death is an understatement.

I could only give her God’s blessings. 

Quickly rushing back to my room, I slowed down as I passed by Senior’s room.

Senior’s room still remains; next to mine. There weren’t new Black robes coming in this year so there was no room shuffling in the Black dorm.

This room hasn’t been opened in a while.

I stood outside the door as I repeated the same action over and over again: praying for the owner of the room will be back as per normal.

Kicking open the door, returning back.

The Devil Master cannot change what has happened.

Jesus, Buddha, Mazu or God of Earth, I didn’t know which God the Devil Masters send their prayers to so I could only quietly pray.

Perhaps praying to the current Devil Master leader might be more effective?

Ran… Please protect* the child of our ancestor’s friend…

[t/n: The protection Yangyang is asking for is in the form of God’s protection.]

Ah crap, he’s not even dead. How could he protect?

After cursing at myself, I let out a sigh as I returned to my room.

The moment I opened the door, I heard the sounds of the TV. However, it quickly disappeared and when I opened my room’s door fully, there was nothing inside. 

I looked around and saw that the TV remote that I left in the drawer was lying on the floor. This made me certain that there was someone in my room who was watching TV before I entered, and I probably could guess who it was already.

There was this one time, I teleported back and saw a blue-eyed spider watching cartoons.

Although the owner didn’t get bored from monitoring someone, his pet definitely did instead. 

I continued to pretend that I was unaware of this. I picked up the TV remote and threw it on the sofa. I headed towards the toilet to wash my muddy clothes. 

Not long ago, Restua brought in a washing machine that looked similar to the one from Lake Town and placed it in the common lounge for everyone’s convenience. 

But ever since that time I saw a witch spinning a curved blade around inside, and I decided to hand wash my clothes. 

After I came out from the toilet, I heard someone outside the Black Dorm call for me. 

“Yangyang~ Come out and play!”

A familiar voice called me again. Last time she would, at least, call my phone, but recently, she’s begun to shout for me from the outside. I really wonder if there’ll be a day when one of the residents here gets fed up and decides to throw acid at her. But apparently, the Black dorm is quite tolerant towards girls. 

“Wait for me!” I replied to Miaomiao, I quickly packed up and rushed down the empty main hall.

After the Battle, the school has calmed down. The Black Robes who were initially gathered returned to their respective jobs. During the Battle, only two remained at the Black dorm. 

At that time, I refused to be in the main hall alone in the middle of the night. It was always eerie.

I saw Miaomiao happily waving at me when I came out. Next to her was Lilia.

After that time, Lilia’s face improved, with only a few scars and Miaomiao taught her to cover it up with make-up. Lilia only returns periodically to the medical team for her follow-up treatments. I heard that she will be fully recovered soon. 

“Task, what a slow peasant!” Lilia let out a cold snort when she saw me coming out.

… I really want to ask where she picked up the word “peasant” from.

Was it from Five-Coloured Rooster! Don’t learn from such bad examples!

“Why did I not see Ryan?” I looked around, deciding to ignore Lilia, and was certain that ‘I really did not see Ryan and Ryan did not float* out.’

[*t/n: If you’ve read the first series, Ryan always appears silently out of nowhere and this often scares the MC. That’s why MC used the word ‘float’ to describe Ryan as a floating ghost.]

Alas, ever since little Daniel came to our school, Ryan barely has time to play with us. What a brother-fetish kid.

Recalling back to the months when I had Senior to guide me around… I think it’s better to not look back at those moments as they are bad for the weak heart.

I didn’t bother asking why Chifuyutoshi wasn’t with us. He must be with Senior Gasai, so there wasn’t a need to ask. 

“Hmph. If Miaomiao didn’t come to find me, I won’t even ruin my reputation by being here with a Demon Master.” Lilia snorted again.

“Okay, okay. If you’re troubled, then please stay away from me.” I fanned my hands habitually. Anyways, she has been like this for the past year, and she always ends up hanging out with us, and is usually the one enjoying the most amongst us. I really can’t tell if she is really troubled. 

Because of my identity as a Devil Master, there have been many troublesome people, though they have been mostly dealt with– definitely mostly dealt with by my friends, and when I’m lucky, I can even easily settle them.

On the other hand, the ones with robes don’t come to find trouble with me. Most likely due to the Guild’s orders that were given, so those who have been blocking me are mostly normal students or they were outside the school.

Andy, who is currently my talisman coach, has told me: “You don’t need to be courteous. Anyways, no one can die at school, so you might as well experiment on them.”

Then, my talisman tutor, Senior Gasai said: “Since the opponent wishes for your death, you might as well strike first and kill them. Anyways no one can die at school, so it’s a good opportunity to train yourself.” 

Senior Gasai spoke those words with a warm and innocent smile. I completely can’t tell whether he was merely joking or being serious about it but I believed it was the latter.

So, I followed the words of my teachers and practiced the spells they taught me everyday, and I actually did improve.

Even I couldn’t believe it. No wonder everyone said that learning from experience is the most effective form of growth. I must thank all these brave souls!

“There’re new desserts in the right commercial street today~ Miaomiao has taken a discount voucher.” As usual, Miamiao briefed us about today’s schedule: “Geng Geng is already there. Ali will also be joining. Let’s all go together!”


“Naggy, let’s go.”

This is the eleventh month that Senior has been away and life is the usual. 

Now, I’m in my second year of high school.

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