The Unique Legend 2 – The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 4 Part 2)

Chapter 4: The Newly Added Guest (Part 2)

“Yangyang, you’re back?”

So, when I brought the horse to the entrance of the Black Dorm, the first to see us in this strange combination was Ritchie, who was squatting outside the door.

How did it turn out to become a horse?

Since this Lewd Horse told me that he preferred to appear as a unicorn, because it lets him take advantage of girls easily (and those who brought it upon themselves), he returned to his original appearance to fully live up to the meaning of ‘lewd’. 

“What are you doing?” Ritchie didn’t seem to be looking for ants as he squatted at the entrance. He was fidgeting here and there, I couldn’t comprehend what he was even doing.

“Wait, I’m looking for something. Something broke into the campus and it stopped at the area around the Black Dorm. It was a White Robe’s mission.” Ritchie continued to squat and seatch while stopping us from going up the steps at the front door. 


“Hmm, found it!”


I couldn’t figure out what he was searching for. As I was about to open my mouth, I witnessed ritchie stabbing firmly into a stone path on the ground. His bare hands pierced through the ground and then, he pulled out his hand expressionlessly.

At that moment, I saw something black creature pulled out. Initially, I thought it was a sea cucumber, but after seeing its length was over 30cm, I instantly changed my thoughts.

“There’s a bug.” Dragging that thing, Ritchie flipped towards our direction, then ran as if he was running a 100 metre sprint towards the exit. Following which, I only saw that dubious looking black thing continue to be dragged dragged and dragged outwards. As if it was endless, it has been stretched for a long distance and it’s head has yet been completely uprooted from the ground.

“There’s a bug.” Dragging that thing, Ritchie turned in our direction. Then, ran as if he was running a 100 metres sprint towards the exit. Following that, I only saw that dubious looking black creature continued to be dragged and pulled out. As if it was endless, it stretched for a long distance and it’s head had yet to be completely uprooted from the ground. 

No, perhaps Ritchie had grabbed the head instead.

After 10 seconds or so, I saw Ritchie passing around a few things from a distance, grabbing onto that black creature and running back towards our direction.

At the same time, the ground let out a strange sound like it was roaring. The entire ground shook. The flat ground began to crack.

“It’s out!” Taking out a dagger from the back of his waist, Ritchie stabbed the black creature into the ground. He passed by us and sent a blow to the other end with a punch. 

Instantly, I heard a wail that sounded like a dinosaur’s cry.

Uhm…… I think I can understand the pain of that black creature, because I remember Ritchie is pretty strong, even though he didn’t appear so. 

After the black creature wailed and was sent flying out, a part of its body was fixed and the direction it was flown towards was the Black Dorm. After half a second, I heard an explosion and saw a bunch of soul extracts splattering out after colliding into the black glass door. Under the sun, this formed an eccentric sight. 

After it bumped into the glass door, I finally saw clearly what the black creature was. 

It was like a lantern fish with a weird-looking head and a large pair of yellow eyes. Upon crashing onto the glass door, it was flipped around with its chin facing up and its mouth opened so wide that its sharp black teeth were revealed. 

“This is a type of protozoan. Now, I need to send it out.” After confirming that the weird black creature was in a daze and showed no signs of retaliation, Ritchie revealed a big smile and cleaned away the dust on both his hands and clothes. 

Speaking of protozoans… I do have an impression of such creatures. My first encounter with one was coincidentally during my first meeting with Di. It was a creature that brought along many memories.

“Teleportation completed.”

While I was in a daze, Ritchie had already used inhumane speed to clear the protozoan. Then, he turned towards us and noticed the unicorn that was standing behind me: “Eh? Magical Beast? Is this Magical Beast summoned by Yangyang?”

I turned around to look at the unicorn who planned to attack the beauties taking two steps back, before revealing a shocking expression after seeing Ritchie’s cute baby-face.

Very good. I believe he had already met the residents of the Black Dorm first-hand and understood that even those who look like an innocent child could possess an overwhelming amount of strength that was intimidating. 

“Can I touch?” Ritchie walked next to the Lewd Horse and revealed a yearnful look.


The third voice came from behind the black glass door. I saw Roan, who went on a mission a few days ago, pressing on Ritchie’s shoulders: “There are some matters, please come in first.” 

Hearing the serious tone, Ritchie nodded his head and waved at us before returning into the Black dorm. 

I don’t know if it was a hallucination, but Roan who followed behind glanced at the Lewd Horse. Somewhat glaring at him, although he went in without saying anything. 

The black glass door shut automatically.

“Ah…ah… Beauty…” The Lewd Horse’ voice suddenly rang in my head which gave me a big shock because only Minas would speak to me this way. 

“Don’t, don’t you speak inside my head!” I got goosebumps from it.

“Eh, normal people can’t hear me speak when I’m in my unicorn form, at most they’d hear a horse neighing. If I don’t do this, how am I going to communicate with you.”  The Lewd Horse blatantly said, completely oblivious to his wrong. 

You could have at least preempted me!

Whether it’s humans or horses, do the people in this place really have a way of breaching people’s privacy?

“Eh eh, I should have approached earlier on, I missed a little beauty…”

“Weren’t you afraid of Ritchie just then!” I raised my voice, glaring at the Lewd Horse who took two steps back.

“No, I was too shocked and didn’t expect such a great deal the moment I arrived, so in disbelief, I took two steps back.”  The Lewd Horse completely didn’t know what being afraid was as he kept staring at the black glass door. It was like he wanted to barge in and look for the Black Robe who had just assaulted the protozoan, “Kid, you are really unsympathetic. If you’re afraid of being attacked, how are you able to appreciate pretty people then? Of course, it is through blood and sweat that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour.”

…I really don’t want such fruits that were obtained from spilling blood.

It looks like talking to him any further will make my brain malfunction.

After deciding to ignore the perverted Lewd Horse, I pushed open the black glass door and entered alone. Faintly, I somehow ‘heard’ someone whining that his soul has been evaporated by the sun, but I did not see ‘anyone’.

Since the main hall was empty, it seems that Roan has dragged Ritchie away.

Could it be that he knows the Lewd Horse?

Otherwise, why would he have such a guarded expression?

“Where did this unicorn come from?” Nulali had a lazy smile while  leaning against the railings of the staircase and swayed her tails. She looked flirtatiously at the Lewd Horse behind me.

Meanwhile, the Lewd Horse cooperatively drooled, but didn’t step forward.

“Uh, it was a mission for Yado and the others. So I brought it back first. Excuse me.” After politely giving greetings, I quickly walked up the staircase, passed by Nulali and ran towards my room.

Before she turned her attention towards me, it’s best I quickly take refuge in my room.

“Oh~ Then let me borrow and play.” With her attention currently placed on the Lewd Horse, Nulali happily hummed and ran down.

“Don’t kill it.”

After turning the corner on the first flight of stairs, I heard the pathetic shriek of a horse.

Well, please rest in peace.


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