The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 4 Part 3)

Chapter 4: The Newly Added Guest (Part 3)

After leaving the Lewd Horse to bond with the Devil, I quickly ran back to my room.

Upon reaching the floor where my room was located, I saw from afar that Nero was standing in front of the door.

“Hello.” Nero smiled as normal after giving a slight bow.

“Eh? Is there something?” I recalled that I probably don’t have any appointments with the Earl or anyone today.

“Mr. Anin received an urgent mission, so he has informed me to give you tomorrow’s homework and even included some more literature. If you have any problems, you may approach me.”  He handed me a thick stack of books that were enough to give me headaches for days. Nero said: “These books are translated in Mandarin. The version in Common Language can be found in the library.”

“Mandarin versions will do, thank you!” Are you kidding me, my Common Language ability could get me sold.

It was said that after being to Year 2, there would be a core subject that was conducted in the Common Language. I heard that it was initially an elective, but ever since the Battle, there were misunderstandings created in areas outside the Academy due to the language barriers so the Academy decided to include this as a core subject. 

Director Shan said whichever student disgrace her after leaving the Academy can face death.

Of course, this was something that she had said casually in a private setting. If she were to announce it to the Academy, I could foresee that the area, not only outside the Academy, but also inside the Academy would be in chaos. 

At least, I would be very panicked.

Actually, the Common Language was not as difficult as I thought it was. But as humans, there would always be a group who could speak fluent English and a group who can only memorise the alphabets. Although it was fast to grasp the grammar of the Common Language, I could only currently understand simple words, such as: ‘Good morning’ and ‘Hello’. 

“Your Common Language skills still have room for improvements…” Nero looked at me in exasperation and said: “Though it is not mandatory to know the Common Language to graduate from High School, it is so in the University section. If you need some tuition, you can look for me. If you are also interested in any other languages, I know some more or less.”

I really suspected whether Nero was hiding his true skills. He probably knew all the languages out there in the world, and might have even possessed the capabilities of a Black Robe!

It’s such a pity for the Guild to not have roped him in!

But on the other hand, I felt that being the Earl’s butler was really pitiful — being forced to know everything. A few days ago when I went to the Medical Department, I heard the people from the Intelligence Team asking for help, claiming that they couldn’t find a particular disinfectant that could completely wipe out a person’s body and even remove the memories from his relatives and friends. What was the scariest was, Nero actually managed to find it on the spot, and even provided the prescription in making it.

To be frank…… I still want to know where that disinfectant was used. That must have been a buffed aqua regia, right? It even came with cleansing memories, eh!

What kind of frightening disinfectant is that!

Not paying attention to what nonsense I was thinking of, Nero slanted his head and narrowed his eyes, “There are some noises……”

Now that he had mentioned it, I heard it immediately.

There was a sound of a horse galloping up the stairs, violently and very quickly. In less than two seconds, I saw white horned horse with four legs crying and sprinting towards us.

I’ve seen this situation before. The Five-Coloured Rooster had performed this before, but he was not in tears. Instead, he stepped all over the Ghost King.

Nero, whose reaction was faster than mine, grabbed my arm immediately as we both shunned backwards. Narrowly avoiding crashing with the unicorn, who was leaping over. Then, I saw a unicorn colliding with my wooden door. Its horn completely pierced through the door.

Then, he was stuck on the door because the horn couldn’t be pulled out.

This was definitely one of the Wonders of the World —

A unicorn was stuck on my door and was trampling the door with its four limbs, trying to pull out its horn. I was very certain that the security precautions in the Black Dorm did not malfunction, since he failed pulling himself out no matter how hard he tried.

From my perspective, I saw a few bloody-red lip marks on that shining white Lewd Horse’s body. It seemed like he got harassed before he could even harass, and it was by a non-virgin.

If she was, I would bet that he wouldn’t have come running in tears, but instead staying still holding a smile and gushing out blood from his nose.

I quickly looked through the small bag that I carried, thinking about whether the phone could still take pictures. The phone Senior gave me always had a function to capture videos, but I didn’t dare to use it–

Ever since I took that image of a blood-splattering head, I didn’t dare to use it again.

But right now, I didn’t have a camera so I have to make do with it.

“What’s the matter?” Nero looked confused as he watched me flip through my belongings.

“I want to take a photo before bringing him down.” Then, I will send that phone across my social media. I bet in less than half an hour that the school’s latest news would be reporting on a unicorn hanging on the door in the Black Dorm in its headlines. 

“Do not take it!” The Lewd Horse’s voice screamed in my head, and even flung its legs backwards to try to kick me.

Suddenly, I could understand why everytime I screamed in the past, Senior would have an expression that wanted to kill me. As of now, I also wanted to kick the horse in the ass.

Having someone speak in your mind was beyond an ordinary pain.

Mina’s voice was soft, gentle and nice, although she spoke very little. But this Lewd Horse just roared and screamed a bunch of dirty thoughts. Honestly, this made me want to scream back at him.

“Why is there a unicorn?” Looking at the struggling Unicron, Nero lifted his eyebrows.

“Uh, because of a mission, I’m sorry.” Scratching my head as I pondered how to explain to Nero this complicated relationship.

“It’s fine, at least what you brought was not Hell’s dog,” Nero said to me, very calmly.

So the unicorn isn’t anything, eh?

“You jerk! Bring me down first!” Slapping against the door hysterically, the four-legged lecherous horse was roaring in my head.

As my temples were hurting, I looked at Nero: “How should we bring it down?” I had never been stuck onto a door so I really did not have the experience nor the knowledge in settling this.

“This is an automatic recovery security system. You only need to open the door to let it know that the owner is back. Then just think about freeing the trapped creature.” Obviously, Nero had experience in dealing with such a situation so he told me the solution.

“Hurry up!” The hoof kicked towards me twice again.

I said; if you really want to continue kicking, I’ll just stay over at the Earl’s room tonight. I wonder what a unicorn stuck on the door will become after a day?

Despite thinking so, I eventually opened the door, following Nero’s words.

A few seconds later, I heard a ‘Bleh’ sound, as the horn was spat out. Then the unicorn fell onto the ground.

What an interesting security system.

Looking at the door, I decided if the Lewd Horse dared to do anything funny in my room, I would force it into getting stuck on the door again and turn it into a live-display.

This was set!

“Seems like there are no injuries.”

Squatting down and examining the horn of that unicorn out of goodwill, Nero revealed a smile to me: “Taking care of magical beasts like the unicorn is not an easy task. If it is injured, you can bring it to the Magical Beast Vet Division in the Medical Department. They specialise in treating Magical Beasts.”

It seems like there are so a lot of divisions in the Medical Department. I thought they treated only humans.

Watching Nero taking out a handkerchief and carefully wiping away the lip marks on the Lewd Horse, I began to feel something was not right.

The Lewd Horse was not resisting! And though I’ve only seen it once or twice, I could tell from its face that it was wearing a lewd expression.

The Unicorn was completely in it*!     

[T/N: The original term is used as a metaphor to refer to a virgin, directly translating how the Unicorn is naturally attracted to virgins. I have translated it to a pun to describe that the Unicorn soaked in enjoyment.]

“What a beautiful Royal Beast…… Help me to introduce, I want his full name and clan, and also his body measurements and his interests, so that it is easier to register into the beauty records.” The perverted Lewd Horse had the cheek to raise to me these requests.

Also, what’s with those records!

“Nero, this will do. Thank you.” I quickly pushed the victim away while the Horse’s face was still drooling, I hurriedly thanked Nero: “Then I’ll return to my room. This unicorn might be staying over for a few days. It may not be familiar with the Black Dorm so if he does anything, you can just settle him… No, I mean, inform the Chief to come capture him away.” Since he was the one who made me bring this jerk back, I’ll make sure the Chief didn’t run away from his responsibilities.

Looking at me with a weird gaze, Nero didn’t raise any doubts: “Sure. If you need help, you may also let us know. As you know, there’s a courtyard outside Master’s house that is large enough for the unicorn to run about.”

No worries, I will curse him to be misunderstood as the vampire by the people from the Church in the middle of his run and get exorcised. 

“Thanks.” Pushing the Lewd Horse into my room, I quickly shut the door.

“Hey! You haven’t asked!” The Lewd Horse protested.

“Please do not ever provoke Nero. There’s a Vampire backing him up. You can’t afford it.”  Even daring to drool over someone else’s butler. I wouldn’t see a dried horse when I wake up tomorrow morning, right?

“Relax, I’m just purely admiring. I won’t do anything weird to him.” The Lewd Horse that was simply mentally sexually harassing and assaulting said this to me.

I can’t be bothered to continue this argument, so I opened the door to my bedroom: “My bedroom isn’t big. So if you want to stay here, you better return to your human form since your horse form takes up too much space. Also, don’t take too long in the washroom.” The previous time when I spent two hours on the toilet bowl, the shower head hanging on the wall suddenly sprayed a massive amount of boiling hot water out of no reason which chased me out. Since then, I did not dare to stay inside there for too long.

“Hmm……” Pondering for a while, the Lewd Horse turned around. When it turned back, it returned to that form as a youth with a horn, “Guess there’s no choice. Then, I’ll stay in your bedroom. I’ll be in my unicorn appearance when I go out. Don’t tell anyone else that I have a human appearance.” 

For others’ safety, I will tell!

“Because there are very little unicorns that can transform into humans, don’t land me in trouble.” This time, Shikin spoke to me seriously. He didn’t look like he was joking.

“Hm, I won’t tell.” Not wanting to ask him what would happen if it was known. I thought for a bit; afterall we still needed to ask him a favour, we should at least interact amicably, “You–”

“The bed is mine!”

Dashing into my bedroom, the youth plunged into my bed, then rolled two to three rounds, tumbling together with my pillow and blanket.


“Fantastic, I haven’t slept on the bed in a long while.” Rolling inside the blanket, Shikin let out a satisfied smile as he rubbed himself against the soft mattress: “I can finally have a good sleep.”

Watching him, I let out a sigh then retreated from the bedroom as I closed the door. It seemed that I was fated to sleep in the living room.

But I really don’t want to!

Who would know what will bolt in from the living room or the balcony!

Even though I could still go over to sleep in another room……


I think it’s better for me to borrow a room from Nero.

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