Dark Hole – Episode 3

Warning: Spoilers

You can watch it: HERE

Last Episode – Episode 2

Episode 2 ended with a cliffhanger as we watch on in horror as a horde of infected rampage towards the main city square and Lee Hwa-Sun is trying to find Jung Do-Yoon in the chaos of the streets.

Episode 3 really picks up the pace so I’m going to lean away from summarising the plot to just key points and parts, as well as my own thoughts. I 100% recommend this K-Drama, especially for a watch-binge day!

Episode 3


We open to Han Dong-Rim and Lee Jin-Seok who talk, well… more like beating around the bush about what happened back at the sinkhole. Almost like they’re blaming each other but Han Dong-Rim doesn’t seem to care and to be honest, that’s understandable considering that they were her bullies.

Personally, my only issue with this K-Drama is the pacing. There are way too many jump cuts from too many different characters point of view. For example, this encounter between Han Dong-Rim and Lee Jin-Seok could have been cut out and we should have started the episode from the point we left off in Episode 2.

It almost feels like we shouldn’t get attached to the characters. There isn’t enough time to truly understand Han Dong-Rim situation since everything is implied in such a short amount of time from Episode 2. I find it quit unfair, seeing that Han Don-Rim is become a notable character that I kind of like. Even if her screen time is so low.

Another point is… while Lee Hwa-Sun is looking for Jung Do-Yoon, she’s just standing there looking around but none of the infected attack her…

The main character’s plot armour… is incredible.

A broadcast tells people to go to the school. However, it turns out the Muji High School chairman, Choi Kyung-Soo, locked the gates with chains to prevent people from seeking shelter in the school.

Good character development here for the chairman. Very subtle. I like that.

Very lowkey Train to Busan vibes as well, coming from the scene where the chains on the gate break from the overwhelming pressure of people and infected on the other side.

We’re back to Lee Hwa-Sun who has followed a lady who took Jung Do-Yoon. It appears that she was taken to some kind of religious gathering…?

A cult…?

The woman who took Jung Do-Yoon explains she thought that she was alone on the streets; understandable since Lee Hwa-Sun was dealing with an infected, and she knew Jung Do-Yoon because she worked at the hospital with her mother.

This place seems friendly and welcoming but for the veterans fans of these kind of media… we know there’s something more to it.

The hospital seems to be more prepared. Well, only in the sense that all they can do is stop the dark smoke from entering and hold down the fort until help arrives.

At the same time, Yoo Tae-Han is travelling to the hospital to get help for a foreigner.

I like the similarity of how Lee Hwa-Sun saved the nurse’s child but not the nurse, and Yoo Tae-Han couldn’t save his friend but saved a stranger. This kind of connection helps build their relationship and it can be seen as something along the lines of you can’t save everyone which is a running theme through these episodes.

The main bases are Muji High School, Muji Hospital, and the strange cult group, New Saviour.

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The shaman who has taken shelter in the hospital seems to be preparing for some kind of ritual.

There is an argument about taking Jung Do-Yoon from the New Saviour cult to the school. Mainly because Lee Hwa-Sun is skeptical of them…

I mean, I am too after… Jung Do-Yoon fell ill after eating their food, and Lee Hwa-Sun faints from drinking the water they offered.

Jung Do-Yoon is offered to drink the water of life to join the cult. However, Lee Hwa-Sun tells her not to drink it, and Jung Do-Yoon chooses Lee Hwa-Sun’s words over the woman who worked with her mother.

I suppose their salvation is to die in order to get to the place they called New Paradise.

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After a fight with the cult members, Lee Hwa-Sun gets some equipment and prepares to leave to go to Muji High School.

Back at Muji Hospital, they discover that there are survivors in the surgical ward even though that was one of the few wards that were shut down.

Zo Hyun-Ho recognizes that his wife is in the surgical ward.

It seems the next episode will have some focus on rescuing the survivors in the surgical ward in the scenes of the Muji Hospital base.

Switching back to Lee Hwa-Sun, she’s travelling with Jung Do-Yoon through the dark smoke to get the to high school. She fights off the infected and we’re left with the cliffhanger, as two dark figures walk towards her.


Formatting Changes

I’ve been experimenting with the format for these post. I think something brief and quick is much better, especially encouraging you to GO WATCH THIS!


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