The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 4 Part 4)

Chapter 4: The Newly Added Guest (Part 4)

“So that’s why you brought back the Unicorn?”

I slightly pushed back my glasses, while everyone was gathered in the classroom during the break. A curious group crowded around the Lewd Horse who claimed he would die if he couldn’t tag along.

“Hm.” I didn’t dare take the chance to glance at the strange looks given by my classmates. “Has no one ever brought one before?” I quietly asked Chifuyutoshi. Nero once told me that someone from the University had brought a three-headed female beast, so I assumed it was normal.

“No. Though, there were a few but it’s very uncommon.” Chifuyutoshi pushed his glasses which reflected a ray of familiar light, “Because frightening occurrences can happen if the owner is careless.”

I suddenly didn’t want to ask what the “frightening occurrences” were, because I felt that I’ll regret it. 

“Senior has brought one before,” Miao Miao said, still adoring Senior who was currently soaked underneath the waters. “I recall that it was a high valued magical beast because he rushed back from his mission for a compulsory class. He dumped his magical beast at the back of the classroom after tying it up. Apparently after the lesson, the teacher told him that he could apply for an absence from class if he had such missions in the future.” 

… So Senior’s habit of skipping classes so often was all thanks to his teachers. 

“Because it was said that the magical beast had the ability to destroy half of a small planet.” 

Sorry, I have wronged you, Senior.

Just imagining it alone; I can already picture how nervous his classmates and the teacher were. They all definitely escaped from the classroom as soon as the school bell rang. It must have been really difficult to be in the same class as such a person, having to place your life on the line everyday to attend class. 

No wonder the Medical Department insisted the Chief, who was the Royal Phoenix Clan’s right-hand man, to  come. It must have been to clean up the mess made by those oblivious Robes!

“But is it alright to bring the unicorn to such a crowded place?”

Miao Miao was slightly worried for the Lewd Horse who had already assimilated himself among the student crowd, “Don’t magical beasts love purity sites?”

I coughed, “It’s fine. He seems to like humans.” That so-called Unicorn who loves purity sites was currently immersed in the hugs from the female classmates. He didn’t look uncomfortable at all from being rubbed by the girls in my class.

“Chu~ Are we leaving?”

The voice that suddenly rang in my head gave me a shock. Then, I remembered that the Lewd Horse automatically connected with my brain… Illegal trespassing!

“Not everyone in your class is pure. I’m a little uncomfortable.” The Horse protested.

Even if you were uncomfortable, it serves you right. No one asked you to joyfully leap into a group of girls the moment you saw them. Being touched to death is all on you. 

Well, I also have never seen a horse being touched to death so I wanted to see what kind of scene it would be. 

The Unicorn turned around, obviously unable to hear my voice from my end. He blinked his big pair of watery eyes and looked at me pitifully yet adorably which I detested. 

If I could poke them with two fingers, I’d probably be extremely happy. 


Just when the Unicorn seemed to want to protest further, the classroom door slammed open. A loud blast rang alongside a strange scream. 

The Five-Coloured Rooster, who has lately disappeared somewhere, came in. He ignored all the hostile looks from everyone. With a friendly gaze, he hooked his fingers at me, “Let’s get lunch!”

Isn’t it too early for lunch!

I looked at my watch which showed half past ten.

“Let’s go!” The voice at the door called out.

Actually, this was good. Otherwise, the Lewd Horse would also be whining about going out. 

“Miao Miao, Chifuyutoshi, do you want to come along?” I asked, seeing the two were seated in their usual spots.”

“It’s fine. I plan to skip the afternoon classes to visit my brother. My family sent a lot of herbs over today…” 

Miao Miao and I automatically overlooked his subsequent endless compliments. Anyways, at least 200% of those words would revolve around Senior Gasai, and we could already memorise them. 

“Miao Miao’s going to the Medical Department.” Miao Miao revealed a big smile while hugging Suya, “The Medical Department will be having a meeting today. Sorry Yangyang. Let’s head out and play another day.” 

I nodded my head as I entered the group while apologising as I let the Lewd Horse follow me out of the classroom. The Five-Coloured Rooster stood outside the classroom impatiently with his arms wrapped. 

“Is this an extra side dish?” The Five-Coloured Rooster squinted his eyes as he looked at the Unicorn that stood behind me. 

“Nobody eats unicorns, right? Isn’t he a legendary Magical Beast?” Why would he assume that the Unicorn was meant to be eaten!

“After peeling the skin, the meat will be revealed underneath.” 

“…Well, your words aren’t entirely incorrect.” It’s true that the meat is underneath… No, why am I even following the Five-Coloured Rooster’s way of reasoning!

“Don’t eat me!” The Horse panicked by sending a loud warning to my head as he sensed his life was being threatened. Since the warning was too loud, it left my head ringing and caused me to feel giddy and nearly lost my footing.

The Five-Coloured Rooster grabbed me, “Yang~ Even if you’re fainting from hunger, there’s no need to fall. If you want to eat the Horse, you can wait for the staff at the canteen to prepare it for you. I think that this horse can feed us for at least five meals.”

Who the heck is this colourful porcupine tryna eat!” The Lewd Horse let out the sound of spitting fumes. He was just a step away from kicking the Five-Coloured Rooster into the wall. 

Senior, I am very sorry.

I decided that if an opportunity arises in the future, I’ll definitely apologise and ask for your forgiveness. You could actually tolerate my presence in your brain for such a long time and yet not kill me… though you did slap me. Right now, listening to the Horse’s rants for less than two days is already enough to make me want to kill him. 

The sound of his teeth gritting even played in my head while I slept in my room in the middle of the night!

I didn’t know exactly why I felt a tinge of sadness.

Senior is indeed a god and I’m just an ordinary human.

I waited for my dizziness to subside by rubbing my head, before letting go of the Five-Coloured Rooster. Then, I changed the topic to stop the Lewd Horse from making any further noises, “Where have you been lately? The teacher told me to inform you that if you continue to skip lessons, he’ll make sure that you’ll never be able to skip another lesson.” 

How will that “never be able to skip another lesson” happen? I’m really curious. I wonder if the form teacher can tell me separately?

“I’ve got family matters.” The Five-Coloured Rooster glanced at me and stopped talking about eating the Horse, “Recently, our competitors have deployed a few guys to attack our base, so I was called to help.” 

I see. I thought he got locked up like last time and wanted to say that he’s been locked up too frequently. 

“Competitors?” Are there that many other assassin families? 

I suddenly realised that I needed to be more cautious whenever I go out in this world. The number of assassins here are so high that three out of five McDonald signs dropping down may crush one.

What does his family do?

The Dark Goblin assassins at Frost Hill seemed to underestimate my family’s power and have intentions of taking over.” The Five-Coloured Rooster smirked, “They should have looked at a mirror first!”

“Eh? Are they weak?” Why does ‘The Dark Goblin’ sound like a very strong race?

The Dark Goblins are very strong!” The Lewd Horse used his nose to hit my head, not wanting to be ignored.

“Well, there are a few deserted clan branches that have been destroyed, but my Old Man, Big Brother and the Third* have yet to interfere. The situation is currently being managed by the Second*. Whereas I’m only just dealing with the lackeys who broke into our house.” The Five-Coloured Rooster said this was a hateful look.

[T/N: There isn’t a proper translation to use over here, basically the Five-Coloured Rooster is referring to his Third Oldest Brother and his Second Oldest Brother. The usage is being shortened to “the Third” and “the Second” as these shortened forms are common in close-sibling relationships, or also typically used in gangs.]

My impression of the Five-Coloured Rooster’s family, I can’t recall which rank was his older sister. The second?

Speaking of which, I think the Black Cactus would be very glad if he intervened. Then the Dark Goblins will notice something wrong after a while. After turning disabled from head to toe for unknown reasons, they’ll quickly retreat. 

Since the elders in the Five-Coloured Rooster’s family haven’t stepped in, I doubt it was anything too serious.

“What race do the Dark Goblins belong to?” Personally, I only know the Water Goblins, Senior and the rest, so I really didn’t know what kind of race this was as it seemed like they only appeared in video games. 

“A very troublesome existence!”

A very annoying group!

Oh, it seems that both the Five-Coloured Rooster and the Lewd Horse have a common view on this matter.

“Those brats are a race that emerged from darkness. They always choose to attack during the night when people are asleep. Also, they have very terrible personalities, as well as being nit-picky and mentally anxious. They’re even bold enough to claim that they were just being meticulous. What a shameless Dark Race.” 

Those brats have been eyeing my Soul Enforcement Bell for a long time. They have even lured the sister I liked into their scheme to con me. They are extremely crafty scoundrels. To achieve their goal, they do whatever it takes. What a despicable Dark Race!

Once again, it seems like both of them have a common view on this matter. 

So to summarise, the Dark Goblins like to attack in the middle of the night, scheme traps for people, as well as being crafty, shameless and a meticulous, mentally anxious scoundrel race?

What a mysterious race.

Leading such a life must have been difficult.

I really want to see what they exactly look like.

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