The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 3 Part 1)

Chapter 3: The Mermaids’ Holy Spring (Part 1)

So, we returned back to the Holy Land of the Light again. 

“Speaking of which, is Zachary also from the Mermaid race?” I curiously asked as I looked at the Money-face, who put aside his work to tag along. When I first came, I almost mistook him as an Elf, but he didn’t look like one. He was also somehow different from Leido and his brother who are Fairies.

“No, not that thing.” Asrian rejected instantly. I have no idea why Asrian came along. 

“Ah, we’ve heard of it but never witnessed it before.” Leido nodded, clearly knowing what it was.


So what is he?

He can’t be an Asian house shrew*, right? Those money desperate rats, rumoured to sneak cash back into their holes.

[t/n: The direct translation from Chinese is actually Money Rat. The author was playing with words. I think the sentence that came after explains sufficiently on where this animal got its name.]

As I’m about to clarify, the surroundings changed to the place where we were chased out from and the hole formed from the lightning strike still remained there.

I didn’t observe clearly since we were in a hurry before but the surroundings of this place was an almost-transparent jade-green forest. When the wind blew, the scent of water is carried along with it.

“Who is it again!” The little elf’s voice came over, piercingly. 

“Simmi, it’s me.”

“Who are you!” The little elf who didn’t recognise us, stared at us. Then instantly recognising that we were the ones who were just chased out by her. “Ah! Intruders! You guys haven’t given up! You really want me to teach you a lesson!” 

“Wait…” Asrian immediately pulled us back a bit, and then looked at the little elf who held a death glare. 

“And you even brought back-ups, damn it!”

The angry little elf was completely unwilling to interact any further and flew up all of a sudden. Large dark clouds surround us, emanating an unfriendly aura.

“Step back,” Zachary immediately stepped forward and waved at us to indicate to us to move backwards: “Since I’m being paid, I’ll settle this matter.”

Well, he is still rather reliable in some areas.

In areas that relate to money.

Guardian of the Holy Land of Eternal Light, under the name of Ysimmi Erfen, please punish the intruders.” A large amount of light gathered at her fingers, and the little elf pointed to the ground.

Suddenly doing a somersault, Zachary firmly kicked away a branch next to him, and immediately scattered the leaves around. 

Faintly, I see the somersaulted black shadow stretch immediately. The human-like shadow was elongated, and the whole figure became twisted. 

The little elf was not able to avoid being kicked away by something white in time. The elf flew across a distance and the gathered lightning dispersed away. The sky quickly returned to its initial clearness and brightness. 

Afterwards, I had also clearly witnessed the true figure of “Zachary” after he landed on the grass. 

The upper body remained the same, but his shirt had changed a bit. What startled me was his lower body.

The elongated and graceful body of a horse with silverish white fur, and a faint golden coloured tail that swang slowly. The four hooves firmly stood on the ground… No matter how I looked at this thing, I kept feeling that he’s more like…

A Centaur.

What I saw was a white Centaur.

Money-face was actually a Centaur and not an Asian house shrew! 

In order to avoid the world’s disputes, didn’t the legendary Centaurs seal themselves away! Who on earth spread that myth! The Centaur in front of me is Money-face who loves nothing but money!

“Student Chu, your current expression seems to imply that the extraordinary Centaur and I are different species.”

I saw a hoof lifted high above me and slowly approaching my face — it was only two centimeters away from stomping my face. I could almost feel the pain threatening to pierce into my eyes.

“Uh… Of course not.” Even if it was so now, I have no choice but to say no. Otherwise, I’ll probably become the first person to be stepped on by a Centaur… I mean, as a Devil Master. 

But, his horse figure looked pretty good to touch–

“Each touch is $200.” The profit-making accounting department’s Money-face shouted his price on the spot. 

I swallowed my saliva, nearly choking myself. 

The little elf who was kicked away into a tree, flew back wobbly. She shook her head and glared at us. Upon seeing the Centaur in front of her, her facial expression instantly changed. 

She quickly flew towards Zachary, who was in his Centaur appearance. She circled around him with tense suspicions on her expression. Then, revealed a loosened expression and with an excited and flirtatious tone: “President Zac~ You haven’t visited in a while~ I almost couldn’t recognise you at all~~” 

Zachary lifted his eyebrow, showing an understanding expression, “Has Shikin finally returned?” 

“It’s been half a year already, but how did you know?” The little elf flapped her wings, as her hostile look from earlier, instantly became friendlier and 

“From your words and actions.” Zachary moved his hooves and led us in after giving her a few-worded reply. 


“Long time, no see, Simmi.” Asrian happily greeted her as she followed behind.

“Aiya! You were actually hiding behind~” The little elf named Simmi completed ignored us and quickly caught up to Asrian and pulled his hair from the back: “The sisters miss you, little Keeper~”

“I’m glad that Simmi still remembers me.”

“You were so small when we last met, now you’ve become a giant…” 

I don’t want to find out what kind of roles these two are playing now.

“Let’s go along with it.” Leido gave me a pat and followed Yado and the rest. 

The surrounding air returned back to its original scent of drowsiness, and it felt like you could faintly hear some low voices mumbling. 

Without realising, my footsteps have slowed down, Leido and the rest are far ahead and I can only see the backs of their shadows. Some strange voices that were carried along with the wind entered my ears. It sounded like a song carrying a message from a distant past. 

Very soon, the shadows of Leido and the rest could no longer be seen. 

I stood still in the same spot as I suddenly didn’t want to walk anymore. 

My head was heavy but at the same time, I felt something cross my mind. However, I didn’t bother to comprehend it and let it disappear on its own. 

Faintly, I could feel there was some commotion caused by Minas and the Old Man, but I didn’t feel like giving much thought. 

Just staying here isn’t a bad idea.

Right now, that’s all I can think about and everything else doesn’t matter…

“You can’t stay here.”

A weird and mysterious voice suddenly appeared from the side. Then, I felt a tingling pain on the back of my hand. Instantly, that pain pierced into my bone, pulling me back to reality. 

Returning to reality, I realised that there was a big black object only a few steps in front of me. After noticing that I had woken up, it ran off at lightning speed before I could figure out what it was. 

I lifted my head to see that there was a bite wound on it, with some traces of blood oozing out. 

If I didn’t wake up just now…

Forget it, I really don’t want to know the consequences!

“Yangyang, don’t lose us!” Leido quickly ran over after finally noticing my absence and had returned for me. He pulled my arm and we walked towards the direction where they had disappeared to. “This is a sacred place which is full of lots of magical beasts. If you’re not careful, your soul can be easily sucked away and could even attract other things. It’s terrible for people who have never been here before to lose their way.” 

I was considering whether to tell Leido that I nearly lost my soul, but I personally didn’t feel it happening anyways. 

After Leido had dragged me for a while, I soon saw everyone waiting for me to catch up. 

“Ah, you’re lucky that you haven’t turned into food yet.” Simmi sourly said, obviously, she still doesn’t like having unfamiliar guests entering this place.

“Okay, everyone’s here. Let’s enter the Holy Spring of Light.” Zachary. Who had been leading, watched us return. Then, he extended his hand and received a small transparent glass ball that was radiating with light from Simmi. 

Zachary held the ball with both hands while mumbling some words that I didn’t understand. According to Asrian, it was some kind of entrance code, and then the glass ball instantly shattered into fine pieces in his hands.

Almost at the same time, our surrounding environment shattered like a glass ball. 

Cool condensation welcomed us, accompanied by the sound of flushing water. 

After looking around again, I almost let out a sound of amazement. 

There was a large pond, so large that I nearly mistook it as a lake, and at its end was a waterfall… But the strange thing was that the waterfall was actually flowing backwards. The water was going upstream instead. The mist created a few strange white coloured rainbows, instead of the usual colourful ones. Occasionally, the fish that had been flushed upwards were also seen jumping back down. 

Encircling the area where we stood was an almost transparent forest with white grass. 

This place reminds me of the White Garden of Wind, because the plants in the White Garden also had this colour. 

A few small animals were seen jumping around in the white forest. Standing above on the tree branches were some unfamiliar yet beautiful birds. There was faint mist in the air. Everything looked like a fantasy world, so alluring that I couldn’t stop admiring it. 

“Welcome to the Holy Spring of Light.”

Zachary said, smiling as he stood in front of us with his back facing the magnificent scenery.

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