Dark Hole – Episode 4

Warning: Spoilers

You can watch it: HERE

Last Episode – Episode 3

Episode 3 left us off two plot points; Muji Hospital plans to recuse the survivors in the surgical ward, and Muji High School is experiencing internal conflict with the chairman.

Episode 4


This episode is splashed with Yoo Tae-Han’s past when he worked in law enforcement. I’m not going to spoil it but it does adds a little more depth to his current character in Dark Hole.

Lee Hwa-Sun and Jung Do-Yoon manage to get to Muji High School with the help of the two dark figures that approached them. The two figures were revealed to be a teacher at Muji High School, Choi Seung-Tae and the school security guard, Seo Yong-Min.


The smoke eventually clears out in Muji and the infected retreat into the shadows.

At the hospital, the survivors split up; with some deciding to return home, and some decide to go rescue the survivors stuck in the sugercial ward.

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Jung Do-Yoon see the gun that Lee Hwa-Sun dropped while fighting the infected and decides to go pick it up. However, the dark smoke emerges but Lee Hwa-Sun saves her just in time. Lee Hwa-Sun scolds Jung Do-Yoon for acting so recklessly.

I think this moment between Lee Hwa-Sun and Jung Do-Yoon is so precious. It just strengthens their relationship a lot, like how Jung Do-Yoon sees Lee Hwa-Sun as the powerful role model she is!

Meanwhile, the survivors in the surgical ward decide to escape the room they’re trapped in as the infected are called away. They decide to go to the negative pressure room because it’s safer in there since the dark smoke can’t get in.

Lee Tae-Han’s small rescue group struggles to communicate though the walkie-talkie due to weak connection.

Doctor Han Ji-Soo confirms that the guard with the survivors in the surgical ward is actually a criminal! It was during the chaos that he stole the attire of the real guard.

What a rise in the stakes!!!

Yoo Tae-Han’s group gets chased by a group of infected.

At the same, the shaman seems to be up to something with her ritual performance… drawing a LARGE DARK CIRCLE on the wall. Basically, an image of the sinkhole.

I guess this is her new god.

Lee Hwa-Sun hallucinates again into the dimension where the voice of the dark smoke speaks to her.

The voice asks her what she wants and in order to get what she wants, she must accept it (as a god?) and then and only then, she can get what she wants.

At Muji High School, the security guard is attacked by a long tentacle.

Lee Hwa-Sun and Choi Seung-Tae make the decision to go the the nurse’s office for medical supplies but after an argument with the Chairman of Muji High School, their only route got blocked off by the dark smoke and the infected.

Han Dong-Rim then reveals to them that there is another way to the nurse’s office. The path she maps out is through a door that is supposedly locked, however, it was shown in earlier episodes that the door was in the middle of being replaced.

And that is a pretty good moment of foreshadowing.

Lee Jin-Seok tells them that he wants to help them get the medical supplies, but obviously that’s not the case. He is infected himself and I think that he thinks that medical supplies will help treat his infection symptoms.

Lee Hwa-Sun uses the walkie-talkie to warn Yoo Tae-Han that there is another being in the dark smoke.

I think that’s a pretty interesting point to highlight to the viewers because at first and I’m apprehensive that there is a being in the dark smoke. Rather, I think the being is the dark smoke. She only hears the voice when in her head.

This episode was a bit lack-luster, in my opinion. However, I think it is building towards some action in the next episode!!!


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