The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 5 Part 1)

Chapter 5: The Soul Enforcement Bell (Part 1)

“If you’re going to badmouth someone, I suggest you do it somewhere else so people can’t hear it.” 

A cold voice came from behind.

While we chatted, we approached the canteen. We didn’t expect someone to suddenly appear from behind us. The sudden sound of a voice shocked me. I turned around and all I saw was a dark youth. 

He didn’t seem to look like a high school student, so I think he’s from the university section.

He had tanned skin and black hair, so if someone didn’t look carefully, he could be mistaken as a shadow and they’ll probably crash into him. 

A clearer look at him showed that his features were rather prominent. He was quite decent-looking, but the first impression of him was that he was quite unfriendly. 

This is a Dark Goblin.” The Lewd Horse raised one of his hooves to point at the dark youth and said, “He belongs to one of the ancient goblin races. They are a detestable goblin that emerged from the darkness.

“Unicorn.” The Dark Goblin who appeared out of nowhere squinted his eyes and looked at the Lewd Horse coldly, “I never could have imagined a Unicorn, human and an assassin would come together. Forget about the human, can you even stand the stench of blood of an assassin?” 

Ah, so he doesn’t know that I’m a Devil Master.

Actually, this unicorn had already been tainted. 

“At most, assasins will eat you up. Dark Goblins will stab you from the back once and continue doing so!”  The Lewd Horse’s grumbles were directly transmitted to my head. It looked like the Lewd Horse had once been bullied by the Dark Goblins. 

“Scoundrel!” The Five-Coloured Rooster shouted as he pointed at the Dark Goblin.

“I’m not from the Frost Hills but since you’ve insulted the Dark Goblins, I must make you pay the price.” The Dark Goblin took a step back as the Five-Coloured Rooster rolled his eyes. 

“What a coincidence. It irritates me to see a Dark Goblin. Next time, don’t appear in front of me, or else I’ll beat you up every time you do!” The Five-Coloured Rooster shoved out his claws as he couldn’t be bothered to waste anymore time, leaped and quickly dashed forward to strike. 

The Dark Goblin avoided the Five-Coloured Rooster’s strike with a small movement. The Dark Goblin took out a dagger and blocked the Five-Coloured Rooster’s attacks. 

I pulled the Lewd Horse away by grabbing his fur to distance ourselves from the fight. 

Whenever the Five-Coloured Rooster gets into a fight, the surroundings definitely turn into a chaotic mess.  So, it’s better to stand far away. 

“That Dark Goblin is pretty skillful.” The Lewd Horse finally said something sensible as he spectated the fight. 

The commotion attracted many people over because we were near the canteen. Those that recognised the Five-Coloured Rooster snickered. I could even overhear comments saying that it’s fine if the Dark Goblin kills the Assassin. 

Speaking of which, is it actually fine to let them continue fighting?

Just as the Five-Coloured Rooster was going to punch out a hole and the Dark Goblin was about to slash the Five-Coloured Rooster’s neck, a black figure and a purple figure interrupted the battle. 

“What are you two doing!” Asrian who appeared to have just returned from a mission, squinted his eyes and spoke with a rare stern voice, “Dark Goblin Haryvn, please put away your weapon.” 

The Tripping Prince who was holding onto the Five-Coloured Rooster smirked. Obviously, he didn’t want to speak to someone who was from a lowly-race. 

“Bastard! I’ll kill you together!” The Five-Coloured Rooster was fuelled by anger and just a step away from spitting at the equally hated Tripping Prince.

“Hold on, Junior Ziray. Will you please stop for me?” Stretching out his other hand, Asrian stopped moving.

The first to stop was the Dark Goblin. He kept his dagger and stood back straight, “The students from the High School are becoming more and more impolite.” 

“Why are the people from the research section in the high school’s compound?” Retracting his saber, the Tripping Prince who was standing behind Asrian let go of his hands. 

“I recall that you are already studying at university. Since a university student can appear in the high school division, why can’t someone from the research division be here?” The tanned Dark Goblin twitched the corners of his lips coldly, “The Academy didn’t forbid those from the research division to come over to have a meal in the high school division, right?” 

“Indeed, the Academy didn’t, but please don’t engage in a fight with the juniors.” Asrian gave the Five-Coloured Rooster and I a look and revealed a smile, “Afterall, we belong to the same Academy. It’s only appropriate for the seniors to look after us juniors.” 

“The Dark Goblin has no obligations to look after other races. If you’re unable to adapt, then you ought to be eliminated.” After that was said, the Dark Goblin turned his attention to the Five-Coloured Rooster and lifted his hand, “As for those who speak behind others’ backs…” 

I think I was the first who noticed his movements. 

When I realised it, I was already covering for the Five-Coloured Rooster. Followed by the feeling of someone’s flesh sticking onto mine and an explosive pain on my cheeks. In less than a second, I instantly felt dizzy and my ears were ringing.

Fuck! Must you be so aggressive when slapping someone!

“What are you doing?!” The Five-Coloured Rooster dashed but was stopped by Asrian. 

The Dark Goblin probably didn’t expect this and in shock. 

Fortunately, my mum used to always watch those 8pm housewives drama* so I’ve also watched some of them and learnt that a hand lifting action is the sign of an incoming slap.

[T/N: In Taiwan, usually the TV channel will broadcast some drama series at 8pm that are very popular amongst housewives. These dramas usually have very exaggerated plots and are typically soap-opera material.]

It just really hurts. 

I touched my face that was swollen and sore. I couldn’t hear anything with my right ear and I could taste blood in my mouth — I suspect that my tooth was probably broken since there was a sharp pain in my gums and that I could bite something hard. 

This wasn’t a slap but a punch!

If those women in the 8pm drama slap each other like this, then it would be very exciting.

“… I didn’t expect humans to be so dumb to even protect the assassins.” With absolutely no intention of apologising, the Dark Goblin dumped these words before turning around and leaving. 

The crowd who was originally spectating the show had also dispersed.

After the Dark Goblin had gone far enough, Asrian turned, “Are you alright? Should I take you to the infirmary?” 

“Wuuwuu–” My entire mouth was swollen and I couldn’t talk. So I nodded my head in pain.

“Idiot.” That nosy Tripping Prince added.

Jerk! I curse that you’ll trip on your way home later and fall into cow’s dung!

The Five-Coloured Rooster looked at me with an odd gaze which gave me chills because I could sense his animosity through his gaze, “I’ll make sure to slaughter that bastard the moment he steps out of the Academy!” Then, he turned around to chase after the Dark Goblin who left not too long ago. 

However, when he turned around, a large white obstacle appeared behind the Five-Coloured Rooster from nowhere. The unguarded Five-Coloured Rooster collided into the Lewd Horse, making a very painful sound. 

“Ouch–” You’ll be slaughtered by the opponent instead!

It was clear now that the Dark Goblin didn’t reveal his full ability earlier. If he were to become really serious, the Five-Coloured Rooster may not actually win.

“Hold up, Junior Ziray. Can you help bring Junior Zhu to the infirmary?” Asrian stopped the Five-Coloured Rooster from bursting out to seek revenge and then turned to look at the Tripping Prince who was putting on a stinky face. “Hinderson, you can go ahead to report back to the Guild. Sorry.” 

“Hmph.” The Tripping Prince coldly glanced at the Five-Coloured Rooster and me. Then, reluctantly flicked his fingers to summon the teleportation spell. In a few seconds, the Black Robe disappeared. 

Wah, your face is as swollen as a mantou*” The Lewd Horse who was spectating commented. 

[T/N: Mantou is a form of Chinese bun. Sometimes, it comes with fillings but most of the time it is plain.]

Fuck you! I know that my face is as swollen as a mantou! A mantou with blood fillings!

“Shikin, this place isn’t convenient to talk to. You should come along with us to the infirmary.” Asrian, who had become acquainted with the Lewd Horse, said.

Looking at him for a moment, the Lewd Horse nodded his head.

So, we headed to the infirmary.

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