The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 3 Part 2)

Chapter 3: The Mermaids’ Holy Spring (Part 2)

“I thought the Holy Spring was referring to spring water.”

Two seconds later, Leido blurted out my confusion.

“Initially, it was a little spring. After the expansion, it transformed into its current appearance. However, it still preserves its original name.” Simmi explained, flying above us. “This place has undergone a longer history than the Water Fairies, so don’t underestimate it.” 

“Understood~” Leido smiled at her and his gaze was sharp as he observed the surrounding situation. 

It’s not just him. I noticed that Yado is also doing the same. 

“This is weird, usually at this hour there should be some mermaids around. Why are there none today?” Zachary squinted his eyes looking around. “Simmi, did something happy? Why were you all so worked up earlier at the entrance when we first met?” 

The little elf shivered after he pointed it out. 

Suddenly, I also felt something was amiss. Although it was a sacred place, there was no reason for the little elf to attack us instantly, unless she was trying to protect something.

“Is the Holy Spring no longer safe?” Asrian asked similarly: “But I don’t sense anything foreign trespassing here.” 

“That is not the case. Actually, there has been an increase in trespassing attempts lately, so we have been slightly more anxious.” Simmi let out a sigh and stopped on Zachary’s shoulders. “Afterall, ancient sacred places possess a certain magical strength. Even though it has been like this since the beginning, we realised that these invaders have become more powerful and resisting their attempts have become more difficult. We fear that one day we could lose this place which is why I mistook your friends as one of those invaders earlier on.” 

“I see.” After giving it some thought, Zachery’s horse body sat on the white grass patch. “I still advise you to join the Guild’s alliance. With the Guild’s support, these incidents will decrease.” 

“But not everything in the Guild is good.” Simm’s pretty little face frowned. “They even failed to protect Bing Ya elf child. How can you expect us to place our sacred place under their care?” 

Zachary coughed. 

Simmi’s words kept repeating in my heart. Although I haven’t heard much of rumours under the protection of others in school, Senior’s incident has created a large commotion in this World. 

“We’re here this time to retrieve a piece of the Soul Enforcement Bell to help Prince Bing Yan’s reawakening.” Yado said with an attitude that has become a lot more polite, despite wearing a grumpy expression. “We hope that you’ll assist us. The alliance amongst the ancient races should have a position for the Bing Ya elves. Please lend your help to them.” 

Simmi frowned. 

“Since the Water Fairies brothers have said their requests. Simmi, you can’t be so inhospitable.” 

Before the little elf could answer, a clear voice interrupted her thinking, followed by the sound of water. Something silver came flying out of the reverse flowing waterfall, then fell into the pool gracefully, almost creating little to no splashes. As quickly as a flash of lightning, it swam through underneath the water. Then, it reappeared in front of our eyes from the water in the blink of an eye.

A mermaid came out with some water droplets shining on her golden hair and reflected her smooth and white skin; vastly different from the elves. Her body looks like it has been kneaded by the water — slightly transparents — as if it will be scattered with a touch, while her lower body is made up of silverish white scales that are still flowing. The glow came from the water brought along when coming out of the lake. 

The mermaid that appeared in front of us had a pair of blue eyes that brought a hostile aura with a firm gaze looking straight at all of us. 

“Aslya.” Zachary called out her name with certainty as we watched the female mermaid float out of the lake. 

“Zachary, it’s been a while. I didn’t expect you, who had ignored our invitation, to suddenly visit.” After slightly swimming half a circle, the beautiful mermaid lifted her body onto the rock next to the lake. Soon, a few beautiful faces appeared around us.

Speaking of which, I seemed to have never met a male mermaid before.

At the moment, the five or six mermaids that have appeared are all females. Their long hair floating on the water resembles silk. It was difficult not to look. 

After noticing that I had been staring at them, another mermaid waved at us before swimming towards the waterfall. 

“My time is money. There isn’t money here, unless you want to foot the bill instead?” Zachary put his manners aside and directly quoted his price. Then lifted his chin towards our direction: “Those two Water Fairies want to look for the Soul Enforcement Ball, and do you have the Water Spirit stone too?”

The mermaid gave us a look that was obvious that she wasn’t interested, “Hey, Mr Zachary, it’s been a long time since you visited and yet, you instantly asked for two tresurable items. This appears to be slightly overboard, hm?”  

“Do you really have the Water Spirit stone?” Yado quickly asked, hearing that the mermaid didn’t deny it. “I really need these two items, please. What do we need to do in exchange for them?” 

The pair of blue eyes turned to look at Yao: “Water Fairy, name?” 

“Yado Glando.”

“Very well, young Water Fairy brother, you obviously don’t know that giving your name to the ancient mermaids means giving your life to the opposite party.“ Her voice was sweet and seductive. Asyla extended her hand and gently patted Yado’s cheeks. 

Almost at the same time, Leido immediately pulled his twin brother backwards.

“Aslya, stop teasing us.” Asrian gently smiled and looked at the female mermaid next to us: “If you do so, the Water Fairies brothers will misunderstand.”

“I’m just telling them that they need to mentally prepare themselves if they want to establish a relationship with an ancient race.”  Aslya gave a smile after gaining satisfaction from teasing Yado. “Why did you not introduce this… human?” 

She turned to look at me. 

I reflectively took a step back, feeling a little scared. 

“That’s right, why is there a human tagging along?” Simmi immediately flew next to me, circling around me like a mosquito which made me want to slap her, but I don’t have the guts to do it. 

“Frankly speaking, Yangyang is a descendant of the Devil Master.” Having no intentions in avoiding the topic, Asrian revealed my identity in less than a second.

“Devil Master!” The little elf instantly turned into a black elf, as black as a bulldog. Her body enlarged and howled at me: “What is this dark race trying to do in the sacred place!”

What could I possibly do… Other than to stand here and be howled at by you…..

“This is a student from our school.” Zachary calmly said, carrying the bulldog away. “He’s also someone on our side in the future.

“So is he able to escape scot-free from robbing a bank?” The rumoured innocent and naive little elf spouted the same words as our former teacher.

“No, I will certainly be caught.” I righteously burst her bubble. 

“Tsk, useless Devil Master.”

At this point, my impressions of the little elf have been completely tarnished. Though they have been mostly ruined ever since I came here. That feels somewhat sad. 

But after the short exchanges, Simmi returned back to her little elf form, resting back on the stone next to Aslya. “Then what should we do?” Turning her head to look at the mermaid next to her and muttering, as if she was talking to herself. 

Wearing a beautiful collar, Aslya stares at Yado with great interest, “Then, what should we do… We indeed have a Water Spirit stone here but for a Holy place, this Water Spirit stone serves an important purpose. We can’t possibly just give it to strangers.” 

“So, what would you want in exchange for it?” Yado asked again, patting Leido’s hand. 

Aslya smiled.

“I’ll give it to you.”

We were all startled. 

Including Zachary and Asrian. They probably never expected the mermaid to say something like this. No, I think Zachary was probably thinking — I didn’t know it could be attained for free. 

“Then, let me repeat myself once more. I’ll give it to you, ‘Yado Glando’. You’ve given your real name to the ancient mermaids and your presence after entering our sacred place has affected us. Giving you the Water Spirit stone represents your implications with the Mermaid race.” Holding onto the shore, Aslya slowly walked up. Her silverish white mermaid tail slowly transformed into a pair of human legs as water droplets dripped down to form a thin silk cloth. The flowy cloth brushed against us before she stands next to Yado and her voice softly spoke: “Till the very last day, you’ll –” 

The last part of the sentence disappeared within Yado’s ears. The volume was so soft that even Leido and I couldn’t catch it. 

Yado closed his eyes as Aslya took two steps back while wearing the same smile, “If you want to regret, now is the best time before it is too late.” 

“No, it shall be this.” As if he had made a firm decision, Yado immediately replied. 

“Wait, wait! What did the both of you discuss just now!” Leido grabbed his twin brother’s shoulders, noticing something was wrong. “Why can’t it be openly shared?” 

“Because it is a contract between the both of us.” Aslya revealed a mysterious smile and flicked her fingers. The mermaids who were playing at the waterfall quickly stopped and disappeared into the lake. 

“Then you can establish a contract with me too. I am Lei –”

The pale hands covered Leido’s mouth. Asyla’s lips on the back of her hands, then she seductively breathes: “We don’t need a second person.” 

“Leido, it’s not a big deal.” Yado’s expression remained the same, pulling his twin brother. 

“You’re lying –”

A loud splashing of water interrupted their dispute.

The group of mermaids who disappeared a while back suddenly stood up in the act, just like Aslya, each had transformed to gain a pair of legs. Among the five to six of them, a slightly younger girl held a crystal box. I could faintly feel the clear aura coming out from the box. 

It was as clear as the air here. 

“Master Aslya.” The girl politely presented the crystal box and the surrounding mermaids followed. 

This ascertained the fact that Aslya is the head of the mermaids but why were there no male mermaids? This made me really curious. 

I’ve digressed…

Taking the box, Aslya turned and passed it to Yado. “Then, I look forward to the day where our contract is in effect.” 

After receiving the Water Spirit stone, Yado lightly nodded his head. “Then, the Soul Enforcement Bell…” 

“That is not with us.” After the other mermaids returned back into the water, Aslysa looked at Zachary: “The Soul Enforcement Bell is with your friend.” 

“Eh? With Shikin?” Zachary gave a stunned expression, not expecting such an answer.

“Yeah, it has always been with him because that is something we cannot touch.” Aslya swiftly took a jump backwards after giving her reply and sank back into the waters. Then, swam a distance away from us. “If you want to look for Shikin, you’d have to wait~ If you’re lucky, he’ll appear soon, that little jerk!” 

Once she finished speaking, the group of mermaids ignored us and scattered. 

The surroundings quickly returned to its initial serenity, except for the sounds of a singing voice from nearby. Simmi couldn’t be bothered to entertain us any further. She flew a few rounds before disappearing into the forest. 

“Yado, tell me the truth about what happened earlier.” Leido grabbed onto his twin brother’s arm, pressing the matter and insisting that the other honestly explain himself. 

Yado only returned him a look and didn’t speak a single word. 

“Don’t start a fight here.” Asrian pulled the two away. “If there are any problems, talk it out after we return.” 

“No. If I don’t make him answer now, he will never talk about it in the future.” Leido angrily dragged Yado who had no intentions of speaking, “We’re heading back first. Yangyang, please help us retrieve the bell. If he doesn’t speak, I’ll get Yido to make him speak!”

After finishing speaking, the both of them looked miserable as they headed out from the tugging and dragging. Leido completely ignored Yado’s reluctance to leave.

Hey, hey. Excuse me, this wasn’t even my mission to begin with.

But I vaguely felt that something was wrong from earlier on so I allowed them to sort it out by themselves. 

“The most troublesome Water Spirit stone has been retrieved. I still have a bunch of debts to count*. The both of you can stay and wait for Shikin. If he does return, he will definitely appear here later.” He stood up, not knowing when he had returned to his human form, Zachary patted the loose grass away from him. 

[t/n: well actually the proper term to use is “a bunch of accounts to settle” but I thought translating this way was equally impactful to show how money-minded Zachary is.]

“Eh? So fast?” I suddenly felt a little nervous watching the guide preparing to leave. 

“Otherwise, I would have continued to charge accordingly. Can you afford it?” Zachary snorted, giving a look as if he was scorning at the poor, with his face fully written with the words ‘sky rocket price’. 

“Sorry, I don’t think I can afford it…” I didn’t even dare to ask for the sky rocket price, fearing that I may get a heart attack from it. 

“Zachary, Shikin can’t be… that right?” Asrian sat on the side asked, while turning his head to look around.

“Do you not know Shikin?” The Money-face looked at the Hunter with doubts and the latter shook his head: “Anyways, he is what you think he is. If the mermaids all swim here, it means that he will probably appear very soon. Both of you just need to wait here for a bit. If he refuses to give you the Bell when he appears, you just need to inform him that Zachary will soon demand for him to clear his debts and tell him to be prepared for three times the interest.” 

… I know you’re a loan-shark but must you bring your loan-shark attitude to others’ Holy site too?

“Understood.” Asrian nodded his head.

“Then that’s all. I’ll go first. Bye.” 

Then, Asrian and I are left at the sacred place. 

After that, I only have one thought.

Both of us are just passerbys here…

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