The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 3 Part 3)

Chapter 3: The Mermaids’ Holy Spring (Part 3)

“It’s suddenly so quiet, shall we ask your friends to come over?”

Asrian broke the silence and asked in an approachable tone.

“Uh… It’s fine.” Chifuyutoshi is obsessed over his brother so calling him over is definitely not a good idea. Ryan and Lilya have been hanging out together a lot, so I’ll probably get kicked by a pig* if I disturb them. As for Miaomiao, she’s likely on a mission again. 

[t/n: I directly translated this phrase because it’s funny just imagining it. But I think I don’t need to elaborate much to understand what the author was trying to mean.]

And lastly, there is only one other person I can think of. 

Having the five-coloured rooster here will probably cause a war to break out.

So I think it is safest to not call anyone over, in terms of my personal safety.

“Does Senior Asrian want to call over some friends?” The friends that Asrian calls over should be more normal than my weird friends, right?

Upon hearing my question, Asrian immediately shook his head: “No need. If people know that I’m at the Mermaid’s Sacred Place, it’ll either be Dylo running over or…”

The Tripping Prince.

He didn’t even need to say it for me to know.

Ever since Asrian’s left eye was injured, Brother Dylo was extremely worried that his younger brother might be in trouble. Since then, he had began pressuring others to partner up while refusing Asrian any complicated missions, 

While the victim himself found his brother over exaggerating the situation, the elder sees it otherwise.

Regarding the point, I affirmed it from Chifuyutoshi’s situation too. It’s like how he sees Chin-chan’s unsanitized cup with the potential to poison his brother.

Sometimes, brothers are really amusing.

Their brains are really amusing.

But I really don’t understand why Tripping Prince would even poke his nose in. It has been a year since the Battle ended. He’s not even a student from our school, yet his visits have increased. He’s always here to lurk around, despising others and leaving. I really understand why he’s even coming here.

To prove the royalty in his blood?

Or to ask for a beating?

Noble races are really hard to figure out.

Not knowing that my mind was occupied with these wild thoughts, Asrian lightly coughed: “I think it’s better that only the both of us wait here.”


Honestly speaking, I don’t quite know what to talk about with Asrian. Though we know each other, he usually doesn’t hang out with me like Miaomiao and the rest do. Ever since the Battle, we’ve gone back to our respective lives. Since he has been promoted to the University’s division, we almost never have any chance to meet with the exception of occasional greetings when we bump into each other at the Academy. That’s all. 

As a person, Asrian has good networks with people. This is something I’ve known since long ago. I just didn’t know how good it was. After asking around for a bit, I’ve noticed how the people he knows are the people who’ve heard of him are everywhere. He is popular and the remarks about him are almost always positive.

When I asked around about Senior, some people thoughtfully added “Evil Monster” while Senior Gasai, the good samaritan whom nobody wanted to go against… should be a good person, I guess.

“Well, I wonder what conditions Yado agreed on…” The surroundings are too quiet. The mermaids were playing amongst themselves in the distance. I was randomly finding a topic to talk about because the atmosphere was getting awkward. Actually, it wasn’t random. It was something that was on my mind.

Glancing at me, Asrian saw the mermaid playing around and singing in the distance: “I don’t think it’s anything good..” 


“Because mermaids aren’t a kind race. Their nature is slightly evil. Aren’t most of the stories from the Original World going like this… The legend of the mermaids said that they sing on the oceans to take the lives of travellers.” Since we’ve found a topic to talk about, Asrian began: “Unlike the Hunters, our nature is to guide the travellers. Our actions are mostly just a joke and will not bring harm to the lives of the travellers, but the mermaids will harm and toy with lives as they feel like it. They will not help guide the travellers along their journey.” 

Now that he mentioned it, I began to worry for Yado.

I don’t know what he promised exactly. If he didn’t say… I can only ask the mermaid from earlier. If she doesn’t tell me as well, I’m not sure if using Minas will force her to talk. 

The faint sound of water appeared in my mind, followed by the gentle voice that I was the most familiar with, “I have yet to try this method. Are you thinking of interrogating her?

Asrian, who sat next to me, couldn’t hear these words. It was since the Battle ended that I learnt that I can converse with my magic weapon this way. No wonder Ryan’s always hallucinating with his beans. 

Actually, it’s not an interrogation, I just want to clarify some things.

That’s an interrogation.

I noticed that Minas has become more impolite lately.

“Are you talking to your illusionary weapon?” Asrian, who was sitting next to me, abruptly opened his mouth and broke my conservation with Minas.

“Eh? You noticed?” I thought I’d only be seen dazing on the outside.

“There was that slight feeling.” This was a fascinating answer since I didn’t know what feeling the Purple Robe noticed. It is so fascinating that I have no intentions of asking any further.

Anyways, the reply would likely be ‘It just feels like it’.

“Do you often converse with your illusionary weapon?” I should continue the topic since there was nothing I could ask him in particular.

“Sometimes, but it’s usually one-sided.” Asrian shrouded his shoulders. “My weapon doesn’t speak just like Gasai’s. They’re very quiet, but sometimes laying them out and letting them sit silently in a row is pretty amusing.” 

… I want to see that.

As I’m about to ask him if I can see it next time, Asrian suddenly gave the action to indicate to me to keep quiet and dragged me towards the trees behind to hide within them.

“He’s here.”

I see a silverish-white object in the direction he was pointing to in the trees opposite us. 

The difference between Zachary and this silverish-white was that the silverish-white was shiny. 

It was glowing with the same beautiful rays of light on its body. It’s snow-white fur piercing through the air.

I held my breath subconsciously.

For the first time in my life, I’m seeing a creature that only appears in legends…a unicorn.

While it lay on the grass and crept forward.

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