The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 3 Part 4)

Chapter 3: The Mermaids’ Holy Spring (Part 4)

At that moment, I rubbed my eyes because I thought I was seeing things.

I’ve never seen a horse creeping out from a jungle before. Let alone a unicorn that resembles a horse, but is much more precious than a horse.

The noble creature was currently in a specific position… Its belly laid on the grass and its four legs glided over as it crawled over in a strange way.

Following the direction where it was creeping to, I noticed it was secretly crawling towards the waterfall. From a distance, it showed an eerie “hehehe” expression as it watched the group of mermaids. 

Usually, the word to describe a situation like this is ‘peeping’.

A unicorn is peeping at a group of mermaids?

I looked at Asrian briefly. His expression seemed to show him holding his laughter while I don’t think my expression was any better than his.

It covered itself with the tree branches, after enough peeping from that distance. The unicorn crawled forward a few more steps, probably wanting a clearer view. 

What a lewd horse.

That’s right. I remember the picture books mentioning that unicorns will only approach virgins  or something…

“What are you doing!” Since the unicorn was too close, the mermaids quickly noticed the peeping unicorn and shrieked. Followed by a few mermaids swimming over to that direction and transformed their tails to human legs as they got onto the shore.

After being spotted, the unicorn stood up and happily leaped towards the ladies’ embrace—

“How many times have we told you not to peep at us from afar!” One of them lifted her leg and violently kicked the horse’s face causing it to fall clumsily. Just before the sole touches her chest, the relatively large-sized unicorn was sent flying away.

“Disgusting! Lecherous!”

“Perverted horse!”

“Freaking jerk!”

Afterwards came a scene of punches and kicks. 

I was in absolute shock and I didn’t know how to react.

But you have been swimming in the lake for so long while Asrian and I have been watching all this time, why were there no reactions? Whereas there was so much commotion from a horse looking at you!

There was this brief second that I felt lucky to not be the one being beaten to death earlier on.

“Because that unicorn’s expression was too lewd.” Asrian coughed, probably knowing what my curiosity was.

Why can you tell that his expression was lewd!

Within a short span in time, the mermaids were done beating the unicorn. They went back into the water and were flushed away by the waterfall. The quietness of the waters was strange. At the same time, I fully understood the reason why the waterfall flows upwards. 

How convenient, they didn’t even need to swim back up.

After being beaten up, the unicorned continued to lie on the ground. I somehow saw a few strands of blood coming out from his nose.

“Let’s go over.” After confirming that all mermaids have left, Asrian patted away the grass on him and he confidently walked over to the lying legendary unicorn.

I flipped through my daypack and found some usable tissue paper. I wonder if the horse was able to wipe away the nosebleed by himself. 

Upon noticing strangers (who aren’t women), the unicorn instantly stood up. Its silver-white fur swayed, tempting me to grab a hold of it. 

“Are you… Shikin?” Asrian asked, taking a few steps forward in front of the horse.

The unicorn squinted its blue eyes, as its head scanned around the Hunter who was standing in front. I could even see that the unicorn’s face was filled with question marks, as if it was trying to say “When did we meet?”.

“I’m from the Loye family of the Hunter race. My name is Asrian and I’m  currently a Purple Robe from the Guild. Due to a mission from the Guild, I’m looking for the Soul Enforcement Bell. I’ve heard that it’s currently with you and would like to ask about this.” Asrian prudently asks the opposite party, using a serious tone that is different from his usual tone.

…Actually it’s just a unicorn, so this interaction was way too cautious.

After staring at Asrian for a while, the unicorn wiped away its nosebleed. Its white fur was stained with a striking patch of red. Then, from nowhere, it bit out a bell that was around the size of a 50 cents coin.

It was a silver, average-looking bell that could be easily bought from anywhere. It was attached to a small knot so it was nothing special.

Asrian reached out his hand, Asrian lightly placed it in front of the bell and withdrew his hand a few seconds later. Then, turned towards me: “This is the real deal.”

“Eh? Then can we have it?” I looked at the unicorn in front of us and it hurriedly put the bell in its body… does its body have a 4D pocket? Why do I not notice that within its flat layers of fur that there’s a place to hide things.

“We really need that item. You might have heard about Prince Bing Yan’s incident. This item is to be used on him and nothing else.”

The unicorn shook its head, probably indicating its indifference.

I thought for a bit and looked at the unicorn that was still bleeding: “Senior is a big beauty.”

At that moment, the unicorn’s eyes lit up.

Asrian used an indescribable expression and looked at me. Of course, I know exactly why he was giving such an expression. Seeing the unicorn’s reaction, I continued: “You see, how bad can the Elves look? In addition to the fact that Senior’s mother is the Princess of the Cave of Flames. I heard she’s a well-known beauty over there. Together, their child must also be hot. Even if he isn’t a lady, he’s still a beautiful man. Can you really bear to leave a beauty unconscious forever?”

I even felt moved after finishing those bunch of words. After hanging out with the Five-Coloured Rooster, I could spout all sorts of nonsense.

Not only was blood dripping out, but also saliva was coming out of the unicorn.

Asrian quickly pulled me aside.

“Is this okay?” Using a slightly worried tone, he asked me: “You are selling Junior away? I wanted to tell him about Zachary’s words.”

“Uhm, it should be fine. Doesn’t the unicorn only have interests for virgins? And even if he wants to do anything to Senior, he might not be able to return back alive.” I have absolute confidence in Senior that he will definitely kill the unicorn, drain its blood, peel its skin, remove its bones, and let the whole world know the consequences of drooling in front of him.

“This is also…” Not knowing whether to agree, Asrian frowned and gave an odd expression: “I think you it’s better not to let Junior find out that this was your suggestion.”

“Hmm, otherwise I will also have an ugly death.” I have this hunch.

Also, I think my courage has grown. Or perhaps it’s because I haven’t been punched for a year that I now dare to even tease Senior?

“Then, can I tag along? I want to see a true beauty.”

This sentence was obviously not said by me, neither was it said by Asrian.

Stunned for a moment, we turned our heads at the same time to realise that there was suddenly a third person standing next to us. It’s fine if I was the only one who didn’t realise. But looking at Asrian’s reaction, he probably didn’t realise too.

Next to us was a man in a Chinese-style white outfit, with a silver-white long hair and a pair of blue eyes. What made us recognise him was not his face but the very prominent horn that was sticking out of his head.

“Shikin…?” Asrian called out the other’s name first.

“Yes.” With a big smile, the unicorn before has transformed into an adult man as he wiped away his nosebleed on his face, “I am a magic beast, from the unicorn race. My name’s Shikin.”

So he could actually speak human words!

Ignoring our urge in wanting to give him a punch, the man showed a genuine lewd smile, while rubbing his hands and approached us: “The Prince that you were talking about is very pretty. If there is really a need for my Soul Enforcement Bell, the only condition is that I must come along.”

Oh crap, so the lewd horse was becoming a pervert*. I wonder if Senior has the capacity to deal with this.

[t/n: The author was playing with words over here. The direct translation of the original should be lewd wolf instead of pervert. In Chinese, this is a term given to the perverts. For the purpose of understanding this sentence, I translated it based on the context instead of directly, causing it to lose the intended humour here.]

“Yes, it’s a Prince. Not a Princess.” Asrian emphasised on Senior’s gender.

“It’s fine. I like to look at pretty people. The gender does not matter, though pretty sisters are the best. Beauty men are only for appreciation purposes.” The almost radiating man smiled satisfactorily while curling its silver-white hair: “But this doesn’t matter. Since he is the son of the Cave of Flame’s Princess, then it is very likely so. I’ve also heard that the Third Prince of Bing Ya is very pretty…” 

Afterwards, we heard a few water sounds. The mermaids who were flushed away all jump back down as a few of them shout towards us from afar: “Hurry up and take this jerk away!”

It seemed like the unicorn’s harassments had troubled them for a very long time.

“Sisters~~~~” Watching the mermaids return, the unicorn gave up on our conversation immediately and ran over very happily.

Then, the scene that happened just a few minutes ago was re-enacted, except the one being beaten up is not a horse, but a human.

I suddenly felt that the problem had gotten bigger.

“Yangyang…” Asrian firmly patted my shoulder and showed me an expression as if it was my funeral: “On this day next year, I will remember to send you my offerings.”

Hey! Don’t instantly jump the topic and conclude my death anniversary!

Also, you should be helping me keep a secret! If Senior really wants to look for revenge, you should be protecting your lowest Junior!


Accidentally being touched on the butt by the unicorn, a person screamed and then stamped on his face.

Witnessing this scene, I suddenly felt pathetic.

If I’d known this, I shouldn’t have been so nosy and let Asrian threaten him with Zachary! Why do I have to be such a busybody!

Sometimes, humans are really looking for their own deaths.

Right now, I could deeply understand this sentence.

Is it too late to regret it?

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