Dark Hole – Episode 5

Warning: Spoilers

You can watch it: HERE

Last Episode – Episode 4

A couple things to recap from episode 4.

  1. The painting of the sinkhole on the wall by the shaman.
  2. Lee Hwa-Sun’s group is going to get medical supplies.
  3. Yoo Tae-Han’s group is going to rescue the remaining survivors in the surgical ward who are heading to the negative pressure room.
  4. The Chairman of Muji High School, Choi Kyung-Soo, has a pistol.

Episode 5


Episode starts at Muji High School with Choi Kyung-Soo, the chairman of the high school, and Choi Seung-Tae, a teacher at the high school who is also the chairman’s son. They talk a little about law and order – on whether violence and force is the best way to keep law and order.

Lee Hwa-Sun informs Yoo Tae-Han that there is something more in the dark smoke and to be careful.

(It’s the tentacle thing she saw impale the security guard at the high school.)

Lee Hwa-Sun’s group are making the move to get to the nurse’s office to retrieve the medical supplies.

Meanwhile, at Muji Hospital, the shaman is telling the survivors to believe in the existence of the “god” she worships – the one of the dark smoke.

Is the use of scenes switching between the shaman and the dark smoke clearing from Muji Hospital to signify the shaman somewhat controlling the dark smoke through her prayers? Questionable?

I’m not sure how the dark smoke works but it seems to have a lot of elements at play that confuses the audience.

The dark smoke seems to be following Yoo Tae-Han’s group as it hides in the vents and taunts them yet shows itself sparsely.

This was a very tense scene, even I was on edge.

Especially when Yoo Tae-Han says he wants to take a look inside the vents. The three of them get chased by the dark smoke and question how the dark smoke can even move on its own.

I’m starting to think: Hivemind? Hahaha…

Back at the hospital, the shaman is recruiting members – believers for the sinkhole… (I think it’s the sinkhole).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-39.png

Yoo Tae-Han’s group passes the infected who seem to be in a state of paralysis. Just frozen in time. I think this is kind of an interesting characteristic of the infected.

It does remind me of Army of the Dead on Netflix when the zombies were asleep. (I think? I don’t remember. Side note for my opinion on Army of the Dead on Netflix… not worth watching. It was boring and I could have used that time to take a nap.)

Back to Lee Hwa-Sun’s group, they encounter a hoard of infected along the corridor and Lee Hwa-Sun decides to be the distraction.

The chase goes wrong as Lee Hwa-Sun is betrayed by Lee Jin-Seok who then locks her in a room full with the infected that she has to fight off.

(God, that smile is so creepy. Poor Lee Hwa-Sun.)

Luckily, she escaped outside through the windows.

The survivors from the surgical ward get attacked on their way to the negative pressure room. The only two survivors are Zu Hyun-Ho’s pregnant wife and the fake security guard.

She realises there is something wrong with the guard and takes the ID card of the nurse for herself to escape though the elevator.



Sorta feel bad for Yoo Tae-Han’s group now. They came all this way and now, the only person left to save is the fake security guard… Is he worth saving?

The shaman’s little cult has grown and they’ve destroyed the security cameras… Huh?

The shaman reveals to Lee Young-Tae his guilt for leaving patients outside to die while he locked the hospital doors.

T^T So sad but what can you do? Ya know?

Lee Hwa-Sun and Han Dong-Rim are chased by an infected group. Another chasing scene ensues and it was as intense as the previous one.

Obviously, they escape. They go to the gymnasium because it’s the closest building that Han Dong-Rim can get to before the dark smoke reaches them since her twisted her ankle would slow them down.

Lee Jin-Seok finds the medicine that was looking for (which was why he joined them in the first place). Honestly… I don’t think the medicine will treat your… mutation (it looks like it instead sped the rate of mutation when he took the medicine) … but I guess, it’ll help with the pain?

Yoo Tae-Han finds a victim of Lee Soon-Yeon the serial killer that Lee Hwa-Sun is looking for.

This means she in the hospital! (O-O)

Is Lee Hwa-Sun hallucinating again?

I really don’t think Han Dong-Rim is the killer. This hallucination seems to be have been triggered by the bracelet that Han Dong-Rim was wearing.

Episode 5 ends at Muji Hospital where someone is experimenting on one of the infected OR that particular infected is someone dear to them. You never really know… until the next episodes!

Wow, this episode had a lot of tense moments and actions… definitely kept me on edge! (´。• ω •。`)

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3 thoughts on “Dark Hole – Episode 5

  1. Haven’t finished watching Dark hole myself but so far i see potential. im glad i stumbled across this site cause i just need an overview. lol Filler information in korean is tiring.

    can u do Sisyphus: The Myth or Kingdom which is on Netflix? i haven’t had the time to watch these but I think they re in the same genre range as Dark Hole. another suggestion https://asianwiki.com/The_Witch%27s_Diner . it looks pretty interesting.

    Thank you so much for these.


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