The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 5 Part 2)

Chapter 5: The Soul Enforcement Bell (Part 2)

“Oh, what a rare group of four.” 

The moment I stepped into the infirmary, my first thought was to turn around and leave. 

The person who was supposed to be in the Medical Department was sitting on the Chief’s seat and he was even playing with a bunch of bloody things, “Little Ziray, it’s rare to have you coming looking for me.” The black hair that was covering his face revealed a “hehehe” smile. I have no idea why this Black Cactus was looking at his younger brother with a drooling look. 

Then, we slowly realised there wasn’t a single soul in the infirmary. Usually, there would be some patients and healers besides the Chief. Right now, the entire infirmary was empty and looked extremely clean. 

The Five-Coloured Rooster was startled the moment he saw the Black Cactus, “Why would I look for you?! It’s not like I get to make money when I see you!”  

What a familiar line. Weird, where did I hear that recently?

“Where’s the Chief?” Asrian seemed to be very familiar with this place as he looked around. After confirming that the Black Cactus was the only one present, he grabbed me to take a seat. Then, he automatically took a bottle with a label written in a Common Language from the shelf. I barely managed to figure out the words on the bottle; “for inflammation”.

“All the important members have returned to the Medical Department Headquarters for the Phoenix Clan meeting. I’m here to cover for him.” The Black Cactus said something that I vaguely remember Miaomiao saying. Then, he lazily leaned against the chair, “Don’t mind me but your school’s infirmary hasn’t been busy.”

No, it’s only this quiet after you came.

I can imagine many of those who are dying will probably say something like, “If Qiulan’s around, please don’t send me to the infirmary. I would rather be absorbed by plants*.”

[t/n: What they mean here is that they’d rather die and turn into fertilisers to be absorbed by plants.]

Asrian, took the role of a medicine applier at the last minute, opened the bottle and poured the contents on his hand and rubbed his palm together. I watched as the black bubbles escaped from his hands as he rubbed those suspicious-looking bubbles on my face. Then, the swelling on my face immediately subsided. 

Wow! This is magical! Magical science has improved so much!” The Lewd Horse let out an astonished shriek, just like how I did when I first came here, “Hurry and ask if this can be sold to outsiders! So that the swell on my face can immediately disappear the next time I get beaten up!” 

Are you saying that you actually get beat up often, huh! Shouldn’t you change this life-threatening habit of yours then! 

“Is that Unicorn the one that Tyre mentioned who has the Enforcement Bell?” The Black Cactus who instantly grew extreme interests for the Lewd Horse turned around and then revealed a perverted smile, “Cute little unicorn, can you give me a few of your internal organs?”

The Lewd Horse immediately retreated to the exit. 

It seemed like he would soon know the scary side of the Black Cactus, but we all knew that even if you could escape to somewhere where you can’t see the Black Cactus, you’ll still fall into his hands someday. 

The above are based on the life experience of anonymous victims.

“It can’t even be eaten!” The Five-Coloured Rooster spurted out a bunch of words that didn’t make any sense.

After handing me a cup of water to gurgle, Asrian blocked the Lewd Horse with an annoyed look, “Please don’t touch the Magical Beast. The legend has already stated how rare they are.” 

“Eh, it’s exactly because they’re rare that they’re more desirable.” The Black Cactus let out an unfortunate sigh.

“Pervert!” The Lewd Horse was calling someone pervertic. Even though he wasn’t any better himself. 

After spitting out the blood in my mouth, I noticed my tooth was also attached back. In a few seconds, I was completely healed, “Senior Ari, were you on a mission with Fa- Prince Hinderson?” What a rare team.

“No, we met on the way. In fact, I was out with another Purple Robe to carry out a simple scouting.” Walking over, Asrian closed the doors of the infirmary. Then, placed a sound-proof shield, “The Dark Goblins from the Frost Hill have become quite active lately. I’m not referring to the recent attacks on the Assassins. In fact, the Guild has received news that they’ve been actively searching for an ancient power, for example, Shikin’s Soul Enforcement Bell. After we left the mermaid’s site, the Dark Goblins almost barged in. Fortunately, Simmi blocked them. Simmi had already informed the Hunter clan. We’ll be providing them diplomatic support. 

The Dark Goblins again.

Things always happen together. Previously, it was the Ghost Clan and now, it’s the Dark Goblins. It can’t be that they want to attack the Academy as well, right?

I’m definitely not going to get involved this time!

If there are two more annoying people like Andier, I definitely won’t be able to handle it.

What are the Dark Goblins trying to do?” The Lewd Horse asked a question that I couldn’t reply to.

“Tsk, how irritating!” The Five-Coloured Rooster said in an exasperated voice.

“Oh? Why didn’t they allocate this mission to me.” The Black Cactus sulked and had a pitiful look, “If it’s scouting the enemies, shouldn’t a Black Robe be faster than two Purple Robes? Moreover, one of the Purple Robes isn’t well.”

“We’re just there to check on something, not to destroy them… nor to dismember them.”

Asrian was clearly aware of what the Black Cactus was capable of doing but continued to explain with a smile, “Also, it was a simple mission, I didn’t have any problems.”

After saying this, I noticed that the Black Cactus said those words out of concern for Asrian’s eyes.

It’s been almost a year. Although Asrian himself has said that he’s gotten used to it, it seems that the people from the Medical Department still can’t let go of it.

No, hold on. He couldn’t be plotting to add those eyes into his collection, right?

I was moved too soon!

“During the investigation, we noticed that they seemed to have learnt that we have attained the Soul Enforcement Bell. So there is a spy in the Guild. Currently, we have obtained the movements of the spy. However, their identity hasn’t been revealed. The Guild wants to find out what the Dark Goblins from the Frost Hills are planning. So over the next few days, there will definitely be Dark Goblins attacking you guys. This includes Yado and other related people. You must be extra careful.” Asrian patted both my and the Five-Coloured Rooster’s shoulders. He seemed very worried for us.

Sigh, I’m weak and the Five-Coloured Rooster fools around. It’s normal to be worried.

Hey hey, tell him…to announce the news that the Soul Enforcement Bell can only be used by me.

I turned to look at the Lewd Horse and raised my brows, “What?”

Once they know that the Soul Enforcement Bell can only be used by me, they won’t harass the other people and they’ll only come for me.” The Lewd Horse said something that made me feel very touched, but that feeling changed in the next second, “In this way, the beauty who needs the Soul Enforcement Bell will be especially grateful for me~ And then… Hehehe…

The Horse’s face once again revealed a very indecent smile.

Uhm, I think Senior won’t be grateful to the extent to let you do whatever you like. He’ll probably disregard you as a horse and proceed to beat you up. You won’t get any benefits.

However, the Lewd Horse could only deliver his words and not receive my thoughts, as he continued to immerse himself in his fantasy.

“Is something wrong?” Of course, Asrian, who didn’t know what the Lewd Horse had just told me, looked at me with curiosity.

“Nothing. I think the Dark Goblins don’t seem to know that only the owner can use the Soul Enforcement Bell.” I looked at the Lewd Horse as he nodded. Fine, since he said so, then I shouldn’t hesitate, “Since they are going to attack, should we leak the news that the Enforcement Bell can only be used by Lewd…Shikin? This way, they’ll look for the horse directly instead of attacking randomly, to focus their attack on. 

This plan works too. In fact, having them focus their forces on a single target works in my favour.” The Black Cactus folded his arms, “Is the Unicorn willing to be their target?”

Upon hearing someone asking for his opinions, the Lewd Horse immediately nodded his head firmly.

“But it’s a little dangerous…” Asrian was obviously more concerned about the Lewd Horse’s safety.

Tell them that it’s fine.” The Lewd Horse’s voice entered my head once again.

I’ll really… beat him up on the day we officially bid farewell.

“Shikin thinks it doesn’t really matter.” I glanced at the Lewd Horse who invaded my head and I rolled my eyes at the Lewd Horse as I told the others. 

“Then, it’s settled.”

The Black Cactus flicked his fingers. At that second, I heard an unusual small sound.

The sound-proof barrier automatically bursted, “Pop.”

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