The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 5 Part 3)

Chapter 5: The Soul Enforcement Bell (Part 3)

I heard an odd sound.

After the sound barrier was removed, I had a feeling that something was quickly pulled away, accompanied by a sound that could barely be heard.

The Five-Coloured Rooster obviously heard it before I did as he was about to rush out the door. But he was stopped by Asrian, “Let them spread the news.”

“There are a lot of spies around. There were already two nearby when you all entered.” Giving us a look, the Black Cactus said, “Once the news spreads, there will be even more people appearing. Although my dear little brother Ziray isn’t of much use, it is better for all of you to move as a group.”

“Fuck you. Lao San is a fucking jerk! Who said that I’m useless!” The Five-Coloured Rooster slammed the table and displayed an aura that he wanted to flip the table.

[t/n: Lao San basically means the third eldest in the family hierarchy. This was translated to “the Third” in one of the previous chapters but we’ve decided to note it in pinyin in future translations.]

“Of course it’s you.” The Black Cactus answered him damn honestly. 


“Sorry but time out for a bit. ” Asrian instantly blocked the pair of brothers who were about to fight, “I have something to say to Shikin and Junior Ziray in private.” 

Asrian pushed the Five-Coloured Rooster and the Lewd Horse into another room, leaving the Black Cactus and I here.

“I’ll go back first!” You must be kidding me. I don’t really want to be in the same room with him! Although I know that I don’t have anything worthy for him to drool over, but the mental pressure I’m feeling isn’t the same. 

“Relax. If I really wanted to, your entire body would have been emptied a long time ago. You’re full of flaws.” The Black Cactus revealed a ‘hehehe’ smile.

I instantly took a few meters back.

As I retreated, I realised there was a lamp sitting on the desk behind the Black Cactus. I didn’t notice it when we first entered and thought it was just an ordinary table lamp. After a closer look, I realised it wasn’t just an ordinary table lamp but rather it looked like a lantern with some quaint carvings, resembling those premium products that appear in movies. 

Watching the flame, I suddenly felt a little chilly. That flame wasn’t an ordinary candle flame but a stubborn pale white flame that resisted being extinguished despite looking like it would be blown out in a single breath.

“That’s…” Looking at the odd dancing flame, I had an unexplainable weird feeling.

The Black Cactus followed my gaze and turned his head, and then picked up the lantern. Since his face was covered by his glasses and hair, I wasn’t able to see his expression, “This was something left at my house by someone. Actually, the flame has already been extinguished for a long time now, but for some reason, it has suddenly lit up on its own and burned until now.” 

“What’s it for?” I sat on a chair on the other side. The Black Cactus casually handed me the lantern from his hand.

“It’s a guiding lamp that protects travellers. It was rumoured families would light up these guiding lamps as they fear that their loved ones couldn’t return home. With these guiding lamps, they sent messages to the travellers outside to let the lost souls return to their original place. Be it their human form or other forms.” The Black Cactus told me that the race wasn’t the Hunter because the Hunter was a race that belonged in the wilderness. This was a similar legend talking about the half-mythical races. In fact, not many people have seen their true appearances and are known as the Keeper of Travellers, “It was extinguished when it was placed at my house before. I couldn’t light it no matter what I tried. It was during the Battle against the Ghost Clan that it suddenly lit up. It was an odd way to light it up. So I wanted to find out from the person who left this at my house.”

“Other forms?” I shivered as I believed that ‘other forms’ probably meant death.

If it could guide the dead back, then if it is extinguished it would mean…

That even the soul disappears?

Who was that lantern used for?

I didn’t dare to ask because the Black Cactus remained silent as he looked at the lantern, making it difficult to pry.

“Uhm… I hope that person can return safe and sound.” Looking at the lantern, I could only silently pray with sincerity.

“Hah, who knows?” Putting down the lantern, the Black Cactus shrugged his shoulders, “Even if he does return, my family doesn’t provide him the kind of life he wants to lead and we’d probably need to light the lantern again. I really wonder if he should even return.” 

“I think… I personally think that even if he isn’t fond of your family, ultimately, he’d still want to return home.” When I saw the Black Cactus turn his head to my direction, I quickly added, “It’s purely my personal opinion.”

The Black Cactus didn’t continue the topic and I didn’t dare to randomly continue too.

After a few minutes, the room door then opened. The Five-Coloured Rooster exited with a weird expression, followed by the Lewd Horse and then Asrian.

I wonder what they talked about.

“I have something to do so I must go first. I’ll leave the remaining matters to the rest of you.” Asrian left in a hurry without revealing to me anything about secrets they talked about earlier.

Since they had a discussion without me, I suspected it’s probably something they didn’t want me to know about. So it’s best if I don’t ask  about it.

“I’m hungry~” The first thing the Lewd Horse said in my head was to cry about his hunger.

Then I remembered that we were supposed to eat but we got interrupted, “Let’s go to the canteen first. Does Mr Qiulan want to join us?”

“It’s alright. I still have things to do.” The Black Cactus waved his hand, “You can go ahead. Be careful on the way there.”

I knew he was referring to the Dark Goblins.

“Rest assured. I won’t let that jerk have a chance to lay his hands on us.”

The Five-Coloured Rooster made a promise that gave people an uneasy feeling.

t/n: weeehuuu. A short release but the plot’s finally getting interesting now~

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    I really love all the hilarious nicknames YY gives to the others.

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