The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 5 Part 4)

Chapter 5: The Soul Enforcement Bell (Part 4)

After returning to the canteen again, the crowd has lessened significantly.

I looked at the time and realised that we stayed at the Medical Department for a little too long so it was already past lunch-time. Right now, those that were still here were probably eating afternoon tea or dimsum so it wasn’t as crowded as it was during meal-times.

After the Five-Coloured Rooster ran to collect his meal, the Lewd Horse and I found a secretive and secluded corner to sit down.

“Earlier, we shared some matters that were related to me with the Colourful Porcupine, including my human force and the Bell.”  The Lewd Horse sat at the side and began to tidy his fur.

“Eh? Is that alright?” They clearly had a prey and predator relationship in the beginning.

“That brat may say nasty words, but I can tell he can be trusted.” The Lewd Horse who was no better paused, then continued, “Also, the both of you look rather close. After the news is released there will be a lot of people trying to secretly attack us. So having another person on our side means more help. I can accept that  justification to share this information.”

“I see.” I actually don’t think I’m very close with the Five-Coloured Rooster, right?

Instead of talking about this, how about you go and introduce to me that pretty sister seated at our twelve o’clock direction… She’s heading towards us!

Following the Lewd Horse’s excited voice, I turned my head and saw Senior Geng walking towards us while thoughtfully carrying a tray of drinks. Since the Lewd Horse’s body size wasn’t small, she noticed that we were over here.

“Yangyang, you’re alone?” With a cordial smile, Senior Geng placed the tray on the table and gracefully sat down, “Is this the legendary Unicorn? I kept hearing people talk about how there was someone from the High School division that brought a Unicorn to class this morning, which turned out to be you.” 

“Ah haha… Because of a mission, I had to bring it along.” Seeing the Lewd Horse squint his eyes and radiating glows as he leaned towards Senior Geng, I coughed, “It’s probably just for a few days. It won’t be too long.”

Senior Geng stroked the Lewd Horse’s soft mane without noticing that the Horse was taking advantage of her. Then, she looked at me seriously, “Then you must be careful because Unicorns are very rare. I’m pretty sure that there will be many people who will try to attack you.”

“There’s no difference. There’s already a lot of people who are against me in the first place.” Ever since a lot of people learnt that I was a Devil Master, the stream of people trying to pick on me has been endless. Anyway, I have already slowly gotten used to it which is scary.

“Oh, no. I wasn’t referring to that.” Senior Geng, who already knew about my identity said, “Because the Unicorn is a very rare magical beast, there are people willing to buy it at high prices. So, the competition in the black market selling Unicorns is very intense. Now that magical beasts are difficult to catch, as the majority of them are under the protection of the Guild and other races, even more people would want to get a share of them. So bringing a magical beast around like this will soon quickly attract those people who’ll try snatching it.”

So the conclusion is to start targeting the weak?

Sorry that I’m weak and even dare to blatantly parade around with a precious magical beast on the streets.

And those that can turn into human forms are even more expensive.” The Lewd Horse added.

Ah, no wonder he told me not to get him into trouble. I see.

But it’s really difficult for me to understand as it’s just a horse with a long horn. In this world, even rabbits and other animals have a long horn. Do they really need to go to such lengths to catch a Unicorn?

Could it be like what the Five-Coloured Rooster said — that if the whole Unicorn is consumed, it can give you immortality?

Then I guess mermaids are also very expensive…

“For example, right now.” Smiling and drinking one of the drinks, Senior Geng flicked her fingers and a gush of wind was formed. Then we saw the surrounding screens fall. Behind them were a few strangers who didn’t manage to avoid it in time but were obviously spying on them. Most of them didn’t look like they were from the High School division, probably from the University division or visitors of the Academy.

Realising that they’ve been exposed, those who were eavesdropping got too embarrassed to leave so they shouted lines that I had also heard from the television.

“Hand over the Unicorn!”

Senior Geng gracefully placed her drinks and stood up, giving a smile to those people, “You’re not the students from our Academy. Also, there are people who have participated in the sports competition among you. How dare you come and seek trouble!”

Uh, basically I heard that my initial role at the competition was an errand-boy…

“Like I care who the heck you guys are! Hand over the Unicorn!” One of them flung out a dagger-like Illusionary Weapon and shouted intensely. As usual, unlike normal human-beings, the other students in the canteen did not panic or scream or escape, but instead formed a crowd. All of them revealed a curious look as they waited for a good show. Even the cafeteria staff and chefs popped their heads up to take a look.

“Who’s finding trouble? I’m more than happy to entertain!”  Of all the times, the Five-Coloured Rooster leaped in from the crowd outside while shining vibrantly. He continued to shine even brighter as he stood on the highest point — the table, “With a casual swift of my dagger, all those who are here to challenge shall leave one of your hands behind!”

Uhm… Where’s our food?

Seeing the Five-Coloured Rooster’s empty pair of hands, I knew we weren’t going to be having this meal.

“That’s it then. Hurry up, we still have a meal to eat.” Senior Geng’s eyes slowly turned green and then she stared at one of them.

I took out Minas, yet that bloody Lewd Horse, who everyone was targeting, was actually… taking advantage of the audiences!

When I turned around, I saw him leaning shyly behind a female student. I nearly had the urge to switch Minas to her second gear and shoot his head first.

“Save your effort, little kids.”

Just when the tense atmosphere was going to spark a war, a voice that didn’t belong to me or Senior Geng or the Five-Coloured Rooster, came from within us. Then, a black swirl was formed in the air and the lady whom the Lewd Horse feared the most, came out from the black swirl, “Seriously, is everyone taking the campus security lightly?”

The Demon who absolutely didn’t look like a campus security but rather one of the trespassers shook her tail as she walked out of the swirl, then brushed away her long hair, “Visitors who try to rob our students in the Academy will be punished in return.”

The moment I saw Nunali’s appearance, I immediately knew that they would have a tragic ending. But obviously those who were trying to rob the horse did not know this, and instead he showed a face full of unwavering determination. Some even said crap like that the fact that an evil monster wanted to spar against the noble race of XXX showed how our Academy was gradually regressing.

Giving a beautiful smile, Nunali looked at the crowd in front of her, gesturing us to move back. She took a few steps forward, “Against you, I don’t even need an illusionary weapon.” She turned her wrist and a black whip appeared on her palm. Then, the Demon swung her whip in the air that made  frightening sounds akin to firecrackers, “Akda, time to eat.”

In that second, the air was instantly twisted as the black mist circled above the Demon.

“Yangyang, step further a little back.” Senior Geng patted my shoulder and also grabbed the Five-Coloured Rooster at the same time.

Just a few seconds after we stepped back, I saw that black claws reaching out from the twisted space, as if it was the appearance of the ultimate boss of a video game. Just without the background music. From above, a three-headed black tiger appeared behind the Demon. Its body was so black that it was refracting. It also had a pair of bat-sized wings. A bloody stench accompanied in the air that filled the entire canteen.

Senior Geng set up a protective barrier, covering even the Lewd Horse as well.

“It’s the Demon’s Summoned Beast!” The robbers very clearly showed a shocking and fearful expression.

“Ah ah, enjoy this slowly. Rest assured that our medical department will resurrect you. But you may have to go back and check, just in case they forget to place your organs back.” Nunali blew a kiss, then the three-headed black tiger let out a frightening roar as it chased the group of people out of the canteen.

“They probably can’t hear us anymore.” Watching the people who turned into little dots and the big dot of the Summoned Beast from afar, Senior Geng concluded.

“Tsk!” The Five-Coloured Rooster who didn’t have a chance to fight let out a bored sigh. Then, from out of the blue, he dumped a tray filled with the food that we had previously ordered onto the table.

Nunali turned to look at us, “How interesting. Earlier, I received a lot of warnings about the rise in numbers of outsiders entering the campus. It looks like the Academy will be pretty interesting these days.”

“Is the number within the capacity of the Academy for surveillance?” Senior Geng, whose eyes have turned back to normal, questioned.

“Probably. It’s those that can turn invisible that are unpredictable so that would be beyond our full control.” The Demon shrugged her shoulders. Then took a look at the Lewd Horse who was frozen still and gave him a flying kiss, “Be more careful~ I still have work to do. There’ll be people coming to clean up the corpse later.”

Finishing her words, the Demon disappeared within the black swirl, just like when she appeared, leaving behind the tiger’s roar and the people’s cries that we could still hear from the outside.

Yeah, indeed you would become a corpse…

But the Summoned Beast was really cool. I recalled that Asrian also has one. I think it was a flying wolf or something. Miao miao’s Summoned Beast seemed to be a Cat King’s Mount.

Now thinking about it, actually many people own one, huh?

t/n: Hello! Sorry that we took a sudden break from the updates. Editor and I went through a hella irl emotional ride. And now that things are all well, we are back again. Thanks for waiting~ Next part should be out soon too.

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