The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 5 Part 5)

Chapter 5: The Soul Enforcement Bell (Part 5)

“There is indeed a class that teaches the spells on Summoned Beasts.” 

After the commotion and the crowd had dispersed, Senior Geng answered my question, “Besides a partner for missions, having a Summoned Beast as a support is more convenient for solo missions.”

“I don’t even need those things.” Biting the chicken skewers, the Five-Coloured Rooster sniffed.

Yes, yes. I know you are a murder weapon…ignore me.

“Then, previously when the Ghost clan invaded…”

Putting down the cup, Senior Geng crossed her fingers and placed them on her knees, “Typically, there are strong and weak Summoned Beasts. During the Battle against the Ghost clan, there were people using them. Usually in such large-scale resistance, not everyone would activate their Summoned Beasts because they’re a double-edged sword. If a person is careless, the Summoned Beast may become a hindrance instead. Especially when going against the Ghost clan, the disparity became distinct. So there was no need to send the Summoned Beasts to death. This isn’t a game and the Summoned Beasts don’t respawn.” 

I have more or less understood Senior Geng’s words and at the same time, recalled back to the chaotic situation back then.

“I have comrades who died because they formed an agreement with other people and turned into Summoned Beasts.” The Lewd Horse’s voice appeared like a ghost, “Because they trusted the other party so they became a Summoned Beast or a Devil Monster and handed their lives to someone else. But usually, it’s due to improper use that shortens our lifespans.”

“I see…” After replying reflexively, I lifted my head suddenly and saw Senior Geng and the Five-Coloured Rooster looking at me oddly. 

I’m sorry, Senior. It seems that I’m the reason you received those weird gazes from people.

In a fluster, I said that it was nothing. After talking to myself, I quickly changed the topic, “So there’ll be a Summoned Beast class. Which year can we take this class?”

“Actually, Yangyang, you can choose to take it now. The Summoned Beast class isn’t dependent on the year but rather decided by the teacher. So before enrolling into the class, students must take an entrance test. Those who aren’t suitable will be eliminated. This class is actually dependent on the person, and some people can still use a Summoned Beast without having to go to class.”

According to Senior Geng, the Summoned Beast class not only teaches students how to form a contract to use the Summoned Beast, but also evaluates each race, the proper usage of Summoned Beasts, some ways to nurture them, and other methods to interact with them, etc. Towards the end, I felt that actually the Summoned Beasts class is somewhat similar to a vet or an animal training class… 

It appears that those with a caring heart would be more suitable.

Once the entire discussion ended and we had left the canteen, it was already late afternoon. 

I wonder if it was because of Nulali’s grand appearance earlier on that ever since we stepped out of the canteen and headed back to the Black Dorm,  no one has come over to disturb us. Not even the typical scene of students or outsiders blocking my way and telling me to ‘get out of here, Devil Master.’

This made me feel a little weird.

“Yang~ I will see the both of you off here~” At the front of the Black Dorm, the Five-Coloured Rooster stopped walking, “Or do you want me to accompany you in too?”

“No need. I doubt anything weird will pop up inside the Black Dorm.” Actually, the whole Black Dorm is filled with strange things, but there won’t be anything new.

After bidding goodbye to the Five-Coloured Rooster, the Lewd Horse and I walked into the Black Dorm.

“Hold up! That Unicorn!” Just before we entered the Black Dorm, a voice that sounded in a rush called from behind us. Then, we saw a person in a Blue Robe appearing next to us, “Tyre has asked you to make a trip.”

The Lewd Horse looked at the person in confusion.

“Didn’t he say that it’d take a few more days?” I found it equally weird. Clearly it was the Chief who said he needed some time.

“Because something happened in the Medical Department so we have to move the insertion time forward.” The Blue Robe, who did not seem to want to reveal too much about the situation, said to me, “So you must go over now.”

I looked at the Lewd Horse and he nodded at me, “It’s alright. Anyways, I really want to look at the beauty… Ahh, beauty…

He probably didn’t have any doubts at all, I thought.

“Then, I’ll take away the Unicorn.”

“Eh? Don’t I need to go?” So he was only here to bring the Unicorn?

“Yes.” After finishing his words politely, the person from the Medical Department led the Lewd Horse and gradually disappeared within the teleportation spell.

Staring at the spot where they had vanished, I felt that something was even more amidst. Logically speaking, the Chief knew that the Lewd Horse was brought back by Asrian and I. We were aware of Senior’s situation. There was no need for him to look for a random person, who we didn’t know, from the Medical Department. For instance, he could at least get Miao Miao or Quilan whom we were at least familiar with…

Immediately noticing something was wrong, I ran into the Black Dorm and dialed on the phone. The call was instantly picked up in less than half a second.

Chu?” The voice came from the other end.

“Senior Gasai? Didn’t I dial Chifuyutoshi’s number?” Did the phone automatically connect to another number again? Really, this phone oftens randomly connects to other numbers according to my mode. Sometimes I ended up calling Ryan when I intended to look for Miao Miao instead. I must find time to check if there are any service centres to fix this phone.

Quickly running up the Black Dorm and into my room, I didn’t see anyone loitering in the corridor throughout the journey. Except the female ghost blinking her eyes as if her eyes were cramped.

No, Chifuyutoshi was just here but he said he wanted to go to the Purple Dorm to retrieve some books for me, so he left for a while and forgot to bring along his phone.” Pausing for a bit, the other end of the phone seemed to hesitate, “But it has been a while, I hope he didn’t get into a bicker with Chin-chan…

“I want to ask,” Interrupting Senior Gasai’s doubts, I immediately asked about the matter that I wanted to know, “Did Chief Tyre inform you of the plan to bring forward the use of Soul Enforcement Bell on Senior?”

Ever since then, I was aware that the Chief has been updating Senior’s progress to Senior Gasai.

Because they are partners.

Senior Gasai became silent. After a long while, the voice spoke, “Tyre didn’t say. Did something happen?

I could almost imagine Senior Gasai must have flipped away his blanket and stood on the ground at this moment. If this was during normal times that was seen by Chifuyutoshi, he would have nagged on and on; saying stuff like this can’t be done, that can’t be done, and that his brother’s rest and recuperation can’t be disturbed.

After briefly explaining about the incident of the person from the Medical Department taking away the Lewd Horse, there was another long silence from the other end of the phone.

After around ten seconds, Senior Gasai then opened his mouth, “I’ve used a detecting spell earlier on and noticed that a few important locations in the Medical Department have been casted by barriers,  isolating them from the outside. Probably the Dark Goblin has–

Before Senior Gasai finished his words, a loud blast was sent through the phone, followed by a few weird languages spoken by a foreign voice.

You guys are from Frost Hill…

That was the only last sentence I heard from the call, then the connection was cut-off.

The Dark Goblins invaded the Medical Department?

Hearing that the phone was disconnected mysteriously, I hung up the call. I suddenly didn’t know what to do.

Didn’t they only want the Lewd Horse? Why did they invade the Medical Department?

Oh right. I remember that the Medical Department was called back to the Phoenix Clan for something. So the number of people at the Medical Department should be very low right now. So why did they pick today?

“Hitomi Wolf?” Looking at the phone, the Ghost Child disappeared ever since the Battle and has almost never appeared. I didn’t know why it was so but the phone could still function as normal.

After a while, there was no response. I really felt that something’s not right.

Two seconds later, my phone rang.

“Yangyang?” The incoming number was revealed to be Ryan’s but the voice that spoke belonged to Chifuyutoshi, “The Medical Department’s under attack. Hurry and inform everyone in the Black Dorm!”

His call was very urgent. I could hear the sound of fighting from the other end. It must be that Chifuyutoshi has realised that the Medical Department had been isolated when he went back, which was why he linked up with Ryan.

Who else would be in the Black Dorm?

When I came back earlier, I didn’t notice anyone. Also, there are more people out on missions lately and I don’t recall seeing Anin.

Because it was very urgent, I didn’t care about anything. Starting from this level, I knocked on every door that I saw but none of them responded, even Nulali, who should be on campus, hasn’t returned.

When I knocked at the Earl’s door, someone finally responded.

“Did something happen?”

After the door opened, Nero’s face appeared behind.

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