Dark Hole – Episode 6-12

After the 5th episode and moving into the 6th episode of Dark Hole, I definitely COMPLETELY lost my positive opinion on the series that I held in the beginning. Dark Hole had a strong start – the build up that kept building until it lost me when the build up just disappeared.

The pacing became more awkward and I lost interest by episode 8, despite pushing myself to finish the series (for whalelyy) (>.<).

It really confused me as it starts presenting itself as a crime drama, then it suddenly becomes a science fiction drama before pulling out the supernatural card on the audience. (HA! tentacle monster.) I really started to doubt the genre — it was REALLY confusing!

Dark Hole has a lot of sub-plots and by the end of the series, they never really go anywhere. Those sub-plots just disappear into nothingness.

Episode 10 seemed really rushed.

Then came episode 11 and 12 which led to more disappointment.

A strong start to a potentially good show turned into disappointment and confusion.

These are my final thoughts. I don’t plan to revisit this nor re-watch it.

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One thought on “Dark Hole – Episode 6-12

  1. Honesty i agree with you. OCN really rushed everything and I really like what Dark hole could have been but never was


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