The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 6 Part 1)

Chapter 6: The Dark Goblins (Part 1)

“The Medical Department Headquarters seems to have been attacked by the Dark Goblins… Chi… The Red Robe informed me to quickly let the Black Robes who are still in the Black dorm know.”

As if I was seeing my life saviour, I quickly told Nero what happened.

“Eh?” Giving a rare stunned reaction, Nero came out and closed the door. His expression became more solemn, “Just before you came back, the master received an emergency call from the Guild. There’s a large number of high-level monsters that have suddenly gone rampant for no reason and attacked the Guild’s Headquarters. Currently, all the Black Robes and Purple Robes in the Academy have gone to provide assistance. Within the Black Dorm, we’re only left with…” 

While speaking, he walked towards the other door that looked very familiar.

“Mr. Ritchie.” Giving the door a few knocks, Nero and I waited for a while before the door was opened from the inside. A baby-face that seemed to have just woken up, yawned as he appeared in front of us.

“What’s the matter? Why are the both of you standing here?” Tilting his head, Ritchie looked at us with confusion. Then, he straightened his messy hair.

“The Medical Department Headquarters is looking for help. If it’s possible, we’d like to have Mr. Ritchie’s assistance.” Nero quickly told Ritchie and the latter nodded his head.

“I’ll head there directly.” After answering, Ritchie turned around back into his room and closed the door.

I think he’s probably going there using a teleportation spell.

But I felt that something was off, “Why was Ritchie in the dorm?” If I heard correctly earlier, didn’t all the Black Robes go to the Guild’s Headquarters first?

“Just like Prince Bin Yan, Mr. Ritchie also has a special profile. Hence, he doesn’t need to adhere to emergency summons and can act on his own accord, depending on the situation.” After simply explaining to me, Nero then said that since there was no one else in the Black Dorm now, we could head over to the Medical Department Headquarters directly.

After casting the teleportation spell, we were sent to the front of the Medical Department Headquarters in a few seconds.

This was different from the usual times I came. The entire Medical Department was shrouded with an odd and deceiving aura. The unknown atmosphere surrounding the Headquarters building was like a layer of black ink painted over the building, creating a stark contrast from the building’s normal appearance.

There was no one around, not even a single sound.

Subconsciously, I called out for Minas and held her tightly in my hands. Nero squinted his eyes as his entire body was on alert.

We quickly understood that this place was abnormal because logically, both Chifuyutoshi and Ryan should be here too. But after standing here for some time, we still hadn’t seen anyone around, including Ritchie who should have also arrived.

“This is a unique spell from the Dark Goblins.” Shutting his eyes, Nero stood still for a few seconds before opening his eyes again, “ I can sense the presence of a few people around but obviously, they’ve been isolated by the spells of the Dark Goblins. It seems like the Dark Goblins’ true intention is to attack the Medical Department.”

“Then should we call for more help?” I instantly felt that they were likely also the culprit for the mess at the Guild’s Headquarters.

“I sent out a message earlier. The Guild should be sending some support over soon. But this is very weird… The Dark Goblin’s aim should be to search for the ancient power. So I can understand if they took the Unicorn, but why attack the Medical Department?” Nero said with a puzzled look.

Ancient… Ancient… What is there in the Medical Department that is ancient?

“Uh, that, is a person from a thousand years ago considered ancient?” I could only think of one very grim thing possible.

Nero looked at me so I guess we’re probably thinking of the same thing.

But the Dark Goblins have no reasons to go after Senior, right? It’s not like they would gain immortality from eating Senior…

…It can’t be, right!

“No matter what, we should head in and check out the situation.” As Nero said, he prompted me to take a step back. Then, reciting a thread of spells in a unique language, the dark mist on the small door next to the main entrance slowly disappeared. He quickly pulled me as we dashed inside.

Just when we broke through the black mist and entered, a black shadow smashed down directly in front of us. Without giving a second thought, Nero grabbed and threw that object away. But the damage dealt by the opponent was not small as I saw dark red blood dripping from the werewolf’s palm.

Not expecting to attack someone familiar, the person with a whip was also startled.


“Senior Gasai?”

Retracting his illusionary weapon immediately, Senior Gasai approached us, “Sorry I thought it was the Dark Goblins.”

“It’s fine.” Nero looked at the wound that was gradually healing, and said, “Small wounds like this can heal fast.”

Looking around a little, Senior Gasai indicated to us that it would be better if we were to hide behind a deserted column. At the same time, I have also noticed that there were some injuries on Senior Gasai. Though most of them weren’t serious, it also meant that he had engaged in a fight with someone who suddenly appeared in the middle of our call before. Looks like the Dark Goblins shouldn’t be easily provoked.

After hearing about the incident at the Guild Headquarters, Senior Gasai also pondered for a moment, “What you said is probably correct. I think the monsters at the Branches are definitely linked with the Dark Goblins. But their motives aren’t clear. I’m slightly worried that he… Earlier, I had only temporarily forced the Dark Goblins to retreat and then hid myself to find an opportunity to reach the restricted zone before unexpectedly meeting the both of you.  The Medical Department had an important annual meeting today so they’ve all gone over to the Phoenix Clan for it, leaving only a few personnel behind. Those left behind have been gathered in the main treatment room by the Dark Goblins while the members of the main healing team weren’t able to rush back in time. I wonder how the Dark Goblins knew about this.”

We all fell into silence. No one knew what the Dark Goblins were thinking.

“Anyways, I want to head to the restricted zone to take a look.” Senior Gasai, who was constantly worried about Senior, insisted.

Just when I was about to tell him that we wanted to go there too, a shriek that could tear my brain into pieces assaulted my head.


At that moment, I really saw stars right in front of my eyes.

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