The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 6 Part 2)

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Chapter 6: The Dark Goblins (Part 2)


Before my head landed on the ground, Senior Gasai, who was a step faster, held onto me.

Waiting for that damn scream to finish lingering in my head, I then came back to my senses, “I’m, I’m fine.” Is the Lewd Horse also dragged into the Medical Department?

Although I’m not certain how distances work based on the Lewd Horse’s mind invasion, according to my experience of being eavesdropped by Senior, the Lewd Horse shouldn’t be too far away and was likely just near the Medical Department.

Why did the Dark Goblins also bring the Lewd Horse over here?

It couldn’t be that once eaten with the Elf, they would gain a kind of overwhelming power?

That’s ridiculous!

But what was that miserable scream from earlier? They wouldn’t have laid their hands on the Lewd Horse, right… Even though the Lewd Horse deserves a beating, it shouldn’t be to the extent of being so cruel to him yet, right? His screams weren’t even this miserable when he was beaten up by the mermaids back then.

Even though I wasn’t very close with him, I was also starting to worry for the Lewd Horse’s safety.

“We’ve been noticed. There’s a lot of hostile presence nearing.” A few seconds after I was lost in my train of thoughts, Nero had voiced out to remind us, “The both of you leave first, please.”

“Here…” Senior Gasai frowned.

“It’s not a problem. I can also sense the presence of some Black Robes approaching.” Nero gave us a smile, indicating that it was not a big deal, “Please hurry and go to Prince Bin Yan’s side.”

Without any hesitation, Senior Gasai nodded his head and patted my shoulder, “Chu, break the ground.”

“Eh!” Suddenly, the ball was tossed to me as I stared at them stunned.

“Now, the passageway is filled with the Dark Goblins’ auras. Mr. Gasai is injured and has indicated that the enemies deployed their official forces, and we are lacking both numbers and Black Robes. Considering Mr. Gasai’s physical condition, we shouldn’t be forcing our way by going directly through them. The fastest way is to destroy the building itself to open a new path.” Nero explained to me in detail.

I looked at Minas, which was in my hand, and the two people in front of me nodded their heads.

Are they telling me to blast a hole through the ground?

The Medical Department will definitely ask me for compensation!

“Don’t worry. Buildings destroyed in emergency situations won’t need compensation.” Senior Gasai said as he instantly read my mind, and smiled helplessly.

“Oh. Alright.”

Since he has said so, I directly fired a shot at the ground without any hesitation.

The ground shook abruptly and a loud sound accompanied. No idea what bullet I was given, the recoil from Minas was a little strong and it foiled my hand from the gun. Though, it wasn’t as scary as when it was in second gear.

After the smoke had dissipated, a hole was had really appeared below. The hold didn’t look like it was blasted open, but rather it was cut by a laser gun — a hole with such even cuts seemed slightly terrifying.

Minas, what on earth was that bullet? Have you already developed a water laser gun?

“This is a high-density compression bullet. It’s only a prototype.” An elegant voice came over and then went back to ignoring me.

“Let’s go down.” Seeing complete darkness deep down, who knows what will happen after going down. Senior Gasai took the lead as he crouched his body and slid down.

Seriously, I don’t know where this leads!

Looking at the black hole, I was somewhat really afraid.

“Please don’t worry about the things here.” Not knowing that I was actually worried about the things below, Nero suddenly gave me a push on my back. Before I could even scream, my whole body had fallen into the hole.

The last thing I saw was Ritchie — that Black Robe — appearing above the hole. Followed by the sounds of clashing, then I slipped down.

“Ouch… That hurts…”

Senior Gasai, who got here before me, grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I then realised that the reason why I felt the hole was dark was because there were no lights on this level. So it was pitch black.

“It looks like the electricity has been cut for the lower levels. We need to be careful. Dark Goblins is a dark race. They don’t need light to attack their prey.” Whispering to me this, Senior Gasai opened his palm as a tiny glowing ball appeared on his hand, slightly illuminating our surroundings.

I saw a pile of debris and the space around wasn’t much. It seems like we fell into a storage room. Looking up, the hole has already disappeared, even the tiniest sound couldn’t be heard.

… Wait. Does the ground know how to repair itself!

Ah, fuck! No one told me this! If I came down a bit later, wouldn’t I get sandwiched in between?

I’m never doing that again! Over my dead body!


“Senior Gasai, are you feeling unwell?” Turning my head to look at the person next to me who was slightly frowning, I asked nervously. If Chifuyutoshi was here, he would have probably pounced on me and strangled my neck.

“It’s nothing. It’s probably because the clash against the Dark Goblins earlier was a little too intense.” With a faint smile, Senior Gasai closed his eyes, and then after a few seconds, he turned to look at me, “Chu, I think without a doubt, their eyes are set on him. If there is really danger once we enter later, you must run away first. Don’t bother about anything else because right now, I can’t guarantee your safety.”

Looking at Senior Gasai, I knew he was saying this for my good.

But, unlike last time, I won’t run away.

“With my Devil Master’s bloodline, I pray that things aren’t that bad.” I said to Senior Gasai seriously. I really hope that the situation won’t turn out too bad. After all, everyone survived the Battle against the Ghost King.

After that, Senior Gasai smiled, “You guys have all really grown up. Whether it’s you or Chifuyutoshi — hm, I think what you said is right. Perhaps things aren’t that bad. Let’s head over now.”


After the short break, Senior Gasai walked to the door and opened it. The corridor outside was just as dark as inside — pitch black.

I asked Senior Gasai if we should extinguish our light but he said that whether there was light or not, the Dark Goblins would still be able to see us clearly so it didn’t matter. He put some spells to cover our tracks and continued walking forward.

The environment was too quiet. Senior Gasai’s footsteps made no sounds, unlike me who made extremely loud steps. 

Senior Gasai, who was obviously more familiar with the layout of  the Medical Department Headquarters, didn’t hesitate at all as we quickly walked into a deeper part of the building.

But I found it a little weird. Logically speaking, there should’ve been people coming to attack us by now. Weren’t the Dark Goblins dominating this palace? Not a single attack yet made me feel on edge.

“Chu, get down!”

Before I could finish my thoughts, Senior Gasai, who was walking in front, flung out his long whip and a few crisp sounds came over. With a few “clang” sounds, some dark weapons made from iron were dropped.

Sorry, I had a brain fart.

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