The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 6 Part 3)

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Chapter 6: The Dark Goblins (Part 3)

The entire corridor was black. Not a single person could be seen.

“We’ve been surrounded.” Protecting me in front, Senior Gasai raised his voice and said, “Do the Dark Goblins intend to become the Guild’s enemy? How dare you attack the Medical Department Headquarters!”

After a while, the surroundings were still in complete silence. Not a single sound was made.

I somewhat have a recollection of this part of the path. After making a turn and walking down the corridor, we would see the restricted room where Senior was in. If he was not relocated, we would be reaching there very soon.

“If you aren’t saying anything or defending yourselves, then as a Purple Robe, I shall conclude that the Dark Goblins are attacking with ill-intentions and that the Dark Goblins are turning against the races in the world. Does it not matter?”

A few seconds after Senior Gasai had finished his words, I saw a charcoal-black person appearing from the dark. Just like the person who slapped me earlier outside the canteen, he was black from head to toe. Honestly, they didn’t even need extra camouflage since we probably would not have noticed if they were to simply face the walls.

“It doesn’t matter. The Dark Goblins of the Frost Hill have their task to fulfil.” A low voice came out of that charcoal-black person, if I didn’t pay close attention, I wouldn’t have understood him, “But it’s unrelated to the other Dark Goblins.”

“Do you really think that people can tell other Dark Goblins apart from those from the Frost Hill?” Senior Gasai directly shot his words through the other party’s heart, how brutal.

But he wasn’t wrong. The two Dark Goblins I’ve met both looked the same. I really can’t differentiate which clan each of them belonged to so I would resort to fighting them first.

“The Guild can at least…tell us apart.” The charcoal-black person told us this after a moment of silence.

Just when the tensions on both sides were about to collapse, I saw a kind of tiny blue light suddenly vanishing at the corner.

“Follow that thing.” Minas’ voice suddenly appeared in my head. At that time, I didn’t question what that was but only thought that Minas must have her reasons for saying that.

“Senior Gasai, let’s go!”


Startled for a bit, probably Senior Gasai also didn’t want to continue this meaningless conversation with the Dark Goblin, so he nodded his head, “Squat down!”

Almost reflexively, I hugged my head and squatted. Then I heard a voice reciting some simple and short chant, followed by a loud sound of an explosion. The entire corridor shook aggressively.

In less than a second, Senior Gasai grabbed my hand and ran. The dust from the explosion got inhaled into my nose, the only thing I saw was probably the blue light from earlier and a spider disappearing at the corner.

“They got away!”

The Dark Goblin probably thought we were breaking into an exciting fight for survival and didn’t expect us to run away. He immediately shouted and started chasing us.

A black ray sliced from behind. I saw a few charcoal-black Goblins jump backward, narrowly avoiding the slash.

The laughter of the annoying Laughing Skeleton Scythe that I saw during the Battle against the Ghost King disappeared within the dust of the explosion, then the Black Cactus stood behind us, “Oh hah, little did I expect this place to be so interesting. The charcoal Goblins have come to attack our old nest*?”

[t/n: Over here, nest is used as a metaphor to describe the Medical Department Headquarters as a significant home and base. ‘Old’ is used to describe the significance of the place in addition to its prestige.]

“The Assassin clan!” Those chasing us stopped.

“You have already visited the two nests back at my home, so it’s time to leave some souvenirs behind.” Giving a yawn, the Black Cactus glanced at us, “Go. The staff from the Medical Department are on their way back very angrily.”

Senior Gasai nodded his head, grabbed me and dashed forward, and then kicked open the door that was at the end of the corridor.

Almost at the same time, accompanied by the large sound from kicking the door was a crisp sound of something colliding. A few charcoal-black Dark Goblins surrounded the large water crystal ball in the large room. Some of them were even holding onto large weapons attempting to shatter the crystal ball, whereas the two people in blue robes stood at the same, who are probably the Medical staff who temporarily stood in.

Some spider-web crack lines appeared on the surface of the large crystal ball, even on the purple liquid inside have begun to seep out.

“What are you doing!” Seeing the crystal ball getting destroyed, Senior Gasai was immediately angered.

I saw within the crystal ball… there was a person sound asleep.

I once thought that I would only meet this person again after he wakes up, just like the last time I came. The flame-red coloured hair scattered in the water, as if there was no gravity, he was in deep sleep in the purple liquid. His simple white attire also floated within but only waved along with the liquid after the ball was hit.

“Senior!” I had no idea what those charcoal-black Dark Goblins were still going to do but I was also infuriated upon witnessing this scene.

The one standing in the middle and smashing the ball with a weapon was obviously the leader of this group. He looked to his left and right and immediately two to three people started pouncing on us.

Senior Gasai, who had a quicker reaction than me, instantly flung out his whip. The sound of crackling intervened between them.

“Minas, can you switch?” Seeing these Dark Goblins, I already knew that they aren’t one whom I can handle. I wonder if I could use the second gear to settle them here all at once.

Taking into account Prince Bin Yan’s safety,  I do not recommend using the second gear.” Minas’ voice appeared in my head.


Firing a shot in the air without any hesitation, what I saw was a bunch of bubbles appearing.

A few Dark Goblins flustered a moment upon seeing the bubbles. Then, without holding back, they laughed… Of course, the moment they burst the first bubble and realised that there was aqua regia in it, they couldn’t laugh anymore.

The air was filled with Minas’ unique aqua regia bubbles. The Dark Goblins who were supposed to attack us also stepped back. Their actions were all restrained by the aqua regia bubbles.

“Leave the Medical Department.” Senior Gasai looked at those people surrounding the sides of the ball and said in a fierce tone, “Immediately!”

I rarely see Senior Gasai this angry.

“You really think that toys like this can bring damage to the Dark Goblins?” Smirking, one of the charcoal-black Dark Goblin suddenly flung his hand and a few shining things flew out. The bubbles that were slowly floating in the air burst out ringing, causing the aqua regia to spill all over the ground, quickly melting a  large hole in the room.

As if not being bothered by our attacks, the Dark Goblin held onto his weapon and then gave the ball another firm strike, further widening the crack on it. We then saw the purple liquid spraying out from a fine crack, like a straw.

Because of the damage, the words on the ball struggled and its weak glow blinked rapidly, and gradually became faint.

“Damn it!”

Just when Senior Gasai was going to charge forward and attack the Dark Goblin who was about to destroy the ball, I saw a charcoal-black figure appearing from behind him.

I didn’t have time to shoot nor did Senior Gasai have the chance to retreat.

Right at the moment, the dagger that I once saw was placed on the intruder’s neck. Then, it was sliced across and black coloured blood splattered out from the Dark Goblin’s neck before he collapsed on the ground.

Appearing behind the Dark Goblin was yet another similar charcoal-black Dark Goblin.

Brothers from the Frost Hill, why have you ruined the reputation of the Dark Goblins with these actions?” The cold tone was accompanied with the spilling of the black blood.

I saw that jerk who once gave me a slap standing right behind Senior Gasai.

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