The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea — Chapter 4 (Part 3)

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Chapter 4: Ants Crawling into the Heart (Part 3)

Luckily the hospital wasn’t too far away. Seeing my terrified look, the driver drove at lightning speed and we arrived very quickly.

Jiang Yisheng had received the call. Pushing the rolling bed, he waited outside the hospital entrance.

Wu Julan opened the door. As I was trying to figure my way out of the taxi, he carried me out.

Seeing my terrified look, Jiang Yisheng was in shock. After Wu Julan placed me on the bed, he immediately pushed me to the A&E.

Jiang Yisheng asked where I was hurting as he walked. The moment he heard that my eyes were in pain and couldn’t see clearly, he quickly leaned down and checked, making sure that pain wasn’t due to my eyes getting hurt but rather the dirt getting mixed with the blood in my eyes. He assured me, “The nurse will rinse your eyes with a solution later. It’ll be fine soon.” 

Entering the A&E, seeing that Doctor Jiang brought someone in, the nurse didn’t chase them out but enquired, “Doctor Jiang, are both you and this gentleman staying behind?”

Jiang Yisheng laughed awkwardly and said to me, “We know each other very well, so well that I can’t bring myself to see you remove your clothes. I fear that I might become traumatised. So it’s better I wait outside!”

Both the doctor and the nurse burst into laughter. I couldn’t help but to grin and curse, “Get out!”

Dragging Wu Julan along, Jiang Yisheng got out of the A&E. He didn’t close the door but only pulled the curtains. So even though he couldn’t see inside, he could still hear the conversations going on.

While the doctor was checking my body, the nurse helped to wash my eyes. Because of my relationship with Jiang Yisheng, both the doctor and the nurse were very dedicated.

When my eyes could finally see, the doctor’s check up was also completed. He said, “The injury on your hand is a little more serious. The rest are just scratches. The injury on your hand would need at least twelve to thirteen stitches. It won’t affect the mobility of your hand after you recover, at most it will leave a scar.”

The deduction was similar to Wu Julan and Jiang Yisheng’s. I said, “Thank you, doctor.”

The doctor removed the cloth stripe on my arm that was tied by Wu Julan, he asked, “Who did your first aid? It’s pretty well done!”

“… My cousin.”

Making sure of my answer, Jiang Yisheng’s voice came in from outside, “Cousin Wu seems to be well knowledgeable in first aid. Have you learnt it before?

Wu Julan said, “A little.”

Jiang Yisheng said, “I must give you a thumbs up! Normally people would completely forget everything when they encounter the real deal, even after attending a few lessons. I see that though your actions were swift, you weren’t nervous. Clearly you have determined that Xiao Luo’s alright.”

Wu Julan remained silent, he neither admitted nor denied.

Jiang Yisheng was just making small talk and didn’t probe more. On the contrary, I was surprised that Wu Julan not only knew first aid but also had some medical knowledge. Just like what Jiang Yisheng said, though Wu Julan’s actions were quick. He didn’t panic at all. Clearly he had determined that I was alright. This was something only a professional could do.

After the doctor attended to the wound, I wore a set of the nurse’s uniform, a pair of the nurse’s shoes and limped out of the A&E.

Jiang Yisheng burst into laughter, “Wah! What a seductive uniform!”

My face turned bright red instantly. Being 173cm tall, the borrowed uniform was a little short, revealing both my long legs. I initially wanted to change out of it but the doctor said, “Perfect, it’s not hindering the wounds on your leg.”

I quickly glanced at Wu Julan and said to Jiang Yisheng, “My dress can’t be worn anymore. The nurse borrowed some clothes from someone else, out of your courtesy. Seductive? What is there to seduce in this state of a mess!”

Seeing that I was getting annoyed, Jiang Yisheng didn’t dare to tease me any further. He patted the wheelchair prepared, “Let’s go! I’ll send you back.”

“You’re not going to work anymore?”

Copying my tone, Jiang Yisheng said, “Why should I be working when you’re already in this nasty state.”

Not knowing whether to cry or laugh, I glared at Jiang Yisheng and sat on the wheelchair.

Driving the car, Jiang Yisheng sent Wu Julan and I to the market that is outside Mazu Street. The road ahead can’t be accessed by a car and would require us to walk. Though the injuries on my leg still enabled me to walk a few steps, walking all the way home would be impossible.

Jiang Yisheng got out of the car and opened the door but he didn’t speak for a long while as he worried over how to send me home, probably by piggy-backing me.

I also noticed this problem in front of my eyes. Looking at the meandering Mazu Street, I frowned my brows as I pondered. 

Without making a sound, Wu Julan walked to the door and bent down. With one hand wrapped around my back and the other below my bent knees, he easily carried me out of the car and said in a tone as if this was not a big deal, “Let’s go!” 

Jiang Yisheng glared.

My face flushed, pressing my voice, I said, “Put me down!”

Wu Julan asked, “What’s wrong? Am I hurting you anywhere?”


“Then let’s go!”

I whispered, “This… isn’t appropriate. There are many people watching.”

As Wu Julan took big strides, he said calmly, “Earlier when I carried you like this, there were also many people watching.”

To people like him who don’t know what it means to “the handling of urgent matters takes precedence over how it is done”, this made me feel completely helpless and could only shut my mouth.

When he first carried me, I couldn’t see and my entire body was in pain, so I didn’t think further. Now that my senses are clear, I realised that this is the first time in my entire life to have such close body contact with a man. My heart was beating loudly, so loud that I suspected that Wu Julan could hear it clearly. 

Before we even got home, I already saw two policemen standing outside the door, alongside with a few gossipy neighbours.

I immediately struggled and said, “Put me down.”

Wu Julan ignored me. It was only until he carried me to the courtyard that he put me down.

Under the gazes of the policemen and the neighbours, I was too embarrassed to even raise my head. Thank goodness for Jiang Yisheng who quickly introduced Wu Julan as my cousin to everyone and emphasised the wounds on my leg.

The wounds on my leg looked very frightening. The neighbours nodded their heads in agreement. Then, I finally managed to calm down.

I invited the policemen into the living room while the neighbours who were gathering and stood watching from the courtyard continued their chattering.

I said politely to the policemen. “Please let me change my clothes. I’ll come down soon.”

An auntie from the neighbourhood, who watched me grow up, supported me as I slowly went up the stairs. She helped me remove the nurse’s uniform and changed into a loose dress. I finally felt at ease. 

I sat across from the policemen and recounted the entire robbery incident in detail. It was a pity that I didn’t see the appearance of the robber and that the motorbike didn’t have a license plate so it was of little help to the investigation. The only impression I had was that the person who snatched my bag seemed to have a black mole on his wrist.

The policemen expressed that they would put in their best in the investigation. But given the fact that the words have spread across, suspects for cases like this, usually flee quickly. Right now, the suspects might have already left Haidao so pursuing the belongings will be difficult.

I already expected this outcome so I didn’t have much of a reaction.

The policemen asked what they could ask and left. After sending them out, Jiang Yisheng also appeased the neighbours and sent them back.

Jiang Yisheng walked into the living room, sitting opposite me, he asked, “How much money are you left with?”

“Around 40,000.”

Jiang Yisheng said angrily, “Those bastard thieves. If I catch them, I’ll make sure to break their arms.”

Jiang Yisheng studied in a medical school in Beijing. He knew clearly that living in Beijing is not easy for someone like me who comes from the rurals — clothing and housing both needed money. For a young lady like me who had just only started working, my pay was no more than seven to eight thousand yuan. Saving up to a few tens of thousands definitely required me to be frugal and not spend on what I want. And now sixty thousands have vanished all at once. 

I chuckled and consoled him instead, “Just see it as an exchange for safety to avoid disaster. It is what it is!” I once put in my entire life to grab it back when I was being robbed. But when I was watching the doctor stitching me up, I recalled hearing about incidents where people lost their lives as a result. In the future if I were to encounter such a robbery again, I must immediately give up my money for my life.

Seeing that I wasn’t forcing a smile but have really put the matter down, Jiang Yisheng said, vexed, “You’re really quite generous!”

I chuckled and said, “The greatest virtue for people like us is that we have a big heart!” It was already unfortunate to have encountered an unfortunate event. If we don’t put it that way, we’re merely just tormenting ourselves. Be it me or Jiang Yisheng, we’re not such people.

Jiang Yisheng startled, then smiled in relief, “How much does your renovation cost? I’ll loan you, but I can only provide fifty thousand.”

I thought about it and said, “I don’t even know when I can pay them back. Just give me twenty thousand. Any more will add to my stress.”

“Alright.” Jiang Yisheng knew his own circumstances and also knew my personality so he didn’t press me any further. He suddenly realised something and probed, “Big Head’s a rich man now.”

I smiled and didn’t answer him. Jiang Yisheng understood. He said to Wu Julan who was sitting across from him and hadn’t spoken a word, “Cousin Wu, I’ll have to trouble you to take care of Xiao Luo. If there’s anything, you can always call my number.” He took out his phone, “Let’s exchange our numbers. It’s easier to contact.”

Wu Juland said, “I don’t have one.”

Jiang Yisheng froze.

I quickly said, “Cousin lost his phone on the way. We wanted to get a new one but haven’t had the chance to. Now that my phone is also gone, help me buy a new one. My identification card was in my wallet, which is also gone. Help me think of a solution to get my phone number back first.”

“Sure! Cousin Wu, give me your identification card. I’ll also get your phone settled.”

Wu Julan looked at me quietly. My heart jumped a moment, suddenly realising how I was being such an inexperienced boss. I actually have never asked for his identification card. In a moment, I was in a panic and without thinking much, I appeased Jiang Yisheng first, “It’s alright. Just settle mine.”

“Okay! Then rest up well. I’ll come over again later.” Jiang Yisheng left hurriedly to settle his work.

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