The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 6 Part 4)

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Chapter 6: The Dark Goblins (Part 4)

“Brother Dark Goblin from the Silent Forest, Havryn.”

The Dark Goblin who destroyed the ball clearly knew the jerk who slapped me and used an equally cold tone to speak, “Don’t intervene in this matter. This matter belongs to the Frost Hill. We do not wish to drag the Dark Goblin brothers from other clans.”

“You have already ruined the Dark Goblins’ reputation. The Silent Forest wants to know the reasons of the Frost Hill. Dark Goblins must take responsibility for their own actions and not drag the brothers from other clans in.” Glancing at me, the jerk who slapped me took a step forward and kindly  blocked Senior Gasai by standing in front, “Also, I don’t wish that the people in the Academy have any clashes against fellow Dark Goblin brothers.”

So he did listen to the words from Senior Asrian and the rest…

Actually, at a closer look, even though both of them were charcoal-black Dark Goblins, they were still some difference in size. The jerk who slapped me seemed to be a little smaller whereas those who claimed to be from the Frost Hill was a size larger than him. It looked like the only similarity they shared was being charcoal-black.

“Havryn, there are some things that we don’t wish to bring upon to too many brothers. The Silent Forest has never intervened in external matters so please continue to remain in silence until the day the matter is accomplished. The Frost Hill is willing to be judged by the Dark Goblins afterwards.” Somehow not wanting to injure the jerk who slapped my face, the tone of the Dark Goblin who destroyed the ball softened.

“Sure, but let go of the Binya Fairy and leave. Then the Silent Forest won’t ask anything more about it.” Giving the ball a look, the jerk who slapped me told them this.

“Deepest apologies. The Binya Fairy is one of the key people in unlocking the ancient words. In addition, he has a unique identity so we must have his presence in order for us to accomplish the matter. As such, we have to bring him along. But we promise to not endanger his life.”

“Your current actions are threatening his life!” In a furious tone, Senior Gasai shouted.

The charcoal-black Dark Goblin looked at Senior Gasai, “Since we need to bring him along, we naturally have a way to temporarily stabilise his condition.” He raised his head backwards and two to three people who were suppressing the Lewd Horse came out from behind the ball, “Our men have looked through the Medical Department’s records. Since they plan to use the Soul Enforcement Bell to stabilise his soul, we can also do the same.”

As if he was validating his words, two other people in an outfit that looked like a magician appeared next to the Lewd Horse. They were in an equally black long robe and appeared  very creepy, like those who would hold a skeleton and chant some spells in the middle of the night.

They’re talking bullshit! The Soul Enforcement Bell must not be used now!

The Lewd Horse’s voice screamed crazily in my head immediately after he saw me.

I noticed some blood stains on the Lewd Horse’s face. Perhaps he was beaten up or something, he looked a little pathetic.

“Now is not the time to use the Soul Enforcement Bell. The Medical Department has its own process. You’re merely using it forcefully for your own benefit. I won’t let you bring him away!” Holding on the whip tightly, Senior Gasai walked out from behind the jerk who slapped me, his breathing began to be irregular.

Looking at him, I knew it was caused by the injuries that have yet to heal. Senior Gasai’s condition wasn’t at all suited for such a reckless fight.

Glancing at us, the jerk who slapped me looked back at that Dark Goblin, “Ryan from the Frost Hill, put down the man and leave.”

“Since our fellow Dark Goblin brother is unable to understand us, we have no choice but to be nasty.”

I think the legendary scene of the escalation of internal household conflict is probably what I am currently witnessing. And it’s also a bunch of dark things fighting amongst themselves. But at the start, he also went against us because we spoke ill behind his back.

Turning his dagger, the jerk who slapped me smirked, somewhat also not wanting to continue to speak to him.

Hey, don’t let them touch the Soul Enforcement Bell.” The Lewd Horse’s voice came again, “They have wizards amongst them and want to forcefully activate the power of the Soul Enforcement Bell. If it’s inappropriately used, either the beauty in the water or I will die.

“Why is there blood on your face?” Looking at the Lewd Horse, I instinctively asked this first. Then I suddenly noticed that something was wrong, because everyone turned to look at me.

The Lewd Horse who has yet to realise this continued to speak in my head, “Oh oh. Earlier when I saw this extraordinary beauty, I accidentally spat blood from my nose.

That moment, I really wanted to fire and shoot him to death.

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