The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 6 Part 5)

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Chapter 6: The Dark Goblins (Part 5)

“What did you just say?”

The charcoal-black Dark Goblin looked over to me, his face filled with doubts.

It was just like what the Five-Coloured Rooster and the rest said, he asked such a retarded question.

Glaring angrily at the Lewd Horse whose nose was still bleeding, I was certain his shrieks earlier were likely because he saw Senior and not the interrogation that I imagined. I shouldn’t have bothered by worrying about him. Next time, even if he was brought down to the tens of levels of hell for an interrogation, I won’t bother worrying anymore.

What a waste of my kindness!

Taking it to feed the dogs would be even more worthwhile*!

[t/n: Here, the author is trying to make a comparison to state that caring for the dogs (commonly understood as a lowly existence) is better than caring for the Lewd Horse.]

“That’s not your damn business.” I coldly replied to the charcoal-black Dark Goblin. I’m not that dumb to reveal my conversation with the Lewd Horse, else they would have all shifted their attention to me.

“That’s right. It’s none of their business.” The black sickle suddenly reached out but I could see the  sharp blade disappearing. The front of the black sickle directly hooked onto the back of Senior Gasai and returned, “Now, it’s the time for the adults to step out. Little kids —  the injured Purple Robe and robeless brats — let’s switch.”

We didn’t anticipate the actions of the person who came and stood behind us. Senior Gasai stumbled a few steps and I immediately came up to hold him.

Shaking the black sickle and putting it on his shoulder, likely because he has already settled all the people outside, the Black Cactus appeared casually and stood together next to the jerk who slapped me, “Your eyes and stomach are pretty good. Are you interested in forging a contract with me after your death?”

…Do you already have x-ray vision that allows you to see people’s stomachs directly?

I suddenly realised that the Black Cactus took a step to another level.

“Not interested.” Very bluntly rejecting the opposite party’s weird contract. The jerk who slapped me kept his dagger and opened his palms then a black stream of light appeared on his hand. The shape of the light that gathered was like a flying blade or a small dagger or some sort, somewhat floating in the air.

Watching the two’s movements, the black charcoal Dark Goblin flicked his finger, “Charge.”

A large group of Dark Goblins immediately gushed in.

When we first came in, I didn’t notice that there were so many Dark Goblins camouflaging in the shadows and thought that those standing in front of us were all… I got it! Could it be that Ryan also has the bloodline of the Dark Goblin?

No wonder he often disappears into thin air.

But this still doesn’t make sense since I heard that the Dark Goblins only blend in darkness whereas Ryan also blends into the daylight. So it seems that they’re still different.

When the large group of Dark Goblins pounced, the Black Cactus swiftly swung his odd-looking sickle, forcing a few Dark Goblins to retreat and hide back in the shadows.

Wielding the Dark dagger, the jerk who slapped me completely disregarded his race members and also swung his blade. The blade lights that shot out, accurately pierced through the necks of the Dark Goblins, without a single mistake.

This gave me chills. He really didn’t put in his best effort when he was fighting against the Five-Coloured Rooster. Otherwise, I really don’t know how we would have died.

Standing straight, Senior Gasai immediately came up to help.

Perhaps because there was the addition of the Black Robe, the charcoal-black jerk that was smashing the crystal didn’t look as calm as earlier. He sped up his actions while the two mages continued to chant some spells that we didn’t know of. An enchanted force-like drawing appeared on the ground, giving off a bad premonition.

Get me out first!

The Lewd Horse’s voice came over. Without hesitating, I shot at the two mages, then shot at the ropes that were tied around the Lewd Horse.

Like a water blade, the bullet cut the ropes. At the same time, the mages were startled. Taking the chance while they were still shocked, the Lewd Horse leaped up and then jumped next to the crystal and let out a high shriek as he was about to kick the Dark Goblin who was smashing the crystal ball.

The similar-looking charcoal-black jerks at the side quickly came up to block the Lewd Horse. The entire situation quickly turned into chaos.

If it was a game, the Boss would typically appear at this moment.

Just like now.

But that Boss was from our side.

Slumbering for almost a year, just when the destroyer was still in shock, the cracks on the crystal ball let out an abrupt sound. A hand, carrying some water, reached out from inside and grabbed onto the Dark Goblin’s neck. The fingers tightened, just like during missions in the past, the owner of the hand didn’t give the target a chance to escape.

If I were to describe this…

I think this scene resembled more like an evil ghost crawling out.

t/n: HAHAHA istg the last sentence Yangyang used to describe the scenario was really hilarious. It also felt funnier because it was the started of the Hungry Ghost Festival when I was translating it. Also, sorry for the false alarm. Turns out that we still have around 2 more parts till the halfway mark for this volume ;-;

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