The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 6 Part 6)

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Chapter 6: The Dark Goblins (Part 6)

The Lewd Horse stopped.

The people in the room stopped as well. No one thought that this would have happened.

The words and symbols on the crystal ball had completely disappeared. The purple liquid slowly seeped out from the cracks. The person inside opened his eyes. His blood-red eyes stared directly at the Dark Goblins outside, but it was no longer a gaze that we were once familiar with. 

It was empty, blank, and void of any anger, as if it was simply just his instinct. 

Through the crystal, he looked at the Dark Goblin who had a painful and twisted expression due to being suffocated. His nails were digging into the other person’s skin yet he had no intentions in letting go, as if he planned to crush the person’s neck like this.

The two Dark Goblins at the side were only startled for a few seconds before realising that the situation was wrong. One of them lifted the dagger and wanted to chop that hand but the movement of the person in the crystal ball was much swifter. He immediately let go of the Dark Goblin and retracted his hand.

While holding his neck and coughing violently, the Dark Goblin who was called Ryan by Havryn, looked at the crystal ball miserably. At the same time, his companions also pulled him away.

Logically speaking, the person who was supposed to be in deep sleep, woke up for whatever reason, but I think his consciousness is still asleep. He stood up in the purple liquid. His fingers gently touched the interior of the crystal ball, not quite understanding why he was inside.

In the next second,  fine cracks exploded all over the crystal and in a blink of an eye, the entire crystal ball let out a loud sound of glass shattering. The violent force caused the explosion to scatter the pieces and liquid everywhere.

I subconsciously crouched and hugged my head. A few pieces of the crystal cut my hand and my body, creating some tiny cuts.

A moment after the force, I relaxed my hands and saw the person who was supposed to be inside was already standing on the empty floor. The whole medical crystal ball was destroyed beyond its original shape, leaving behind only a room full of its pieces. The puddles of liquid on the floor showed everyone’s reflections.

“Oh wow, things are getting dire,”  said the Black Cactus, scratching his face, looking at the person standing on the spot. 

“What do you mean!” Senior Gasai, whose clothes got soaked like us, turned his head and looked at the person who held one of the highest positions in the Medical Department.

“Just…the medical treatment isn’t completed yet.” Shrugging his shoulders, the Black Cactus took a step first. But this time it wasn’t to attack those charcoal-black Dark Goblins, with a turn of his hand he pushed his Illusionary weapon away and dashed towards Senior.

Perhaps also noticing something was wrong, the Dark Goblins avoided Senior’s attacks and retreated.

Almost at the same moment as I saw red and silver symbols on Senior’s body, the temperature in the room immediately increased at a creepy rate. The crystal pieces on the ground began to evaporate. What was more unbelievable was that icicles began forming on the areas on the ceiling, and even mist was forming on the walls.

Appearing in the front of Senior in a blink of an eye, a large spell was casted under the Black Cactus’ feet. There were many patterns that looked like plants on it. Each colour was a little different and it quickly suppressed the heat from the ground.

“Unicorn, bring the Soul Enforcement Bell over.” Reaching out his hand towards the Lewd Horse, the Black Cactus blocked Senior’s impulse to attack him.

Are we switching to inserting it forcefully?” Not daring to take it lightly, the Lewd Horse spat out the bell cooperatively.

Upon seeing the two items that they wanted, the Dark Goblins who had retreated, pounced forward once again.

The black small knives accurately pierced into their  foreheads. Havryn and Senior Gasai instantly stood between the Black Cactus and the two Dark Goblins.

“Don’t even think about it.” Staring at the Dark Goblins coldly, Senior Gasai completely didn’t care and let out his greatest aura of hostility. 

“You think the Frost Hill will be defeated that easily!” With an order, all the Dark Goblins army who had been well-trained surrounded everyone in an orderly manner.

Changing Minas to second gear, I stood next to Havryn, “On top of the Guild, do the Dark Goblins from the Frost Hill also intend to go against the Devil Masters?

I noticed Havryn was a little surprised, but he didn’t show it explicitly. He finally knew that the person he slapped wasn’t a human but a Devil Master…wait, I’m still a human.

The two words “Devil Master” is enough to bring shock to the other Dark Goblins. In their own unique language, a few of them began whispering into each others’ ears.

Just at that moment of stalemate, I saw a shadow flashing past in front of us, and then silence resumed.

“Or if you want to, add Hunters and Chio Fairies to the list.”

Giving a thumbs up to me, Asrian, the Tripping Prince and Dylo both appeared at the same time in front of us, “The representatives from the Guild have all arrived. Dark Goblins from the Frost Hill, you stand no chance in winning.”

“Next time if you want to attack the Guild’s branch office, send those with actual capabilities. We got bored from fighting them.” Giving a big yawn, the Form Teacher leaned against the entrance lazily, “Then, these charcoal Goblins, do you want to leave or to continue fighting?”

That sentence also included Havryn, but he didn’t seem to care.

“Or you can choose to leave after paying compensation. Our time is very expensive.” Leaning against the other side of the entrance, the Form Teacher used a gaze as if he was scrutinising a big fat lamb and looked at the Dark Goblins.

Seeing that the situation had turned disadvantageous to them, the charcoal-black Dark Goblins frowned and used an odd-looking fierce expression to glare at Havryn, “The listener of the dark night, the inability to hear the news from the night will destroy the Silent Forest’s ignorance. One day, we will make the Silent Forest pay for blocking the Frost Hill today!”

Looks like the Five-Coloured Rooter description of them was right. The Dark Goblins are very petty. It’s impressive that they would even want to pick on people from the same race.

“What do you mean?” Seeing the people from his race, Havryn asked curiously, “The dark night didn’t bring any news. Till now, we’ve only heard that the brothers from Frost Hill are causing trouble. Does Frost Hill know anything?”

“The signal of the dark night has already appeared. Whether the Silent Forest wants to continue going against the Frost Hill or to join us. Do think carefully about it.”

Almost at the moment after speaking, the Dark Goblins who initially surrounded us, vanished completely.

“So weird.” Havryn spouted what I thought deep in my heart.

“There are so many crazy people around these days. Otherwise, the Guild wouldn’t be receiving new missions every single day.” The Form Teacher spoke very matter-of-factly, “Looks like the Dark Goblins have all left. Little Form Teacher, are you still going to stand at the door?”

Glancing towards us, the Form Teacher shrugged his shoulders, “Let’s go up first. All the staff from the Medical Department should’ve arrived now. It’s only right to give them the space.”

I turned my head and saw the Senior was no longer standing but rather collapsed in the arms of the Black Cactus — he was in deep slumber — different from the weird feeling from earlier.

“What’s going on?” Squatting at the side, Senior Gasai enquired with a cough.

“Um… Looks like his natural instinct to attack was because of the medical treatment being halted. I don’t know what his actions are, perhaps his own nature was violent.” The Black Cactus looked around, then carried Senior and walked into the resting room and Senior Gasai followed by the side, “Earlier, I inserted the Soul Enforcement Bell to suppress the unbalanced power on behalf of his consciousness. Afterwards, we will need to wait for Linda Sinaya to rush back.”

“Since everything’s fine, whatever’s left is none of my business.” Keeping his black dagger, Havryn’s attitude remained very cold. Giving me an odd glare, before he turned around to leave the room.

Asrian was a step faster and stopped him, “Thank you for making the trip here to help. Did you detect the scent of the Dark Goblins’ invasion?”

As if he had no intentions in replying to him, Havryn didn’t stop his footsteps, until the Tripping Prince stood in front of him.

“Lowly Dark Goblin, do you not understand human words?”

Well, at least I’m appeased. It turned out that in the Tripping Prince’s brain; humans and the Assassins aren’t the only lowly existences but so are the Goblins.

“You Highness, the noble Chio Prince, won’t your mouth rot from speaking to a peasant?” Although he spoke, Havryn whose words weren’t any nicer when he replied impolitely.

“You think that just because you’re at the Medical Department, you can be revived?” Appearing to be a little furious, the Tripping Prince raised his hand and was prepared to explode the air.

“Do you think if I poke a hole through your nose, the Medical Department can help completely heal you?” Pointing a dagger at the Tripping Prince in front, the Dark Goblin who wasn’t any less angry replied.

Fantastic. Actually, I wanted to poke a hole in the Tripping Prince’s nostril for a very long time, because he’s always looking at people with his nostrils. Who would’ve expected the jerk who slapped me and I share the same thought. At this point, I’ll take it as the slap didn’t happen at all!

Hurry! Hurry and poke a black hole in his nose!

“Please stop, the both of you.” Asrian reluctantly divided the two people with high egos from the centre and sighed, “I think now isn’t the right time to be arguing. Please stop.”

“Yeah, Havryn, your character is still the same as before ah… Ah hey, I’m talking to you.” Perhaps because Dylo knew the Dark Goblin, he wanted to reminisce for a bit. But the next moment, the uninterested Dark Goblin disappeared amongst the darkness along the corridor, not giving Dylo a single glance, “Fine, forget it.”

Glaring at Asrian who wanted to follow into the resting room, the Tripping Prince spoke to him in an unfriendly tone. “Go back to the Purple Bramble Dorm.”

“Oh, okay. Then, go to the Guild with my brother first. I’ll head back later.” Revealing a public-relations friendly “all-beings are fair” smile, Asrian dragged me towards the resting room, “Relax, the people here are staff of the Medical Department. I’ll get them to help check on my old injuries later. You guys hurry and go.”

Lastly, I saw the Tripping Prince giving me a vicious glare.

Ah fuck. What does this have to do with me!

Say, where’s the Lewd Horse? I haven’t heard his voice since just now.

The moment I was dragged into the room, I instantly knew why I didn’t hear him. The Lewd Horse was currently lying against the side of the bed, with his saliva drooling endlessly as he looked at Senior who was in a deep slumber. I bet his brain must be completely blank from the excitement.

“Okay. There are more than enough people here. From now on, not a single person is allowed to enter anymore.”

The Black Cactus closed the door right in front of the Tripping Prince’s face.

The surroundings fell into silence.

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