Hometown Cha Cha Cha — Episode 11

Let’s keep our relationship a secret.

Warning Spoilers.

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This episode is filled with fan service and lots of sweetness. After 10 episodes, we finally see Hye-jin and Du-shik getting together!!! To reward the audiences for supporting the past 10 episodes, episode 11 is filled with fan service as we watch our main leads flattering their sweetness and romance.

The episode started off with Hye-jin and Du-shik confessing and KISSING each other.

Then, Hye-jin brought up that she needed to properly give her answer to Seong-hyun’s confession before she could officially date Du-Shik.

And so Seong-hyun was called back to Gongjin and Hye-jin explained her feelings for Seong-hyun. Hye-jin politely rejected Seong-hyun’s confession and also mentioned that she has someone she liked. Here, we get to reminiscent the university times of Seong-hyun and Hye-jin as they talked about how honoured they felt to be each other’s first love.

I personally think this was a really beautiful scene and the production team did a good job in portraying the bittersweet taste of first-loves.

While being in Gongjin, Seong-hyun took the chance to have a talk with Du-shik. Although Hye-jin kept the identity of the person she liked a secret, our sensitive Seong-hyun could sniff out that the person was Du-shik. This scene where the two men talked to each other was quite comedic, with Du-shik pretending not knowing anything as Seong-hyun talks. But eventually Seong-hyun exposed Du-shik and told him treat Hye-jin well.

With this, our main leads are officially dating (aka the start of lovey dovey scenes)!

Hye-jin told Du-shik that she wanted to keep their relationship a secret to avoid being a gossip topic to the villagers. Du-shik, knowing how things work in the village, firmly believed that it was an impossible task. But being the loving boyfriend, he gave in to Hye-jin’s request.

And then, this begins a series of funny moments between our main leads as they try to interact with each other without revealing too much about their relationship.

Hye-jin started her day by dropping by the cafe and getting some coffee. There, she met Du-shik who was working as a part-time barista. She got herself a girl-friend perk as Du-shik let her into the barista counter and then while preparing the coffee, Du-shik splattered some whipped cream on his face so Hye-jin came up to help wipe away the cream. In the mean time, they exchanged some cheesy lines until…Hye-jin spotted Oh Cheon-jae at the door.

In a fluster, she ended up giving Du-shik a slap instead. The sweet lovey dovey moment instantly changed into a tensed atmosphere as she stomped out of the cafe. Du-shik was left in a shock and Oh Cheon-jae appeared to be confused by the sight.

During lunch, Hye-jin called for food delivery and Du-shik brought the food over. Missing her dearest already, Hye-jin walked Du-shik to the clinic’s entrance and she rubbed Du-shik’s cheeks apologetically for the slap she gave in the morning…until Hye-jin spotted Jo Nam-suk,

In a fluster, again, Hye-jin gave Du-shik a kick on the shin (ouch). Once again, the sweet lovey dovey moment ended with a sad ending.

After the two experiences, Du-shik concluded that he should maintain a distance from Hye-jin first before he ends up in a body full of bruises (haha). But this did not stop the two from meeting each other. In the afternoon, Hye-jin went over to the convenient store where Du-shik was working.

In a fluster, Hye-jiin headbutt Du-shik, giving him a nosebleed instead. Hye-jin apologised before fleeing, but this left Du-shik in a shock. (Poor ML).

With the three incidents, Hye-jin felt really bad about what she has done and she sent a long string of messages to Du-shik. However, Du-shik never replied her messages nor give her a call. Sad and missing him dearly, Hye-jin decided to drop by Du-shik’s house but he wasn’t in.

Thereafter, Du-shik brought the three grandmothers back. Noticing Hye-jin’s shoes at the doorsteps, he suspected Hye-jin was in and quickly (yet politely) chase the grandmothers out. Du-shik found Hye-jin hiding in his closet and then they spent another sweet lovey dovey moment in his house. Du-shik also mentioned that he couldn’t find his phone.

Soon after, Hye-jin and Du-shik held hands as Du-shik sent Hye-jin home. However, along the way, they spotted the volunteering patrol team. Witnessing all the ‘violent’ incidents today, they decided it was for Du-shik’s safety to separate the couple and make sure a distance is put between Hye-jin and Du-shik. And that ends the first day of their official relationship. Aww.

The next morning, Hye-jin went into the cafe only to be stopped by Oh Cheon-jae from stepping beyond the entrance. So the two couples can only look at each other from a distance. Du-shik took this chance to also let Hye-jin know that he had lost his phone and to ask her to bear a while as he spends some time to look for it. And that officially cuts all possibilities of communication Hye-jin has with Du-shik for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon, Du-shik called using a borrowed number to inform Hye-jin about a community meeting the next day and invite her for a date at his house since the villagers would be attending the meeting.

Not being able to meet or talk to each other for more than day, the couple was excited for the date — we saw how they couldn’t help but to wait impatiently for the evening to come.

And finally, the evening came. We saw the villagers gathering outside the community centre. At the same time, the main leads were on the way to meet each other!

At the coast just outside Du-shik’s house, we saw Hye-jin running into Du-shik’s arms. The couple hugged each other lovingly after another long day.

At this moment, the villager suddenly appeared from behind. Du-shik tried to come up with some excuse to deny the situation but being caught red-handed and feeling exasperated, Hye-jin confessed their relationship status to everyone.

And this was when the villagers revealed that they all knew it — from the ‘violent’ incidents a few days back. It also turned out that Du-shik dropped his phone at the convenient shop and that Hye-jin’s lovely messages were seen by the villagers. In return of all this, the villagers celebrated and cheered for their relationship and gave their full support for it.

With this, the episode was put to a close.

Main characters aside, this episode also hinted the relationship development between some of the side characters~

Pyo Mi-seon and Choi Eun-chul

Mi-seon was previously rejected by Eun-chul. She later talked to Eun-chul and told him that she would cast away her feelings for him. In this episode, we saw Eun-chul coming to the clinic for dental service. As Mi-seon was doing her job, Eun-chul spoke to explain why he had rejected her previously: he wanted to get to know her better first. So the romance between Mi-seon and Eun-chul is not completely dead yet!

Seong-hyun and Wang Ji-won

Seong-hyun was rejected by his first-love but this may not be the end of his romance story in the drama. Despite being missing from his work, his colleague, Ji-won, stepped in and covered up for him. Ji-won was being understanding to Seong-hyun and she never complained about Seong-hyun’s sudden slack at work. When Seong-hyun fell ill from a bad stomach, she remained composed and supported Seong-hyun — she knew Seong-hyun wasn’t going through an easy time but she made sure things around Seong-hyun and his body remained well.

In the scene where Ji-won made Seong-hyun take a rest, we saw Seong-hyun rambled on about getting over his first love again. This change in topic probably hints the potential romance developing between Seong-hyun and Ji-won.

Ye Hwa-jung and Jang Young-guk

In the earlier part of the episode, we saw Young-guk cracking his head in figuring out why Hwa-jung wanted to divorce him. Of course, he didn’t find the answer. In the next scene, we saw Hwa-jung talking to a friend in her restaurant. Her friend took the chance to try to set her up with a man who was looking for a companion. Right at this moment, Young-guk happened to enter the restaurant and overheard the conversation. Feeling unpleasant, he conveyed his purpose to the restaurant to Hwa-jung in a critic tone before leaving the restaurant in frustrations. Maybe this is an act of jealousy? We’ll only know in the later episodes.

Ending thoughts

I watched the preview for episode 12 and it looks like there’ll finally be plot development. There are many mysteries related to Du-shik — why did he return back to Gongji despite spending his university times in Seoul, how did he ended up working only on part-time jobs, why did he attain so many license, who else close besides his grandfather died when he was younger, what’s giving him the nightmares? Hopefully we’ll get some answers in episode 12!

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