Welcome Aboard The Chaos Train (Chapter 2 Part 1)

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Chapter 2: The Destruction of the First City (Part 1)

In the carriage, the force that derailed the train had thrown several people into the air. They slammed against the walls of the carriage with a “bang”.

The luggage from the overhead compartments flew out in a flurry and fell on people.

Those that got hit first were once again hit by more suitcases and fainted immediately.

When the train began to tremble violently, Yu Jiaoniang subconsciously put her tray table down. She reached her left hand into the gap between the seat in front and the tray table while her right hand pulled her left hand from under the tray table.

With her head on the tray table, she was in a position where her entire body was hugging the tray table.

When the train derailed, the tray table’s frame stopped her from flying to the side.

Only her arms were anchored while her lower body shifted from the seat and leaned to the side.

Yu Jiaoniang gritted her teeth tightly. She quickly planted her feet on the ground before reluctantly pulling her legs and kneeled between the tray table and the seat, in an attempt to stay in her seat.

There were screams all around. As soon as one recedes, another scream echoes.

There were also the sounds of heavy objects loudly ramming against people and the interior of the train. 

An unknown object hit Yu Jiaoniang hard in the shoulder. Her left arm immediately dropped. 

Tears came flowing out instantly. *wipes tears* So painful!

She looked up from the tray table in pain, and when she looked to the side, she realised it was a laptop that was in a case.

The laptop must have dropped vertically when it struck her left arm.

Yu Jiaoniang raised her head in pain and took in a breath of cold air. With a quick glance at the overhead compartments, a black suitcase was hanging in the air, outside of the luggage rack.

Her whole body instantly tightened like a drawn string. She let go of the tray table and quickly crawled to seat 14F, as close to the carriage wall as possible.

With a “thud”, the black suitcase tumbled down, clinging to the two seats before falling under the weight and breaking the tray table that Yu Jiaoniang was hugging to.

That was close!

Before she could catch her breath, the suitcase slid over and slammed hard into her legs.

“Ouch!” Yu Jiaoniang felt as if the bones in her legs had been smashed by a sledgehammer. It was so painful that she could hardly lift herself up.

At that moment, a large red suitcase flew from the front of the carriage. Yu Jiaoniang accidentally turned to the left, and her head exploded with pain.

The next second, she realised her entire body was stuck to the window. There was a gap between her and the suitcase, so it shouldn’t hit her.

When she turned her head, there was a teenager standing in seat 15D in the back row. His eyebrows frowned and blood flowed down from his forehead.

Half of the boy’s face was dyed with blood. 

! ! !

Yu Jiaoniang threw herself over suddenly, and pulled him backwards as the suitcase flew past them. 

However, Yu Jiaoniang exerted a little too much force when pulling the boy as she fell onto the black suitcase at the same time.

The suitcase had fallen to the ground, and she had fallen on the suitcase. She felt like her internal organs were going to spill out.

“Bang!” A loud noise, and the sounds of whirring and cracking came from the backend of the carriage. It was probably the large red suitcase hitting the wall at the back.

Yu Jiaoniang was in so much pain that she couldn’t even stand up. There was a dizzying patterned glare in her eyes.

‘I’m going to die,’ she thought to herself.

“Hey, you…” 

Someone pulled her by the left arm. 

“Ah!” Yu Jiaoniang screamed and the man quickly let go of her arm. 

She lifted her head a bit with teary eyes. The pain coursing through her made it difficult for her to recognise that it was the young made from the back row.

He turned over and jumped onto seat 14F, attempting to help her up.

“Why… pull my left arm…” Yu Jiaoniang’s pain made her shed tears. 

“Ah… Your left arm was on top so it was easier to grab.” The boy was frightened by the tears on her face and quickly explained. 

Since her right hand was under the suitcase, only her left arm was on the seat that was closest to the teenager.

“Thank you.” Yu Jiaoniang burst into tears.

Although she wasn’t crushed to death, it was so painful that she vomited blood.

She always thought that she wasn’t afraid of pain, but now she understood that the pain she previously experienced was nothing compared to the pain her body was experiencing now. 

She was completely drowning in pain. 

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” The young man apologised quickly as he extended out his hand to try to help her, though he didn’t know how.

“You have to stand up. It’s really dangerous.” He said.

If something hits her again, she won’t have any time to react. 

But Yu Jiaoniang couldn’t stand up. 

She tried pulling her right hand out from beneath the suitcase but its weight made it difficult.

The boy noticed and said,  “I’m sorry,” again. He lifted her up slightly, which hurt her right shoulder, then kneeled down on the seat to reach down to the suitcase and raised it up with his extended hand.

Yu Jiaoniang quickly removed her hand and the boy helped her up.

One remained kneeling on the seat and the other leaning tiredly against the wall.

Before they could say another word, they saw a box getting smashed backwards from seat 6C.

Almost in a blink of an eye, a man at the end of the carriage, who had just fallen from mid-air, was smashed hard by the box. He didn’t scream. He was instantly killed — dead, bloody and breathless – on the spot.

Yu Jiaoniang shivered and immediately looked away. 

Now, the carriage was a complete mess. 

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