The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 7 Part 1)

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Chapter 7: The Legend from the Past (Part 1)

I turned my head and saw Senior lying on the bed.

To be honest, I was only really curious about one thing – he was soaked in the solution for so long, and yet his skin didn’t get edema and he was neither swelling or anything. This really is magical.

“I’m so touched. The child of the Third Prince and the Princess is really hot. This wasn’t a wasted trip.” The Lewd Horse was moved to tears. Those who don’t know may think that this pure and naive unicorn was currently grieving over the unfortunate elf.

But I’m certain that those who know would want to give him a beating, like me. I suddenly understood the feelings of the mermaids.

“Excuse me.” Kicking away the Lewd Horse who took up the most space, the Black Cactus brought a small silver ash-tray from who knows where. A faint purple smoke was coming out from the ash-tray and a sort of scent that refreshed the mind instantly filled the room, “This is a medicine with the same effect as that liquid. It can sustain him temporarily. So everyone who is in front of the bed, please step away and don’t inhale the incense.”

After the Black Cactus said that, Senior Gasai and Asrian stepped backwards, letting the medical staff pull the curtain to contain the purple smoke within the narrow room.

“Uh… Currently, there aren’t any effects. But now that the Soul Enforcement Bell has been inserted, it’s necessary to quickly send him to the two clans to resolve his power imbalance. Otherwise, if this gets dragged on for too long, the worst scenario is something that even the Medical Department won’t be able to deal with.” Bringing over a few cans of drinks, the Black Cactus continued, “Everyone knows that our Elf Prince cannot return to the clans on his own accord. So the Medical Department’s initial plan was to look for a few trusted people after the Soul Enforcement Bell was inserted and while maintaining his conditions, to bring him to the Ice Tooth clan and the Fire Cave. But now that the crystal ball is broken and that there isn’t much time left, as well as the timing of the insertion of the Soul Enforcement Bell wasn’t good…”

“So it’s about time to get going…”

No idea when Shikin turned into his human form, he sat on a table in between us, “Isn’t the Medical Department’s barrier completely destroyed? This place can’t protect this beauty anymore. If we don’t hurry and leave now, dragging this matter will only make it even more serious.”

The barrier was destroyed?

I glanced at Senior Gasai and suddenly realised, no wonder nothing happened after destroying the floor earlier. I remembered that the Guild’s infrastructures should have a bunch of random barriers and what not to tease the hell out of people. But even after the attacks on the floor and the fight inside, we didn’t encounter any of these… So I see why I didn’t expect the Dark Goblins could even infiltrate to this extent. That’s quite scary.

“That’s right. This is the current situation.”

A female voice that didn’t belong to any of us came in, following which, the room inside was opened once again and the Phoenix clan leader appeared next to the Chief, “There was a spy in the Medical Department who knew all the insider information at the tip of his hand. He even disabled all the barriers at once when the Medical Department staff weren’t in.”

“And could even attack the Guild’s branch office.” The Chief said and shrugged his shoulders.

“A black robe, a purple robe and a non-robe as guards. This is the manpower we requested from the Guild to immediately send Prince Ya onto his journey.” Without beating around the bush, Linda Sinaya looked at us straight-up, “But because it was in such a hurry, the candidates haven’t been decided.”


“You’re thinking too much, little Gasai.” The Chief walked over directly and pressed Senior Gasai’s head down just when he was about to raise his hand and volunteer, “Your injuries have worsened. Didn’t I tell you not to exercise vigorously?!”

Grabbing onto the Chief’s hand. Senior Gasai glared at him, “He is my partner so I must go.”

“But please think about how worried Chifuyutoshi will be.” Asrian who was standing aside pat on his shoulder and looked at the other’s stiffened gaze, “There’s a candidate for the purple robe here. To return the favour that I owed you last time, I will escort the person safely to the destination.”

Looking at Asrian for a few seconds, Senior Gasai turned around to look at the bed again, “I…” He firmly bit his lower lip, his expression was filled with reluctance.

I looked at the Black Cactus and looked at Linda Sinaya again.

“You want to go?” Finally, it was the Chief who noticed the thoughts in my head.

“Uh… That is true. But it’s fine if I can’t…” Anyway, I’m just an errand boy and I don’t have much capability when it comes to protecting anyone.

“To be honest, this journey is very dangerous for a student, especially a non-robe.” The Chief told me honestly.

“No, he will be one of the members.”

Linda Sinaya’s voice came in from behind.

I saw our authoritative Astrology teacher.

After giving a bow to the Phoenix clan leader, our Astrology teacher looked at us, “The appearance of the premonition will lead some people to embark on a journey, that’s why I personally made the trip here.”

Ever since before, I’ve been hearing the Dark Goblins talk about some premonition, but now that it’s the Astrology teacher speaking, it can’t be so unlucky that a troublesome star flew past coincidentally recently, right?

“What did the premonition say?” Likely having doubts about this matter, Asrian spoke up.

“The gloomy stars didn’t tell us what it was about but that belongs to an ancient legend related to the Dark Goblins.” Speaking slowly, the Astrology teacher looked at all of us, “After the darkness approaches, the premonition appears within one of the ancient legends. A story, leading the journey, is the conclusion I can gather from looking at astrology.”

“Since the future guidance is like this, then we shall follow the signs of astrology.” Linda Sinaya looked at me, “What do you think?”

What do I think?

“Of course I’d want to go!”

There were many nights that I kept dreaming about those words Senior told me in the glacier, ‘I must do what I can.’ This is a path that I am about to choose, even if I may regret or become afraid, I don’t want to be like eleven months ago, seeing the door of the room that no one stayed in until now.

I don’t want to be like that anymore.

“Qiulan must remain in the Medical Department, so we are still lacking a Black Robe.” Linda Sinaya glanced at me and then continued the conversation, “I will request the Guild to select a person for us as soon as possible…”

“Uh, there’s no need to go through the trouble.” The Black Cactus interrupted his clan leader’s words and then pointed behind them. “Jjang jjang, one ready-to-go Black Robe.”

We all saw that Tripping Prince, whose face got slammed at by the door and excluded outside, was looking at us with an expression as if his entire family got massacred. I’m certain that he might bomb this place the very next second.

“Switch with him!” Asrian was the first to object.

“Fuck you!” Probably after hearing the entire conversation, the Tripping Prince harboured the intention to rebel and coldly left a few words, “Or do you want me to call Dylo now and ask him to turn back?”

Oh, here is another pair of brothers who worry too much for each other.

Asrian was choked and couldn’t utter a word. I saw Senior Gasai patting his shoulder.

“Then, the main team shall be like this.” Linda Sinaya opened her palm and a bright bead appeared on it. It was around the side of a baseball and there was a rooster-shaped anemometer inside, “This is for you. It can help you in critical times.”

I watched Asrian keep the anemometer, thinking that this won’t be a compass or some sort of thing, right?

I always thought that these people were so ridiculously powerful that they didn’t even need any clear indications of direction. Just like birds that can follow the earth’s magnetic fields to tell the directions. So it turns out that they can still get lost.

The Black Cactus glimpsed at the timer on the side, “Then, in five hours, let’s gather outside the main entrance of the Medical Department to set off.”

“Five hours?”

That’s too soon! I thought they’d tell us to go back to rest or inform us in two days’ time, but instead, they are telling us to prepare our luggage and leave immediately?!

“This is the shortest time. We need to get ready.” Glancing at the bed curtain, the Chief who was mistaken that I was complaining it was too slow told us, “Go back quickly and get ready. You’ll need a lot of things for the journey. Those who arrive late can forget about going. We can find a replacement immediately.”

“Let’s hurry and go.” Holding onto my hand, Asrian led me out of the room.

“I also…”

“Little Gasai, you’re staying. Yue Jian will soon be here.” The Black Cactus who detained someone, revealed an evil smile, “If you want me to treat you, I’ll be more than happy to.”

“No need.”

Blinking his bright and shiny eyes, Shikin looked at Linda Sinaya, “Can I stay behind?”

He probably has set his eyes on this place where it’s full of beautiful girls.

Linda Sinaya gave him a faint smile.

“Get the fuck out.”

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