Welcome Aboard The Chaos Train (Chapter 2 Part 2)

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Chapter 2: The Destruction of the First City (Part 2)

Luggages, clothes, mobile phones, food, and many other items were scattered everywhere across the luggage rack, along the aisle, and on the seats. Everyone had been thrown around and were injured.

Painful cries echoed through the carriage.

The carriage was dyed with blood and tainted with death.

The train crashed downwards with a loud bang. ‘Chaos’ suddenly vanished after the strange impact and then, the carriage interior became steady again. 

Until, she looked outside the window and realised that the train had started to drive on flat ground! 

The outside appeared to be an empty wasteland. The train sped through the wasteland, picking up dust, and gravel was  flying and hitting the windows.

Yu Jiaoniang felt like she had fallen into a fantasy world. What is going on? Why is the train still running after derailing from the tracks?!

Outside the window, a large area of clear crystal water appeared in view. 

In front of them… was a lake! 

‘Chaos’ didn’t dodge but instead drove straight into the lake. The waves that splashed were as high as the train itself.

This made Yu Jiaoniang dizzy, as though she was sitting on a boat.

She turned to look at the speedometer: 378km/h. 

Although the speed was still incredibly fast, it wasn’t as crazy as compared to before.  

“What the hell is going on!”

“Conductor! Driver! Is there anyone who can explain what’s happening?!” 

“How are we still alive?! How?!” 

“Stop the train, already! There are people dead in the carriage!”

“Yangyang, Yangyang! Wake up already!”


Yu Jiaoniang heard a repetition of the past. It was the desperate cries of the little boy’s mother. Her left arm was pinned behind her at an odd angle, and her right arm held the little boy tightly. 

In her arm, the little boy had his eyes closed tightly, covered in blood. 

Yu Jiaoniang felt her heart throb in pain. The little boy was… 

At that  moment, the broadcast beeped and a make voice came on, seemingly struggling to calm down, trembling.

“Dear passengers, I am the driver of this train. I apologise as the train is completely out of control right now. So everyone please…”

He paused for a long time before uttering two words with difficulty. 

“… take care.” The words from the driver caused a deadly silence to spread in the carriage. 

Everyone’s face became blank. What is happening now? 

The train is out of control… Why is it still running? Who is controlling the direction and speed?

This was unexplainable. 

Someone cursed and walked towards the front of the train. 

At the same time, the train suddenly accelerated again!

It arrived at a town in the blink of an eye and the whole town was swept away by the train like a dragon flicking its tail. The entire town was instantly turned into ruins.

Yu Jiaoniang only had a split couple of seconds to see a group of cyclists in a distance before all of them were swallowed by the collapsing buildings.

THe train sped out of the town and towards a city.

The carriage was in a panic again. 

Someone yelled, “Hold on, everyone!” 

The man looked to be about forty years old. Although he looked like a mess, his face was firm and his voice was dignified. 

“Hold the front seat, grab onto a tray table, or lie under the seat!”

He looked at the panicked people in the carriage, and when his eyes landed on Yu Jiaoniang, he paused.

And then he shouted loudly, “Hold on!” 

As he shouted, Chaos tilted sharply. It’s body stood upright, almost perpendicular to the sky and earth. 

The speed of the train was faster than all the other times before. It ran through the city like a giant lightning. 

Yu Jiaoniang didn’t have time to react and fell onto the boy who was trying to grab onto something in the confusion. The pain from using his left hand caused his body to break out in a cold sweat. 

The boy kneeled on the seat and was pressed down by Yu Jiaoniang.

The train fell back suddenly, and the train that was perpendicular to the sky and earth, tilted at an acute angle.

Yu Jiaoniang rolled into the gap between the seats, and the boy fell off before he could even move away and accidentally hit her hard. 

If this was a cartoon, Yu Jiaoniang thought she might be Tom, the Cat, that was stuck on the wall.

The boy flopped twice because the gap of the seat was too narrow and his upper body was pressed against Yu Jiaoniang. His legs were hanging onto the seat and there was no way to get himself up. 

“Brother…” Yu Jiaoniang’s tears dropped to the floor. She felt like she was going to crumple up like paper.

She painfully reminded him, “Don’t flop around. There is someone under you.”

The boy was very anxious and had quickly reached out to grab the front seat. He forced himself into the seat with all his might. 

The boy was very anxious and quickly reached out to grab the seat in front. He forced himself into the seat with all his might.

Then, he quickly leaned over Yu Jiaoniang.

“Ahhhhhhh! My hair!”

Yu Jiaoniang felt like dying. This boy really wanted her dead. 

The boy quickly let go of Yu Jiaoniang’s hair that he was pulling and she fell onto the floor.


I was going to die just now. 

She got up from the ground with her right hand. 

She glanced at the boy who was wailing and crying, “… Why didn’t you pull my left arm this time?” 

“You looked like you were in a lot of pain when I pulled you then,” the boy choked out.

“It’s okay,” Yu Jiaoniang told him with tears in her eyes, “I’d rather lose my hair than my arm.” The way he pulled her hair made her feel like her scalp was going to rip off.

Yu Jiaoniang didn’t want to talk to him anymore so she turned her head to look out the window and was astonished.

The train was…flying!

At that moment, they were about 20 meters above the ground and they could see a lot of people on the ground looking up at the train.

The speed of the train wasn’t decreasing, and there was a building ahead. 

A loud bang was heard, and Yu Jiaoniang was stunned by the ringing sound. For a while, her ears couldn’t hear anything else. 

A silent movie seemed to be playing in front of her. 

And its theme was doomsday.

She saw the top floor of the building obliterated by the train, and concrete exploded like flowers. 

The train went through the building. The people inside were turned into meatballs on the spot. Blood and limbs splashed onto the window panes.

Yu Jiaoniang screamed. 

The train crashed into a building but it didn’t tremble violently this time.

It was as steady as a finger poking through a piece of tissue paper.

‘Chaos’ was still moving straight.

The train had eighteen carriages and each one was so strong that the thirty-story building turned into dust in an instant. 

It passed through a  forty-story central office building and cut the beautiful building into two. The upper twenty stories toppled over and fell onto the central city square.

The collapsing building crushed the unsuspecting people and the cars on the road, as well as the peaceful life within the city.

In less than ten minutes, ‘Chao’ has completed its journey through the city and continued onwards to its next destination.

Yu Jiaoniang looked back, only to see a sky of smoke rising behind. 

It was gray and like the name of this train…

The world was in chaos


G1HD1 – This is the abbreviation of the High Speed Bullet Train Yu Jiaoniang is on. G stands for Gao Tie (高铁) which means High-speed. HD stands for Hun Dun which refers to the part of the title of this web novel, ‘Chaos’. According to Wikipedia, Hun Dun is both a “legendary faceless being” in Chinese mythology and the “primordial and central chaos” in Chinese cosmogony, comparable with the world egg. Hence the name of the train is ‘Chaos’. 

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