The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 7 Part 2)

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Chapter 7: The Legend from the Past (Part 2)

“How could you decide that?!”

Upon leaving the therapy forbidden zone, the Tripping Prince grabbed Asrian’s wrist as they walked along the corridor, not caring about the fact that the Lewd Horse, who had turned back to its unicorn form, and I was still next to them, and reprimanded him in a very unfriendly tone, “Do you know that it is a very difficult task to go to the Ice Tooth Clan or the Fire Cave Clan. What makes you think that you can do it?!”

“You don’t have any right to stick your nose into my business.” Furrowing his brows, Asrian tried to shake off the hand that he wouldn’t let go, and told him directly, “Back then when junior entered the Ghost Lair and when I couldn’t bring him back along with me, I owed Junior Gasai this debt, and I owe myself one. So this time, I must go along no matter what.”

“Are you taking your life as a joke?”

“What makes you so certain that my journey will fail?” Gritting his teeth, Asrian shook a few times before finally shaking away the Tripping Prince’s grip, “Listen, Hudie, I know that you and Dylo both care about my injuries but I’ve fully recovered. The dark aura is also suppressed so it can no longer affect me. Also, I dislike how prejudiced your intervention is.” 

It’s rare to see Asrian so furious. I gulped my saliva as I stood at the side, starting to wonder if I should quietly take my leave — it’s so awkward standing here, but it would also be so awkward to escape.

Wow~ A fight~” The Lewd Horse, who was feeling as awkward as me, pasted itself along the wall, as if he was trying not to be blown away by a typhoon, “Hurry, let’s go.

“If you could succeed, you wouldn’t only be a Purple Robe!”

Wow! Tripping Prince, you chose the wrong words!

I immediately broke into a cold sweat after hearing his words.

Slap him! Slap him!” The Lewd Horse, who was the only one unafraid of the world turning into a chaotic mess, let out a voice indicating that he was getting ready to watch the show.

The Tripping Prince who didn’t realise he said the wrong words, continued to say words that made even me want to knock him unconscious and tell him to shut his mouth. “You, Dylo, and I have known each other for a very long time. We grew up together. You’re always unhappy over lame stuff and I’ve also put in a lot of effort to meet your expectations and even socialised with those lowly creatures just for you. But your abilities are limited and you couldn’t be promoted to the Black Robe. You get injured, you lose control of yourself, you sometimes let your emotions make the wrong decisions. I can’t understand what qualifications you had met to become a Purple Robe. You don’t even understand that you don’t have enough strength to carry out this escort mission.”

After he stopped speaking, everything instantly sank into silence that was as cold as a freezer. 

I could almost see icicles and penguins…

Punch him! Punch him!” The Lewd Horse’s anger was spilling.

His brown eyes widened. Asrian’s expressions froze all of a sudden. His fists tightened, so tight that we all thought he would punch the Tripping Prince until his nose bled, but he didn’t.

Actually, I think the Tripping Prince didn’t intend to speak so harshly. It’s just his attitude when he talks to people that is bad, but this time, he clearly made Asrian mad, and that makes this really, really, really serious!

Kick his crotch! Kick his crotch!” 

Not doing any of the actions that the Lewd Horse said, Asrian took two deep breaths and left. His tone was very cold, unlike the usual calm and friendly feelings from before, “Since Your Highness despises this incapable Hunter, then please don’t intervene in any matters related to me to prevent yourself from lowering your status in the future. I would need to trouble you to put in more effort for this mission because I’m very sorry for being a useless Purple Robe on this team who will be holding you back by coming on this trip.” Finishing his words, he immediately turned around and walked to the other end of the corridor.

“I didn’t… Ari, Asrian!”

Pushing through the corridor with the Teleportation Spell, the Hunter that he couldn’t stop, had left. The Tripping Prince’s expression completely turned green. I guess he probably didn’t know why he infuriated the other person.

I also don’t know whether to sympathise with him or smack his head and tell him to repent.

“Uh, we’ll also head back and get ready too. See you later.” Before the Tripping Prince turned his anger towards me, I immediately grabbed the Lewd Horse and used the Teleportation Talisman.

Within a few seconds, the Tripping Prince’s face disappeared in front of us and was replaced by the familiar look of the Black Dorm.

As we returned, I saw Nero going onto the steps of the Black Dorm. Seeing that it was about time we came back, he also stopped his footsteps, “Are the both of you hurt?”

I shook my head and quickly followed the Lewd Horse, “Nero, are you hurt?” I spotted a few tears on the jacket on his suit but I didn’t see any wounds.

“I was treated at the Medical Department earlier. I still have matters to finish before Master returns.” The butler whom I believe will likely be overworked to death said, “Looks like the Medical Department Headquarters has faced a rather huge problem this time.”

“Uh, ya, earlier was…”

I roughly explained the incident that happened to Senior. After listening, Nero slightly frowned.

“I’m sorry, but I think that you aren’t suitable to go on this journey.  As far as I know, the Ice Tooth Clan and the Fire Cave Clan have already withdrawn from the world’s history. Their current residence is quite difficult to find and it’s said to be very dangerous. I don’t agree with you risking your life. At least not right now. You still need a few more years of training.” Looking at me, Nero blinked his pretty eyes, “But this is purely my personal opinion. The choice is up to you.”

“I, I hope to be able to go.” Of course, I know that this journey can be rather scary, but I hope that I can get out of here. I haven’t even properly taken a look at the Sealed World outside of the Academy, “Nero, can you help me take care of Senior’s agreement with the Light-Shadow Village?”

After Senior fell into deep sleep, I would always put biscuits on the paper, fearing that the light supply would be cut one day.

Falling into silence for a few seconds, Nero nodded his head, “I think I have crossed the lines and over-thought too much. Perhaps while you’re having a chat with the guest behind you, I can help pack your luggage to make your trip more convenient.”


Behind you.” The Lewd Horse reminded me.

Turning my head, I saw a charcoal-black thing standing outside the boundaries of the Black Dorm. Because it’s nighttime now, I would’ve mistaken it as a shadow if I didn’t pay attention.

Why did that Dark Goblin follow me here?

“That gentleman seems to want to talk to you. I will clean up the Unicorn for you, and then pack your luggage.” Holding onto the Lewd Horse’s collar, Nero took the Lewd Horse into the Black Dorm after speaking so considerately.

If I’m ever rich, I’d really hire a butler like Nero. The Earl really makes a person jealous sometimes.

But now isn’t the time to feel jealous over the Earl. I walked outside of the Black Dorm’s boundaries and indeed, I saw that Dark Goblin who had just left, standing outside waiting for me.

“Eh… What is the matter?” Actually what I wanted to ask more was, ‘what are you doing over here instead of sleeping in the middle of the night?’ I didn’t plan to get slapped again, so I stood five to six steps apart from him. At least that will give me some more reaction time if he comes over to slap me.

“Do you really belong to the Devil Master race?” Havryn cut to the chase and spoke. His question immediately made me go on high alert. 

Not another one trying to kill a Devil Master and telling him to fuck off, right?

But this was different from those houseflies last time. Until just now, he hasn’t even fully revealed his skills. If he wanted to kill me, I think I would’ve been instantly killed. Now, I ought to feel relieved that at least I’m inside the Academy, so it’s alright to be killed by him a couple of times, I’ll still be fine after the pain.

“Uh, it’s true that I’m a Devil Master… But I’m telling you, I’ve done nothing.” Not even robbing the bank.

But speaking of which, why do the people here love to rob the bank? They don’t look like they’re very short of cash… Except for the form teacher, I suspect he might have even signed up for a loan with the Class Rep. I wonder if he has even gone looking for loan sharks.

“Since when was there a Devil Master at the Academy?” The Dark Goblin, whose information source  isn’t very reliable, raised his eyebrow.

“That’s weird. During the battle against the Ghost King, there were many Devil Masters helping. I’m sure a large majority of the people in the Academy know that I’m a Devil Master. Why don’t you know?” Although, I don’t know how far the news has spread, given that the number of people who often pick a fight with me is quite often,. I have more or less known that my reputation isn’t anywhere close to good. There’s no reason for this Dark Goblin to not know what I am.

“I was still in my clan half a month ago, and I only came back to the Academy recently.” Havryn told me coldly, “I didn’t participate in the battle against the Ghost King.”

That’s to say that he didn’t participate in anything nor had any conversations with people which resulted in his lack of information…?

What a pitiful person.

At least I talk to Miaomiao and the rest of them on normal days. Miaomiao and Chifuyutoshi know a lot of gossip. They even knew who from class A had gone to the Original World to buy pornos or watch a concert. 

The Intel Division is really very scary. I have to be careful not to do anything too weird. Otherwise, I’ll become something people will gossip about.

“I have just learnt the news related to that premonition.”

t/n: Ahahah I’m so glad we got this part out! Honestly, Asrian is not fun when he is angry. It was so painful trying to understand and then translate his speech because it was so long and there wasn’t proper punctuation in the raw. ;-; I apologise if there are any inconsistencies in the names or terminologies that we use. It is very difficult to maintain a proper glossary since new characters and words get introduced every now and then and sometimes we just get too busy translating/editing that we forget to update the glossary. So if you see spot any misspellings or changes in names, please just let us know on discord or in the comments below!

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