Welcome Aboard The Chaos Train (Chapter 3 Part 1)

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Chapter 3: He Bets Against the Train (Part 1)

Jiadou City was destroyed in an instant.

Twenty minutes later, the Internet exploded with trending discussions on the topic.

The survivors of Jiadou City began to post horrific pictures. The city was filled with smoke and chaos. 

The Internet made fun of the attempts at photoshop, skeptical at the motives behind the pictures, and doubted whether the event had ever happened. Soon, they became terrified to find that three cities nearby Jiadou City had also fallen to ruins.

From one to five, then five to fifty… More and more people started to upload pictures of their destroyed cities. News about a ‘flying train’ spread like wildfire on the internet.

One second, a man was talking to a co-worker about what happened in a neighbouring city, and then the next second, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the massive flying monster on the horizon. 

It was already too late for him to run for his life;he was already dead.

The ‘Chaos’ Train soon entered its fifth city.

This city was the capital of the Gale province, where the dispatch and control base of the ‘Chaos’ Train was located.

At that moment, the dispatch and control base was in chaos.

The Head Commander looked at the overhead LED screen; it was 15:37 now. 

It has only been an hour since the ‘Chaos’ Train appeared, and it had already caused considerable damage to over five cities. 

The Minister of Transport personally contacted him to inquire about the situation but he didn’t know how to answer that.

G1HD1 disappeared from the dispatch and control systems.

Fifty minutes ago, there was a signal from the cab and the driver was just as confused. 

Where was the train going? How fast will it continue to go? When will it stop?

No one had the answers.

Since then, the base lost contact with G1HD1.

“Team Commander Lu, G1HD1 has entered the city!” Someone reported to him.

The city of Zixiong was being monitored in real-time and watched on a large screen. The train passed through a seventy storey building, which was one of Zixiong’s landmarks. 

It toppled over onto a nearby building. The sky and the ground became dusty.

“Team Commander Lu, G1HD1’s signal will be restored. We are expected to connect in two minutes.”

“Team Commander Lu, Chief of Staff, Mr. Li, is on the phone.” 

Lu Youliang’s gaze fell towards the phone. His face showed his distress as he stiffly picked up the phone.

“Tell me what’s happening right now.”

“Yes. Currently, the train is out of control. The cause is unknown.” 


“…That’s all we know.” 

Lu Youliang hung up the phone and tapped his finger on the side of his leg a few times before telling a person that was incharge of the signal, “Notify me immediately when the signal is restored.”

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