The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 7 Part 3)

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Chapter 7: The Legend from the Past (Part 3)

Looking at the Dark Goblin in front of me with surprise, my emotions were a little complicated.

Why did he come here to tell me this?

“Uh, how did you know?” Forget why he was here, I was more curious at how quickly he got this information.

Did you catch your fellow Dark Goblin brothers who didn’t manage to escape in time, and beat them up till they spouted the truth? 

Can you really treat those of your race like that?!

Looking to the side, I noticed there were some cuts on his fingers… I guess it probably wasn’t as easy as he said.

“That’s an ancient legend related to the Dark Goblins.” Pausing for a moment, Havryn’s black eyes, without the slightest bit of glow, looked at me. His gaze was so clear and sharp that it made feel me a little nervous, “To translate it to a language that you understand: ‘When the premonition of the dark night approaches, the shadows of the ghost approaches the borders of the world, the song of the Goblins rings through the heavens, the demons approach the abyss. Thousands of years ago, Amanda and Feya were a couple. They courageously sacrificed themselves to suppress the signs of darkness, and the seal of the ancient seven races was lost. Bones and flesh turned into mud, blood turned into water, voices turned into the wind, and the spirits spread across the world. But one day, they will return; when the premonitions of the darkness appear in the night, the darkness will once again consume everything.”

My head felt dizzy from the chain of words he shot out. A moment later after I had digested everything, “So what’s that premonition of the darkness?”

What he said seemed similar to the ancient stories I’ve read in the books in the library.

Ever since the battle against the Ghost King, I’ve gotten more time and often went to the library to sink myself into books. So I’d more or less learn about a few legends related to this world, which are different from our world.

Every race has experienced many wars. In addition to their differences in their faiths, and their countless legends and extensive histories, which I couldn’t finish reading, have weaved with the legends from our world, so it was pretty interesting.

However, books only recorded a part of the past. I’ve heard that many secrets are left to only exist within the members of each race; for example, the one that Havryn was talking about. 

After a while, I still didn’t get an answer. 

The Dark Goblin stared at me, and then said something that made me almost vomit blood, “Would I be here telling you this if I knew what it was?”

“…” If you knew, you would have killed them and made them spit out the truth, right?

Just as our pairs of black eyes were staring at each other, another sound came from the side.

“Damn it! All I did was to be careless and you this lowly sly came harassing my servant? I will make sure to upgrade this black charcoal into a barbeque feast!”

In the middle of the night, the Five-Coloured Rooster suddenly jumped out from the side, pointing and shouting arrogantly at Havryn.

Squirting his eyes, Havryn let out a cold expression as if he wanted to stab him twice.

“Ziray, I’m just chatting with him.”  I’ve witnessed his capabilities at the Medical Department Headquarter. Also it’s night now. I bet that the Five-Coloured Rooster will barely make it out of the fight alive and then I will need to drag his dead body to the infirmary… Ah, how tiring…

“Liar. Who would come out here to chat in the middle of the night, instead of sleeping!” The Five-Coloured Rooster clearly didn’t believe my words.

Staring at the member of the Beasts race, Havryn slowly spat out the following words, “Then why are you here?”

Right, why did the Five-Coloured Rooster appear at the Black Dorm in the middle of the night?

Could it be that taking late night-walks was becoming a trend now?

“I’m here to ask about the incident from before!” The Five-Coloured Rooster quickly stared at me, “You are my servant. How could you not call for me when there’s something like a fight!”

“I also only just knew it alright…”

Oh, I also think that I probably didn’t tell him subconsciously, because although the Five-Coloured Rooster may be strong, there were times where he would blow things out of proportion, so it was best to not let him intervene as much as possible. 

“Then what about going outside? How dare you not contact me?!”

Going outside?

“How did you know that we’re going outside?” Wasn’t that just decided? News spread so fast to him that it’s creeping me out. I thought this news would be kept private as per usual. There shouldn’t be any reason why the Five-Coloured Rooster knows.

“Third brother just told me.” 

The spy in the Medical Department must have been the Black Cactus, right?

Turning my head, I remembered that the Dark Goblin was still here. Havryn was standing silently to the side, quietly watching the both of us. Seeing me turn around, he spoke, “Then, that’s what the matter is like.” 

After speaking, he immediately turned and disappeared into the darkness.

So you just stood silently next to us and waited for us to finish talking just to tell us that you’re leaving?

The Dark Goblins are truly difficult to understand.

But why did he come just to tell me about this matter? And what exactly is the premonition about?

Havryn’s visit made me go from partly confused to completely confused. Alongside the few question marks in my head, only more question marks appeared in my brain. 

“When did you and that jerk start hanging out?” Looking towards the direction where the Dark Goblin disappeared to, the Five-Coloured Rooster placed his hand on my shoulder.

“He was a big help at the Medical Department before.” Taking his hand away, I headed back to the Black Dorm.

“You actually called for that black charcoal but not me. Are you trying to betray me?!”

“I didn’t call him. He went there on his own. Also, it was a coincidental meeting.” Opening the door of the Black Dorm, there was no one seated in the main hall, but I bet that there was something else over here earlier on because I saw countless dark shadows fleeing everywhere at that instance.

Indeed, it’s better to not loiter around in the Black Dorm in the middle of the night.

“Then I want to come along too.” Grabbing my shoulder, the Five-Coloured Rooster said. So when I turned my head, “You don’t have any right to stop me. I have legs. So it’s my decision to go where I want.”

Looking at the Five-Coloured Rooster, I actually don’t have any right to reject because I’m not the team leader. The decision-maker was not me…I mean, I also don’t know who the team leader is.

“Yangyang, can I trouble you to come over here for a while?”

After the Five-Coloured Rooster and I ran out of things to talk about, a soft and gentle voice came from upstairs. I lifted my head and saw Restua, Di and another Black Robe whom I’ve never seen before standing there.

That Black Robe was a female with silver hair, so long that it reached her thigh. She had a neutral and beautiful face. There were some clan tattoos on her arms and face that looked very mysterious. She also has pointy ears.

“This is the messenger appointed from the Guild. After finalising Prince Ya’s emergency mission, she’ll be sending all the necessary items to the various places.” Giving a brief introduction, Restua gave his usual smile.

If sending items required a Black Robe, I knew how important those items are already.

The Five-Coloured Rooster who was faster than me, dragged me upstairs automatically and moved into my room for whatever reason.

When we opened the door, Nero had already finished packing my bags. He had guessed that I had a guest so he had prepared tea and placed it on the table and had already disappeared. I guess he returned to the Earl’s room after he was finished, leaving behind only a short letter on top of my luggage.

It’s so amazing. How could he do so many things in such a short amount of time?

Could it be that we all had a misconception in thinking that Nero was just a single person when he might have been a twin or a triplet, named Nero A, Nero B and so on…

I got distracted.

When I came back to my senses, I saw Restua and Di on the sofa. The Black Robe girl helped herself to inspect my room. After I brought my gaze back, I saw them all back in the small living room.

Taking a peek, I could see the Lewd Horse sleeping soundly on my bed in my bedroom, but I didn’t know whether he was sleeping for real or just faking it. He just didn’t join in our conversation.

“This is what the Guild wanted me to pass to you.” The Black Robe girl opened the small silk box that she took out from her robe.

For a moment, I thought that it was a ring or something because the box looked like those diamond ring cases used for marriage proposals on TV.

“Senior’s Illusionary Weapon?” I saw that so-called Illusionary bean with inverse attributes lying quietly in the box.

Oh right, I heard that no one saw Senior’s Illusionary Weapon ever since then, I didn’t expect the Guild to have kept it.

“I’m very sorry for not telling anyone but the Guild has tested the Illusionary Weapon to help Black Robes prepare the energy to be used at any time. So they took away the Illusionary Weapon without consent. Currently, it has already been mostly recovered and the Illusionary Weapon has been kept in the best condition. You will need to bring along for this trip.” Covering the box, the Black Robe girl placed the item inside a small silver bag and passed it to me.

“Uh, thank you.” Receiving Senior’s Illusionary Weapon meant I could pass it to him once he woke up.

“Also, this is from us,” Di took out a casket. It wasn’t very big and looked like those boxes used for sending western spirits during Chinese New Year; the top was made of silk cloth, “I heard about the journey. The outside is different from the Academy. You’ll encounter all kinds of dangers. There are many races that hate the Devil Masters, so we hope that you can conceal your identity and avoid clashing with them as much as possible to avoid unnecessary dangers.”

I took the casket. It weighed like nothing which was fascinating.

“This was made by Chen, Hou, and I a while ago. We hope that it’ll be of some help to you on this journey.” 

“Thank you everyone.” Taking the casket, I carefully placed it next to my luggage. 

Then, Restua took out the item he brought, “If possible, I originally wanted to accompany you guys to go to the Ice Tooth Clan. Afterall, it’s a place that I’m familiar with. But this was so unexpected, I can’t leave the Academy immediately. This is a compass. It can direct you to the residences of the retired Elf race when you get lost.”

It was a transparent ball that was the size of a ping pong ball, with nothing but a snowflake inside it.

Honestly, if I didn’t know Restua, and how absurd things in this world can be, I might have thought that he was fooling me. 

“Say, how did you guys know so quickly that I’ll be going?” These people didn’t have spies like the Black Cactus, right?

Di smiled at me, “The Astrology teacher told us that there will be people embarking on a journey tonight.”

…So spies are everywhere, eh?

“Is there one for me?” The Five-Coloured Rooster shamelessly extended his hand.

Are you hoping that they’d give you a safety insurance contract instead? So that the assassin clan can collect a huge amount of compensation when you die outside?

“There is.” 

Surprisingly, it was Restua who spoke. “Mr. Anin has instructed me to pass this to you.” He took out a glass vase with an odd dark green liquid inside. The Elf then showed an awkward and reluctant expression, which was interesting, before he coughed and said slowly, “Mr. Anin instructed me to tell you to…finish drinking this before leaving. Mute yourself so that your enemies won’t chase after you during the trip.”

Anin gave the Five-Coloured Rooster a bottle of poison.

In that second, I really wanted to express my deepest gratitude to him.

“That fucking bloody Angel!”

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