The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 7 Part 4)

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Chapter 7: The Legend from the Past (Part 4)

After Restua and the rest left, the Five-Coloured Rooster and I remained in my room to rest.

A few hours passed and we were woken up by the Lewd Horse happily stepping on us. Then, we were chased by the Five-Colour Rooster all the way to the Medical Department Headquarter entrance.

By then, Asrian and the Tripping Prince had appeared over there. I wonder how early they arrived. The Tripping Prince initially wanted to chat with the Purple Robe next to him, but he was clearly being ignored. So he gave up when he saw us arriving, and with a sulky face, he stood to the side without speaking a word.

The Lewd Horse who was being chased quickly sought refuge in the Medical Department and disappeared. Whereas the Five-Coloured Rooster got attracted by other things and stopped pursuing him.

“Why is that bastard here?!” Pointing at the Tripping Prince, the Five-Coloured Rooster, who also had a grudge with him, immediately shouted out.

I noticed Anin mustn’t have sent him the poison for no reason. He really offends people wherever he goes. I bet eight or nine out of ten of those he meets on the streets would probably want to jump out, surround him, and beat him up. That was probably way more likely to happen to him than me – a mere dark Devil Master.

“He’s the Black Robe in the team. Didn’t I tell you that there’ll be a Purple Robe and a Black Robe…?” Although I didn’t mention to him who the Black Robe was.

“Damn it. If I knew that the Black Robe was that darn bastard, I would–”

You wouldn’t go?

I started praying that his next line would be so.

“I would assassinate him and make him so seriously injured that he can’t come!”

Alright, looks like I’ve overestimated the Five-Coloured Rooster. I should’ve known earlier that he’d have such a reaction. Eventually, he’d be the one who was seriously injured instead. Then, I would have to leave with Asrian.

This way, both results seem to be more or less the same?

“Junior.” Seeing us from afar, Asrian waved towards us, “There’s still some time. Why did you guys come so early?”

You’re one to talk seeing as you have already arrived before us. 

“Uh, I slept for a bit before coming. Did you guys rest?” Looking at the light luggage next to their feet, I asked curiously.

Speaking of luggage, I don’t know how Nero helped me to pack it but it felt so light that I almost couldn’t feel any weight despite it seeming that it was stuffed with many things.

I could faintly see a wind element spell from the top, but I think there are two or three others that I couldn’t see. This was really convenient. I could use this the next time I need to send heavy items. I must ask Nero to teach me when I come back.

“We did. I also just came but it looks like the Medical Department is taking more time than expected. Hopefully, we can leave before sunrise.” Looking at the dimly lit sky, Asrian said while looking back at the Medical Department, where the lights were still bright inside. Probably because of the Dark Goblins, they’ve spent the entire night tidying up the interior so there were countless Blue Robes walking around inside. It looked very busy.

“We’re going by foot?” I glanced outside, feeling like we may walk to death.

I don’t think I’ve learnt any spells that could quicken our journey.

“No. We’re riding on this. It’s faster.” Blowing a whistle, Asrian looked next to him. A few seconds later, I saw something dashing towards us. Only when it stopped, I realised that it was the Hunter’s Flying Wolf, “I let him walk around nearby just now. We’ll ride it for the trip.”

Patting the Flying Wolf’s soft fur, Asrian said while smiling.

“I don’t want to be with that bastard!” Pointing at the Tripping Prince, the Five-Coloured Rooster protested.

“Then you can walk. I also don’t want to share the ride with a lowly assassin.”

I looked at the two people who were refusing to go on the same journey together, suddenly realising that perhaps they might be very similar.

“Then the both of you may walk,” Asrian told them.

“Hmph!” The Tripping Prince turned his head away.

“Hmph!” The Five-Coloured Rooster swung his head to the other side.

The atmosphere completely stiffened.

The Five-Coloured Rooster and the Tripping Prince both stood opposite sides. Asrian was patting the Flying Wolf and didn’t want to pay attention to them, leaving me foolishly standing alone in the middle.

Looking at these people, I suddenly had a feeling that…this was a terrible team.

Our team was filled with people who can’t get along with each other. It’s really amazing. I didn’t expect that the Guild would actually hand Senior into our care. Are they telling Senior good luck being on his own?

The future is looking really bleak. 

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