The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 8 Part 1)

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Chapter 8: The Worst Team (Part 1)

Sometimes, I feel like my life is filled with question marks, and these question marks are followed by exclamation marks after I’ve stepped into this Academy.

Just when everyone tensed up in the awkward silence, the Lewd Horse joyfully leaped out, swinging its tail, which would make anyone want to kick its butt out of annoyance. 

I really want to curse at him.

But over the last two days, I noticed that the Unicorn seemed to be immune against the Devil Master’s powers. No matter how much I hoped that he’d just get stuck in the door like the last time, or trip over a pothole and get his unicorn horn stuck into  the ground, it never succeeded.

Or are these hopes too abstract?

Following behind the Lewd Horse was the Chief, “You guys are really close. Looks like we can rest assured and send you kids on the trip.”

No, I don’t think you should feel rest assured.

Could it be that you harbour some hatred towards Senior and want to take this chance to seek revenge?

“Oh right, Junior, this is for you.” After seeing the Chief coming out, Asrian, who just had a tiff with someone, walked towards us. From his little backpack, he took out a big bag that was uneven in shape, “Because you are Robeless, Sinaya Linda has applied to the Guild on your behalf, so you are considered officially employed by the Guild. This attire is provided by the Guild. It also has protection spells like ours, but it has no Robe qualifications.”

I got the bag from Asrian and opened it. Inside the bag was a long coat that was similar to those of the Guild’s Robe Rankings — white base and brown lining, and embroidered with some pretty emblems. It’s not that I wanted to point it out, but including this coat for the Robless, I had some doubts about the Guild –

What’s the exact purpose of making these brightly-coloured robes?

I’ve previously asked Chifuyutoshi why the Intelligence team were made to wear robes as red as firecrackers despite supposedly having to hide themselves. 

In the end, Chifuyutoshi told me that only Intelligence teams that infiltrate the enemies unnoticed are considered successful. 

So their clothes are meant to test them?

Once they’re noticed, they’d just be shot and be removed from the Intelligence team? Are they supposed to use their lives to exchange for qualifications to be on the Intelligence team?!

I am suddenly filled with questions by the Guild. This made me feel that if I ever take the test to qualify for the White Robe, I may very likely be equated to the word: suicide.

“I’m sorry, because it was a last-minute request, Ziray’s robe hasn’t arrived yet.” Not realising what I was thinking about, Asrian had already turned his head towards the Five-Coloured Rooster.

“Hmph. I don’t need that! Only those who are useless need that protection. I have a strong body!” The words the Five-Coloured Rooster said nearly made me want to say, ‘Are you heading to Houshan* to walk chickens?’ 

[t/n: Houshan is an area in Taitung that is known for its chicken farm.]

“To prevent you guys from dying too quickly, I’ve prepared some medicine with Shikin,” Ignoring our nonsense, the Chief continued speaking.

I looked towards the Lewd Horse who was flinging his head left and right, and gasping, but I couldn’t figure out where the space to put the medicine was… It can’t be that there were 4D pockets under the horse’s skin, right?

Just when I was about to walk over and peel off his skin, the Lewd Horse suddenly spinned, “Uwaaaaa~~~

He let out a series of mysterious sounds.

I quickly found out why he made such a sound. A few Blue Robes, whom I’ve never met, swam out, almost knocking the Lewd Horse out. Even the Chief had to take a step backwards. 

“Looks like the Medical Department is ready,” Asrian patted my shoulder and gave me a smile.

I stared at those from the Medical Department, and within a few seconds, I was completely stunned. My expression at that moment was probably so huge that my eyeballs almost popped out. 

The expressions on the faces of a few from the Medical Department were full of caution and carefulness. Then, there was always someone who wanted to reach out their hand to help, but was rudely smacked away. 

The person who smacked away the hand, was walking out of the Medical Department’s main entrance strenuously, with the support of Yue-jian*. A faint glow was radiating from his body, which was enough to show that he belonged to the elf bloodline. But the glow was much fainter compared to Restua’s, and he never had such a glow before.

[t/n: Yue-jian is the younger brother of Yue Jian. The brothers actually share the same pinyin names, although their Chinese characters of ‘yue’ are different. The yue (越) for the older brother means to exceed while the yue (月) for the younger brother refers to the moon. I used a dash to differentiate the names of the two brothers.]

I stood there. I was at a complete loss of words at that moment.

The pair of red eyes engaged with my gaze fiercely for a few seconds. It was just like eleven months before he fell into a deep slumber. After the silver hair was wiped away, his crimson hair scattered on his body like flames.

This was the Fire Cave bloodline. We were all aware that there was an unbalance of the two bloodlines right now. Just that it’s temporarily suppressed.

I’ve never thought about what my first sentence would be on the day I meet Senior again.

“Can you stand well?” When compared to me who was dumb-founded, Yue-jian asked Senior in a soft voice. His tone was so gentle as if he feared sending Senior back into that formalin corpse-like crystal ball.

He can lean on me if he can’t stand well~~” Revealing a perverted face, the Lewd Horse immediately leaped over joyfully. Then, the Chief punched him away, completely ignoring that he belongs to a precious breed of Magical Beast.

Pressing onto Yue-jian’s hand, Senior slowly nodded his head. Then, the surrounding Medical Department staff held their breath as Yue-jian let go of his hands and let Senior walk towards us on his own.

Asrian placed his hand on his forehead, as if he was saying some prayers, before giving Senior a smile. Even the Tripping Prince, whose face always looked as nasty as poop, showed a relieved expression.

Looking at Senior in front of me, I suddenly felt an urge to cry. My eyes were wet, but I felt that I should say something. Afterall, over the past eleven months that was neither long nor short, I’ve thought of many ways to apologise to him — because I caused Senior to land in this state which even dragged down many other people.

I should really say something.

Senior stood in front of me, seemingly waiting for me to speak. The beautiful features, just like in my memories, somewhat revealed a faint smile.

I took a deep breath. I felt that if I don’t say anything right now, I’ll never find a better opportunity to do so in the future. But for some reason, when I was filled with emotions to the state that tears were almost dropping, the words that spouted from my mouth made me want to kill myself –

“Senior, did you become shorter?”

When he stood closer, I realised that our eye-levels were almost aligned! Based on my memories, wasn’t Senior a little taller than me last time?

The smiling face immediately turned into a face filled with bulging veins with a devilish look.

Then I saw the print of the sole of a shoe, followed by severe pain on my face and dizziness with a bunch of stars spinning around my head. As I stumbled backwards, I heard the Medical Department panicking frantically. 

“Let me kick him to death!” The person who was out of breath and was gasping for air kept lifting his foot to kick me again.

Those from the Medical Department pounced over, “Calm down! Calm down!”

“The beauty is still so beautiful even when he’s angry~~” Watching the fire burn from across, the Lewd Horse remarked.

If I knew earlier that Senior was sensitive about his height, I wouldn’t have said that.

t/n: omg… Yang Yang… ;-; why… Also, I totally miss their “abusive” relationship. Ahhhh Senior is back!!!

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