Welcome Aboard The Chaos Train (Chapter 4 Part 1)

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Chapter 4: Sorry, but we’ve planned to drop explosives on you (Part 1)

“Please look at your phones, or out the window.” An Siran’s eyes were red. 

Right now, the train was in Zixiong. 

It was whizzing through the city relentlessly like a bewildered ant. 

There was smoke rising everywhere. 

The luxury office buildings and shopping malls in the city centre had been turned to rubble. The incomplete ambitions and aspirations, along with dreams and hope, had dissipated to the sky and the earth. Without warning, it had come to an end. 

The difference between a garden villa and a granny flat is only the size of the falling bricks, which was exactly the same as the despair brought by the flying limbs. 

The famed central tower in Zixiong broke through the middle, and the top half of the tower fell into the heart of the river. 

The river level rose a lot. 

The fires filled the city. First, it was in a few spots, then the fires connected. The city had started to cremate and the whole city was swallowed by flames. 

The blazing flames almost jumped onto the exterior of the train. It was not only Zixiong that was burning more and more intensely, as the fear of the unknown burnt the hearts of all the survivors. 

The entire scene of the city’s destruction was moving quickly before their eyes, while the train sped smoothly to the next city. 

Someone in the carriage turned on the news that displayed videos which intensified the suffering that was beneath the rising yellow smoke. 

Every second was shocking.

The first video – the visual was shaking violently and everyone on the street was running. 

“Help!” The screams and cries of the elderly, children, women, and men were deafening. 

In the distance, a building could be seen faintly as it loudly crumbled down under the pressure, and powerful air currents followed, lifting debris up from the ground.

A small car speeds towards the person recording, and then the video abruptly ends. 

The second video – it was a live broadcast of a school’s sports day and the cheerleaders were cheering excitedly. The boys on the track looked very athletic. They were drenched in sweat that made them look dazzling as it was a bright sunny day. 

“Students! Run!” The teacher’s voice was scrambled. 

The sound was drowned out by the excited cheers of the students on the sports field and the whistling of the train speeding by. 

The third video – a small hand was pressed beneath a boulder, struggling as it grasped for air in an attempt to hold onto some slither of hope of living. 

“Save Xiao Bao. He’s still alive. Xiao Bao, mummy is here, mummy… Ah!” The mother’s voice suddenly peaked as the little hand had fallen to the ground weakly. 

T/N: hello this is Whalelyy. It’s another short part but we still went ahead to end part 1 here as per the scene change indicated in the raw. But not to worry, because this part is a lot shorter, we will be releasing part 2 really soon.

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