The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 8 Part 2)

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Chapter 8: The Worst Team (Part 2)

“First of all, the greatest taboo is to not be angry.” 

After five minutes, I stood behind Asrian after nearly being kicked the second time. Yue-jian, who supported Senior, gradually came over as he was panting so hard.

The Chief glared at the person who kept wanting to lift his leg to kick someone and continued saying, “Please control your emotions. Thank you. Otherwise, I can predict that you guys will return here in less than ten minutes after leaving.”

Senior sniffed and turned his head away.

I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed that Senior wouldn’t be as violent in our first meeting after a few months.

Beauty~ Beauty~” The Lewd Horse happily stood next to Senior, and his face was slapped away just when he was about to put his face onto Senior’s shoulder.  I wonder if it was Senior’s natural instinct or if he knew what the Lewd Horse’s agenda was.

“Is it alright for him to be in this state?” Asrian voiced his question, “I mean, is it alright for him to follow us in this state?”

“You’re bringing him on this trip.” The Chief corrected him, “This is considered his best condition. I think he’ll probably fall asleep soon. Since he needs to prolong his strength from being drained, it’s best to not stay awake. So there’s limited time – it may be long or short – that he can move around like this in a day.”

“Isn’t his soul always with Lord Black Mountain?” The Tripping Prince, who was standing aside, asked the same question that I had in my heart.

“Yes.” Yue-jian nodded his head, “But because we needed to gradually integrate the body and soul at the same time over the last eleven months, so the Medical Department and Lord Black Mountain set up a small passage for us to set up some spells to quickly let the soul control the body, despite the limitation that the soul can only be returned after a year. It was initially used for our convenience to adjust the body but little did we expect it to be useful now. Early on, we were strengthening this connection to extend Prince Ya’s mobility duration.”

I looked at Yue-jian, and then looked at Senior. I didn’t really understand what they were saying.

Probably realising my confused expression, Asrian quietly whispered next to me, “It’s something like distance control. Bin Yan’s body can be controlled by his soul in a short period of time which can help the Medical Department to quickly recover and treat his body. But this spell is very unstable — it’s not a problem when it is well controlled, but if there’s a mistake, it may cause the body and soul to be separated forever.”

“That’s all.” The Chief folded his arms and affirmed Asrian’s words, “It’s especially dangerous when it’s towards the late-stage. That’s why we needed the Soul Enforcement Bell to finish the final steps. But as the situation has changed, we must send him back immediately. You guys should be more thankful that we have found the Soul Enforcement Bell and that the connection between his body and soul has been established, so there shouldn’t be too many changes in the future. If you can find one of the two clans first, they have very powerful mages and healers to help you guys. After the body has adjusted to the best condition, Lord Black Mountain will bring the complete soul to the Medical Department and wait for your return.”

“But please remember that the soul and the body don’t exist together, so our spell can only be used for a short time. So Prince Ya mustn’t have too many drastic emotional changes. As for fights, please avoid them completely.” Yue-jian, who looked like he was about to write out a user manual for us, quickly instructed, “You must take note! You must really take note!”

I felt that he probably believed that handing Senior over to a group like ours was like sending him to death.

Asrian nodded his head to indicate that he understood.

“So are we leaving?” The Five-Coloured Rooster leaned over excitedly. I guess he thinks that we’re a team that’s going on an outing as he maintains that joyful emotion.

“It’s about time.” Looking at the sky, Asrian exchanged a few words with the Chief in a quiet voice. It appears that the Medical Department would rather pass the instructions to the Purple Robe than to the Tripping Prince.

From the beginning till the end, the Black Robe wore a gloomy face as he stood at the side and stared at us.

This gave me goosebumps!

“We’ve handed over most of the medicine potions to Shikin. We wish you guys the best in this journey.” The Chief told us this and then the few Medical Department staff crossed their arms in front of their chest and made the Phoenix clan’s praying stance.

Calling the Flying Wolf, Asrian gave us a look, “Let’s go.” His tone was rather casual, as if we were just going somewhere nearby for sight-seeing.

This actually made me feel uncanny.

We were about to leave the Academy’s premises. The world outside is something I’ve never seen before.

“I can run on my own.” Very reluctant to ride together with the Tripping Prince, the Five-Coloured Rooster proudly declared so.

“This is a team activity. Please cooperate.” Asrian gave a hostile smile to the Five-Coloured Rooster. I bet he also didn’t really want to be in the same team as the Five-Coloured Rooster and the Tripping Prince for this journey. “If you were to run with the Flying Wolf in your original form, having two targets is too big and can be easily attacked. If you cannot cooperate, then please stay back.”

The Five-Coloured Rooster fell into silence and only mumbled a few words to himself out of frustration, instead of going against Asrian like he usually does.

I kinda noticed that Asrian’s attitude became a little different after we formed the team. He usually felt rather relaxed but now he feels more like back when I first met him during the Inter-school Competition.

Yue-jian supported Senior as he walked over, “Now, we’ll leave everything in your hands. May the Gods bless you and protect you.”

The Tripping Prince who happened to be standing in front of them took over in demeanour. When the Flying Wolf laid on the ground, the Five-Coloured Rooster jumped onto the Flying Wolf and pulled Senior up.

I saw the Flying Wolf a year ago, when Senior and I barged into the Ghost King’s statue. Back then, it was about a story high. There was also a pair of beautiful wings and formation spell emblems carved on the gigantic black wolf’s body. 

Previously Asrian told us that that was the harmonious light spell that can dispel evil, but it has been lost along the generations. The emblems on the FLying Wolf’s body were passed down from very long ago. Currently, besides the ancient elves or even the distant clans, no one else knew how to carve it.

After the Tripping Prince and I both got onto the wolf’s back, Asrian then leaped onto it.

“Let’s go Kio, my friend.” He said as he patted the side of the Flying Wolf’s neck.

At the same second, the surrounding air gushed up. The Medical Department that were initially standing on both sides have all stepped away. Then, I felt that the Flying Wolf flapped its wings. Each of its black feathers were vibrating, building a turbulent atmosphere.

The Flying Wolf lightly floated in the air. In a blink of an eye, I saw the black wings expanding to its fullest on both sides. In a single lunge, the Flying Wolf dashed forward and the view around us instantly turned into a blur.

At the same time when the Flying Wolf flew up, I saw the Lewd Horse, who didn’t climb up and probably couldn’t climb up, lowered his white head and then moved his body. His wings were white as his fur spread wide open. When the Flying Wolf leaped into the sky, he also followed us at almost the same moment, flying at a distance, not too far from us.

Although I knew that the Lewd Horse was nothing but Lewd, I think the scene of a unicorn flying in the sky was rather beautiful.

If it’s too much to carry at your side, you can put the beauty on me.” Breaking that touching moment immediately when the Lewd Horse’s voice came over. I vaguely felt like I could hear him lapping up his saliva, “Then we’ll be in close contact…” 

I turned to look at Senior instinctively. He was leaning next to Asrian with his eyes half closed. He looked like he had really fallen asleep so I couldn’t warn him about the Lewd Horse.

I never expected Senior to be so weak and fragile. If the Lewd Horse ever did something behind my back, can Senior even protect himself?

Forget it. Anyway, Qiulan said that Senior’s natural ability is violence. Who knows, maybe he might instinctively shove the Lewd Horse into the ground so this shouldn’t be something I should worry about.

“A few brats have followed.” The Five-Coloured Rooster who has been excited since the beginning was blowing the wind, suddenly opened his mouth and spoke.

“How many?” I was a little bit startled since I didn’t sense anyone coming.

“Behind.” The Five-Coloured Rooster jumped up. His sense of balance was very good and was not flung off by the Flying Wolf.

“They were probably hiding near the Medical Department and followed us immediately when they saw us departing.” Asrian, who clearly noticed this, turned to look behind for a bit, “They’re probably the ones who wanted to snatch the unicorn so there aren’t many of them. Can you guys handle them?”

The Five-Coloured Rooster who was very prideful raised his chin. This time, his T-shirt printed the words “the weather at the oasis is so fucking hot” as he placed both his hands on his waist, “What a joke. Those below ten people aren’t even considered my enemies!”

I’m begging the number to not exceed ten.

Also, what’s with your shirt? Did you visit the oasis before this trip or did you get this last time?

Calling out Minas, I actually still haven’t figured out who was chasing behind us. I could only feel that the Flying Wolf wasn’t flying too high, probably just slightly higher than a coconut tree and it didn’t seem to be going any higher.

“They’re here.” Reaching out his hand, Asrian casted a large spell next to the Flying Wolf and the Lewd Horse. The wind suddenly became more rough.

After being taught by Senior Gasai and Anin for a year, I could tell that Asrian used a high-level defence spell. It’s said to be water-proof, fireproof, soundproof, electric-proof, and even bullet-proof. I heard that it could probably protect against a missile from the Original World. But since no one has tested it before, I think it’s probably just an exaggeration.

Senior Gasai said that rather than defending against the missile, it’s better to directly bring it down.

Anin said that no one dared to fire a missile at him (I think no one would dare to shoot after seeing an angel).

So they were also unclear whether those rumours were true. Anyway, I’m still hovering at the low-level spells. I’ll just wait till the day I actually learn this spell to push someone to test it out to know if the rumour is true.

After the spell was casted, I finally saw a few shadows jump out to surround us. Most of them casted a spell that could make them fly in the air temporarily as they followed behind us.

When I felt something was amidst, my entire back turned numb.

“Is this even considered a few?!” Pointing at the group that was clearly larger than ten, I felt that I was being lied to.

“This is life.” The Five-Coloured Rooster patted my shoulder, “My slave, you must come to realise, it is always lonely to be in the Jianghu.”

No. I don’t feel lonely at all. This is way too lively!

“Annoying.” The Tripping Prince whose patience level is probably in the single digits range glared behind and suddenly flicked his fingers.

In that second, I actually wanted to tell those chasing behind us to quickly flee. But before I could say anything, I saw a few red glowing balls appearing not too far behind us. Following which, all the balls connected together, and released a loud blast that shook the entire horizon.

“Are you intending to let the entire Sealed World know that we have departed?” Asrian let out a condescending voice which was quickly buried by the continuous blasting sounds. The Tripping Prince who probably heard it pretended to have not heard anything and turned his head away.

A few black shadows were blasted really far away and some were even giving off smoke.

Because of the protection spell, the loud blast didn’t come to us, sparing us from the pain of being disturbed by the loud sounds.

The Flying Wolf sped up and escaped from the explosion epipoint but we soon realised that there were still people chasing us. As most of them have been in ruins from the blast, only a few people were still following behind. Probably just around six or seven of them. Each of them had a radiance of light around their bodies, presumably for protection.

“And now, it’s my turn!” Scratching the claws that no one knew when he got it out, the Five-Coloured Rooster gave a very wide smile, “I’ll give you the VIP treatment!”

Before I knew it, the Five-Coloured Rooster had leaped over from the Flying Wolf.

Following which, I saw his huge original form, just like the full beast form that once stepped on the Ghost King, covering those chasing over us.

“Ziray!” Because he ran too fast, I couldn’t tell him a fact in time—

We’re still in the air!

Happily lunging over towards the people chasing us, the wild beast let out a “Ahhhhh” voice and dropped down. He even created a large cloud of dust.


The Lewd Horse commented with grief.

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