The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 8 Part 3)

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Chapter 8: The Worst Team (Part 3)

“The Sealed World is a space where many lives reside.”

The Flying Wolf continued running quite a distance after the Five-Coloured Rooster fell to god-knows-where. It was evening when Asrian determined that we were far enough from the Medical Department that we stopped at a place that looked like a jungle.

Placing Senior who was sleeping against a tree to let him rest, Asrian let the Flying Wolf return to its original place and set up the tent while giving me a simple explanation.

The Tripping Prince, who didn’t want to do the work, gave a scornful look and then headed into the jungle near us to patrol.

“You should know that there are a lot of different people gathering at our Academy. We also have the most diverse races in our Academy. Almost all the races in the Sealed World can be found in our Academy.” Pausing for a bit, Asrian said half-jokingly, “We’ve even seen the Ghost Race.”

I nodded my head. Andlier snuck in a couple of times before. Although there was no damage done, it was still frightening enough.

“The Sealed World and the Original World were initially one. After it was split into two different worlds, the people in the Original World and the race’s powers all disappeared. It’s only occasionally that people who possess some power would appear. But this is the complete opposite in the Sealed World. We retain the power inherited from all the various races in this World while following certain rules.” Trying to keep things simple, after Asrian picked up the tent, he continued telling me, “But we actually still interact with the Original World. Almost everyone in the Sealed World knows about the Original World but those in the Original World may not know about us.”

“Is it because of the difference in power?” I couldn’t understand a little. Previously, Anin and the rest had also tried explaining something similar to me, the events that happened in the ancient times are probably only written in the books in the world I came from. Those myths that couldn’t be tested have all become a sense of reliance or seen as another evolution from the words of modern researchers. As there was a lack of clear evidence, many people believed that these myths didn’t exist.

I also didn’t really believe those myths in the past, until I entered the Academy… I had no choice but to believe them.

“Actually, the main reason was indeed right. According to historical records, there were a few significant interactions with the Original World; these were all swept away as paganism by the incumbent emperors and kings. Because the Original World is a world that has gradually lost its power, so whoever with power appears would be seen as abnormal and people found it hard to accept them.” Looking at me, Asrian thought for a bit, “But such a situation became better after the Guild was formed. The Guild established a strong network in the Original World. Even though it’s discrete, we can at least communicate with each other and execute missions.”

“Also, modern humans have a higher level of acceptance now.” I laughed, not knowing whether to credit this to anime and novels that so many people these days yearn to have superpowers.

“Yes. Speaking of which, because the Sealed World still possesses a lot of races and where the different characters and taboos from the races remain. So after leaving the Academy, we must take special caution on this. Especially for you since it’s your first time leaving the Academy. So you must be very careful outside the Academy.”

“I’ll be extra careful.” Who knows what weird things are living here. While nodding and answering Asrian, I raised Minas and pointed her towards the direction where Senior is at, “Brother Shikin, I will shoot you if you continue to move forward.” Did you think I wouldn’t notice you if you didn’t make any noise?!

The Lewd Horse in the bushes was planning to attack Senior who was sleeping. He sneered in my head and stood up. He then turned into his youth appearance that we have seen before and sat at the side, “ Hmph. I still need to go close to him in order to use the Soul Enforcement Bell. Otherwise, who else can stabilise him?”

Looking at the Lewd Horse, I would have fallen for his lies if I didn’t know him beforehand. Since I knew him, “Quit bluffing. You could probably still use the Soul Enforcement Bell if you were 200 metres away from him!”

How did you know?!”  Shikin exclaimed in my head this time.

Anyone who knows how much a horse like you disrespects humans would probably guess that right!

Asrian looked at us curiously, “If it’s convenient, can Shikin elaborate about the Soul Enforcement Bell? After all, it’s an important item that we rely on and we still don’t really know much about it.”

I think Asrian wants to collect some intelligence to adjust the safety of our trip.

“This?” Shikin pulled out the thin silver chain on his neck, at the bottom was the bell that we have all seen. He carefully placed the bell under his shirt, “I can’t really explain how I got this item if you’d ask me. It was a present that I got when I visited my sister’s home. It was only later I learned that this was a Soul Enforcement Bell. Regarding how it works, I don’t think I need to explain this. Except for its function to stabilise the soul, we can figure out its other uses in the future… After all, I don’t really play with this.”

“…” Asrian fell into silence.

“Then why did you say that you’re the only one who can use it?” I looked at Shikin while controlling my rashness to shoot him.

“Because that sister said she had tied my soul and the Soul Enforcement Bell together. Except that if I’m dead, no one else can use this item. If the owner of this item has changed, she will know. She’ll then first come to slaughter the new owner and then tear down this entire world.” The youth told us this serious matter with a look so naive that it would make a person rip his face off.

Looking at Shikin, Asrian, who had took a few deep breaths silently, continued to ask, “Who gave you this?”

I was also very curious. If she had the ability to tear down the entire Sealed World, she must be rather influential.

The youth slanted his head and thought for a long time, “I can’t remember which sister it was…”

You actually forgot who gave you this?!

Was it Mina? No… Embia? No… Aylo? Saktia? Inasu? Balostiya? Rislak?

Please don’t chant that string of creepy list of female names in my head!

I let out a cry. This time, I really wanted to hit myself against a tree.

“Sorry. It’s been so long. I can’t recall.” After reciting at least twenty to thirty names, Shikin laughed and told us this, “If Asrian or Prince Ya — these two beauties — give me hug, I might be able to quickly recall it~”

I bet the reason why Asrian didn’t send him a punch was because the Tripping Prince returned.

“Go hug him instead. Prince Chio is also a handsome man.”  I told the youth and pointed at the Tripping Prince who was far away. At the same time, I think there might be a show if he really did hug him.

The Tripping Prince actually wasn’t ugly. He has the looks and the figure, just not the brains…Why does it sound like my mum criticising a flower vase*?

[t/n: The term ‘flower vase’ is used as a figure of speech. The alternative term can also be “bimbo” or vain.]

Little kid. Do you not know or do you really not know? How is he considered a beauty? He can barely pass the ‘rather good-looking man’ benchmark.” Not saying it out loud, but replying to me directly in my head, Shikin pointed to Asrian and Senior, “They’re both suitable for indoors and outdoors. They have good personalities, good appearances, and the aura that they give off from the bottom of their souls are not only well-received, but also sought after by boys and girls wherever they go. That’s what it means to be a beauty. Of course, this is only the second to the vast diversity of beauties. When there’s time, I will slowly analyse the different kinds of beauties for you.

I don’t want to hear any of that!

Also, your sense of beauty is too absurd!

Looking at Asrian, who was handsome rather than pretty, I deeply believe…Wait! So he sees Nero as a beauty in his eyes? He wasn’t joking back then?

I instantly recalled the drooling look of the Lewd Horse at the Black Dorm.

Not knowing why, I suddenly felt that being seen as a kid by this jerk and nothing else was something worth feeling good about.

“The surroundings are very safe.” The Tripping Prince, who didn’t have any idea on what we were discussing about, came back to say these words and then sat on the side like an anti-social.

“Did you see Ziray?” Although the Five-Coloured Rooster deserved it, it made me a little worried since he hasn’t shown up yet.

The Tripping Prince snorted, which made me know that he hadn’t seen him. Else, we should be hearing fighting sounds coming from the jungle instead.

“Before we left, we’ve casted some spells on Ziray. Of course, he doesn’t know about it.” Asrian coughed, “We’ll know if he’s in any danger.”

So the Five-Coloured Rooster is struggling hard to survive right now?

Tsk. Weird people do really have tough lives.

t/n: Okay LOL. That last sentence reminded me of cockroaches. Shivers.

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