Welcome Aboard The Chaos Train (Chapter 5 Part 1)

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Chapter 5: Avalanche at Qianlong Snowy Mountain (Part 1)

It’s over.

An Siran watched the helicopter broadcast on the screen. 

G1HD1 was submerged in thick flames, giving off rising black smoke that covered the skies. Half of the city fell due to the explosion. 

It was an accident that cost the lives of millions of people, and it happened so quickly that it didn’t give anyone time to react. 

It was like a nightmare that suddenly entered the mind, making the sleeping world unable to struggle. 

Fortunately, the sky was finally bright. 

An Siran took a deep breath, and walked out down the hall in high spirits. 

As the Minister of Transport, there were still many things waiting for him to take care of next. 

“The train has appeared again!” A voice exclaimed.

An Siran turned around suddenly!

‘Chaos’ was like the Phoenix of Nirvana, rushing out from the thick smoke and blazing fires. The eighteen carriage circled its way up to the clouds. 

Oh my god. 

An Siran couldn’t believe his eyes.

That was five hundred tons of explosives. It was equivalent to the force of an asteroid smashing into the earth. This force was enough to blow up an artificial lake. It would be impossible for a mere train to withstand it. 

Is this really ‘Chaos’?

As an atheist, An Siran was about to abandon his beliefs at this moment. 

Everyone looked at ‘Chaos’. It was like a lightning bolt, rushing towards the helicopter high in the sky. 

Almost in the blink of an eye, the last carriage knocked down the helicopter with relentless momentum. 

‘Chaos’ didn’t stop. It had suddenly unfolded like a long chain, and curled into a precarious S shape.

As if it had a sensor, it slammed into the ten helicopters in the sky fiercely. The helicopters were instantly torn apart in the air. 

The final image on the screen was the sun beaming on the flames on ‘Chaos’’s body. It wasn’t clear whether the sun or the rising fire was more dazzling. 

An Siran’s eyes darkened.

It’s over. It’s all over. 


In the carriages, the train’s acceleration made everyone roll off their seats. 

Yu Jiaoniang leaned to one side uncontrollably, and was locked in the arms of Ji Zhaokun. 

She could feel Ji Zhaokun’s tense muscles. His arms were like unshakable steel. Even if the sky had torn apart, it wouldn’t make him lose control. 

He covered Yu Jiaoniang with his whole body, in a position where he would shield everything for her, regardless of how dangerous it was.

Ji Zhaokun wrapped Yu Jiaoniang so tightly that she could barely breathe and her mind went blank.

His heartbeat was thumping, and it was even more alarming than the speed of the car. 

Can a person’s heart beat so fast?

Is this world so difficult that it’s hard to imagine such things to exist?

Yu Jiaoniang pressed hard against Ji Zhaokun’s chest, praying that death would arrive at that moment. 

While the pain from the explosion hadn’t appeared, the sudden relunance to give up intensified in her heart. 

But death didn’t come, and the carriage became noisy. 

Ji Zhaokun didn’t let go of her until the train gradually regained its stability. 

The distance between the two was only a centimetre, and their breaths were almost entangled with each other. 

Yu Jiaoniang saw a small mole hidden in the peak of his eyebrows. She saw the shadows of his eyelashes when he blinked. She saw herself in his eyes. 

— looking clearly at her. 

This moment was probably the slow motion before death. The god of death was merciful to freeze time. 

She wanted to take advantage of this moment to remember his appearance. If she really had a next life, she hoped to meet him again and sooner.

Ji Zhaokun suddenly reached out and pushed her messy hair that was scattered on her face behind her ear.

“I shouldn’t have met you this late,” he said.

Ji Zhaokun’s words were out of the blue. Yu Jiaoniang was a little confused when she heard it, but at the same time, she felt a kind of certainty in her heart as if things should have been so certain. 

“You…” As soon as he opened his mouth, Yu Jiaoniang realised that his voice was a little hoarse and tears fell. 

She really wasn’t as calm as him. The fear showing from her body couldn’t be hidden. She was actually frightened of the sudden and inevitable death. 

Ji Zhaokun sighed softly, taking her into his arms and patted her.

He wanted to say something, but the screams of the passengers in the train took their attention.

“Ah—!” The man pointed out the window. 

The raging flames were like a rabid dog as they flared towards the glass of the train. As if the flames could burn through in the next second.

Everyone screamed and the carriage was in chaos. 

Ji Zhaokun was the first to react. He let go of Yu Jiaoniang and leaned forward to press his hand on the window of the train.

It was scorching hot.

At such a high temperature, it wouldn’t be possible for the glass to remain the same. It would have already melted but right now, it was still intact and its colour hadn’t changed.

Also, ten helicopters had just dropped explosives that were enough to blow up a city. The train had only fallen to a lower height, but the body of the train wasn’t affected at all. 

Explosives and fire don’t damage the train.

Everyone in the carriages should be safe now. 

“This is unexplainable, right?” Yu Jiaoniang said. 

The environment she was in at this time couldn’t let her be in her lingering thoughts. She pushed down all her emotions in an instant, and looked at the glass, following Ji Zhaokun’s movements.

“Yeah,” Ji Zhaokun nodded.

Through the gaps of the flames, the clouds outside could be vaguely seen. The train rushed through the clouds in the sky, burning a huge hole in the fluffy clouds. 

They were already in the sky. 

If it wasn’t too early, the train would be facing a very beautiful sunset when looking at the sky from the ground.

There were other people who had also discovered the strange train.

It was so bizarre. 

“By the devil! The train is still flying into the sky.”

“I can’t believe it! The explosives didn’t kill this old man. Amitabha. God bless.” 

“So the burn won’t burn through, right?”

“Where is this thing flying to now?” 

‘Chaos’ seemed aimless as it hovered high in the sky, and then plunged vertically down. 

The people in the carriages began to flip up and down again. Fortunately, this time there was no luggage so it was much safer. 

Ji Zhaokun pressed Yu Jiaoniang to the seat, and he used 100% of his strength. Although the train swayed, Yu Jiaoniang was always firmly held back by him.

This time she wasn’t hurt. 

But there were many people in the carriage who bumped into each other and sustained serious injuries. 

“Seat belt.” Ji Zhaokun looked at the situation the carriages were in, frowning a little. 

Yu Jiaoniang understood as soon as she heard those words. After removing the danger of the luggages, he had begun to think about ways to make everyone stay in their seats. 

“Maybe we’ll die in the next second,” Yu Jiaoniang said softly. There may not be a chance to use seat belts at all. 

“Maybe we’ll live a hundred years.” Ji Zhaokun looked at her with hope in his eyes.

Could this get any worse?

They had got onto a strange train that took millions of lives and withstood five hundred tons of explosives. And those very explosives were meant to take their lives. 

What could be worse than this?

If things have gotten as bad as they could be, then everything that happens next will be considered good. 

They were the ones who have been through the gates of hell, and every second from now on was the gift of life. 

Ji Zhaokun wanted everyone to have one more second of life.

Yu Jiaoniang and Ji Zhaokun looked at each other. She could see the determination in his eyes and understood what he was thinking. 

“But…” Yu Jiaoniang looked around, forcing herself to start thinking, “How can everyone have seat belts?”

“Clothes, rope… Use everything that can be tied together first,” Ji Zhaokun said.

“Not everyone has rope. And clothes… clothes are too short,” Yu Jiaoniang shook her head. 

It’s summer now, even if some girls think the air conditioner in the train was too cold, they’d just put on a jacket, and the jacket’s length is not long enough to encircle the seat. 

Ji Zhaokun suddenly raised his hand, and Yu Jiaoniang stretched out her hand at the same time.

The two touched the seat cloth in front, “This is it!” 

There was a seat cloth on each of the seats. If the seat cloth could be taken off and cut into long strips, the broken long stips could be spliced together which would be long enough to hold people tightly to the seat. 

It wouldn’t be as secure as the seat belts on aeroplanes or in cars, but in this case it’s the only way to get everyone a ‘seat belt’ on the train.

But there were no scissors, and sharp objects weren’t allowed to pass through during the security check. 

‘Chaos’ began to shake violently again. It was accelerating.

Someone was launched directly from the rear seat to the front row like a rocket, and slammed into the train wall, screaming in pain.

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