Welcome Aboard The Chaos Train (Chapter 5 Part 2)

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Chapter 5: Avalanche at Qianlong Snowy Mountain (Part 2)

Ji Zhaokun stood up and shouted. A flight attendant scattered to each compartment, “First, get everyone to hug the tray table, or squat under the seat to not be sent flying.”



“Understood.” The responses came from each of the carriages. 

Ji Zhaokun said to Yu Jiaoniang, “I’m going to broadcast in the front carriage, so you have to protect yourself now.” 

Yu Jiaoniang grabbed him, “Then how will you protect yourself?”

A faint smile appeared in Ji Zhaokun’s eyes, “I don’t need to protect myself.”

His life no longer belonged to him.

The people in front of him were the people of his country, and his life was for the country. 

That was what he wanted to protect.

Yu Jiaoniang wanted to say that he was talking nonsense, but the words couldn’t come out of her mouth at all.

She understood him.

If the carriage contained cultural relics that were unearthed at the base, she would also be willing to protect the cultural relics with her life. 

Ji Zhaokun was for the stability of the present world, and she was for the heritage of history. 

Whether it was the heavy weight of responsibility on her shoulders, or the instinct of it flowing in her blood, she could understand Ji Zhaokun. 

“But we haven’t figured out the ‘seat belt’.”

“I’ll think of a way.”

Ji Zhaokun got up and walked forward.

Yu Jiaoniang watched him pass through the carriages. His steps were firm and quick. 

His back suddenly gave her deja vu like she had seen him somewhere before. 

There was a loud ‘bang’ and the train hit something and shook violently.

Everyone looked out the window in horror.

The flames had gone out.

Outside the window was a mountain range of snow-capped mountains, because of the train knocking into the mountain, huge blocks of snow were falling down from the mountain top. 

‘Chaos’ was pressing against the snow-capped mountains, and the flames went out instantly when the snow chunks hit the train. 

Yu Jiaoniang’s heart was touched, ‘Was ‘Chaos’ putting out the fire?’ 

The vast white sky outside the window replaced the previous scorching red. 

There was a muffled sound coming from a distance that gradually joined together and rumbled outside the train, as if there was a thunderstorm hidden within the snow-capped mountains. 

“An avalanche!” Someone in the carriage exclaimed.

The white piled in the distance seemed like a giant wave falling from the sky, cascading downwards in layers.

The sky and the earth were covered with white snow, and ice crystals came smashing downwards frantically. 

There were no other colours in sight.

‘Chaos’ had crashed into the fallen snow head-on, and pressed through the rapidly falling snow blocks. The huge snow blocks hit the glass and shattered into white haze.

More and more snow fell onto the roof of the carriage because of the impact, and it seemed to be too heavy for the train. The speed of ‘Chaos’ eventually slowed down. 

“It’s Qianlong Snowy Mountain!”

Yu Jiaoniang heard someone say, “Qianlong Snowy Mountain actually had an avalanche.”

Qianlong Snowy Mountain!

Many people in the north west have heard of this snow-capped mountain. 

As it’s the most holy snow-capped mountain in Nuoshun, it has many mysterious and beautiful legends. 

Legend has it that the dragon prince in the sky was seriously injured when he fell to Nuoshun in order to destroy the evil beast. The kind human girl, Wu Yadu, rescued him. In order to repay her kindness, the dragon prince turned into the snow-capped mountain to guard the kind and beautiful people of Nuoshun for generations. 

That snow mountain was Qianlong Snowy Mountain. 

Yu Jiaoniang heard about this legend half a year ago, when she unearthed an ancient painting.

She still remembered her awe at the first sight of that paint, “Such a majestic painting is really rare! The dragon entrenched nine continents with its impressive power, and there’s a snow-capped mountain here…” 

The local villagers who excavated with her said that the location of the snow-capped mountain was a bit like Qianlong Snowy Mountain in Nuoshun and told her the legend of Qianlong Snowy Mountain. 

[Junior, the ancient painting you unearthed half a year ago just had its restorations completed…]

In a flash of a second, she thought of the message sent by her senior.

A daring guess appeared in Yu Jiaoniang’s heart. 

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