The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 9 Part 1)

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Chapter 9: The Foreseers (Part 1)

I had a dream that night.

Because the Tripping Prince found me an eyesore, and Asrian said that he had an all-encompassing spell for night watching, I was able to sleep well through the entire night.

Not long after lying down, the jungle around me suddenly turned into a large patch of dark-green grassland.

No idea why, but this patch of grassland looked familiar to me…


Before I could react, someone suddenly kicked me from the back, and I nearly fell flat on the grass.

“S-senior?” Aren’t I dreaming?

Standing behind me was Senior who I just saw before I fell asleep. I clearly remembered he was also dead asleep, so what is he doing in my dream?!

You think you can get away with what happened in the morning?

Clearly still hating me for the comments I made about his height earlier today, Senior gave me a frightening look. I felt that I’ll probably spend the day in a dream of being badly beaten up.

I wonder if I’d die from being beaten up in a dream?

I can’t be the first Devil Monster to be beaten up to death in a dream, right?

Are you guys going to fight over here? If so, I don’t want to waste my energy. Get out if you want to fight.” When a third-party’s voice came over, I realised that Yuli was standing not too far from us. No wonder I found this place familiar. Could this be the dreamland that Yuli channelled me over last time?

What’s with this?” Why is Senior and Yuli together?

Nothing.” Senior gave me a one-word reply after sneering and nearly throwing a punch on my face.

Senior, are you talking crap?

I accepted Lord Black Mountain’s request to link you guys using dreams. The Lord Black Mountain is rather worried about this trip.” Replacing the crappy one-word reply, Yuli said, “CEO Xiahou, who is the holder of the umbrella, has paid Lord Black Mountain to strengthen the powers of the dreams I create, and also to link the both of you. Such connection places less burden on the soul. So things are like this.

His explanation was clear, but I was still confused.

Yuli has the ability to create dreams.” Senior told me straight-forwardly, at the same time shot me a scary gaze of a killer.

I will never dare say that he is short ever again… So that is his landmine…

And it’s the same for Asrian and the rest?

Yuli glanced at me, “I’d be tired to death if I were to connect three at once. Because I had done it on you previously, it is more convenient to link to you.

Thank you so much for your convenience, uh.

But it won’t be long. Time in dreams flows differently from the outside so Yuli currently can’t hold on for too long.” Looking at the grassland that is scattering in pieces, Senior tilted his head as if he was thinking of something, “Follow the compass. You must first find the Silent Forest before entering the Fire Cave. The Dark Goblins’ movements are too large. The Silent Forest belongs to a neutral race of the Dark Goblins so find them first and understand what has happened.

Huh? Won’t this delay the journey?” Isn’t the Silent Forest where the charcoal black Harvyn, who slapped me, lived at? I did hear the other calling him as a brother from the Silent Forest… Why do we have to look for them?

If I’m not wrong, Asrian’s route is also towards the Silent Forest.

Senior’s attitude was rather certain, as if he would also choose the same route. But aren’t the Dark Goblins the shameless, crafty, and lowly race that likes to raid others in the middle of the night and scheme against others? Why do we need to look for them?

The Dark Goblins are the race that listens to the night. They have outstanding performance in witchery and astrology. If an alarmed Frost Hill Dark Goblin is attacking everywhere, then something might have really happened.” Senior wrapped his arms and said as he squinted his red eyes, “Before settling my private matters, I also agree to heading into the Silent Forest. Going to the Silent Forest will only bring benefits and not harm. Also, it’s not that we’re taking a detour — the Silent Forest is just over there on one of the routes to the Fire Cave.

And where is ‘there’?

A crack appeared on the dark green grassland instantly. The estimated time is about to end.

I recalled that I have yet to say those words to Senior.

Senior, welcome bac–

Senior lifted his hand and a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

Save it for once everything is done.

The next second, I awoke.

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