The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 9 Part 2)

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Chapter 9: The Foreseers (Part 2)

When I woke up, Asrian was using the soil to extinguish the campfire.

“You can sleep a little more.” Noticing that I’ve woken up and was crawling out of the tent, he softly said, “It’s just past dawn.”

I took a look at my watch. It was around 5am. The entire sky was grey in colour, with a vague glow. The air was a little cold, but it was refreshing, like the air in the mountains when I went camping with my family… That time we camped, and then suddenly there was a landslide.

Turning my head, Senior was still lying on the other side and the Lewd Horse was also sleeping as he leaned against Senior — because there weren’t any weird words appearing in my head, so  I think he was really sleeping. Another thing was that the Tripping Prince had disappeared. I wonder where he went again.

For a short moment, I was completely awake. No idea why, but I suddenly had an uneasy feeling.

I didn’t have this feeling when we departed yesterday. But after a night’s rest, I suddenly felt a little bit scared, because this was my first time leaving the Academy, and I actually don’t have anything to contribute. This made me feel like my presence here might be a hindrance instead. It might have even been faster if the Tripping Prince and the rest left on their own.

I can’t believe I have such rash moments! This totally does not fit my timid nature. Based on my characteristics, shouldn’t I be hiding behind and waiting for their return?

“The Prince has gone to find something for breakfast.”

I was startled for a few seconds then realised that Asrian was talking about the Tripping Prince and not Senior. There are alot of royals in this world. They’re everywhere wherever we go. This feels like they’re in abundance. Who knows that maybe three royalties might be hit if a Mcdonald’s sign were to drop.

But was this how he addressed the Tripping Prince previously?

“Hmph!” Asrian added this snort.

They couldn’t have had… another argument while we were asleep, right?

They nearly fought in the middle of the night.” A voice forced its way into my head without any warning. Following this was an indescribable sound of a horse yawning, which I bet normal people couldn’t hear.

Don’t ask me how the sound of a horse yawning is. I don’t want to describe it.

Reluctantly getting up from Senior, the Lewd Horse opened his mouth and yawned after walking two steps, and lastly stopped next to a tree to scratched his body, “That Black Robe said not to go to where the Dark Goblins are staying but Ari wanted to go, so they both nearly got into a fight in the middle of the night — if we weren’t sleeping on the side, I think a bomb would have exploded and flatten the entire jungle.

So I’m not the only one who see the Tripping Prince as a ticking bomb!

Just when I was thinking about that ticking bomb, a bunch of stuff flew out from the side. It was flying so fast that it nearly smashed into me. Fortunately, it didn’t.

When I turned my head, I saw a bunch of bananas with the exterior of a durian shell lying on the grass next to me. Behind that was the Tripping Prince wearing a face of “why didn’t it land on him”.

So were you aiming for my head when you threw it, you jerk!

I can completely feel his hatred for you.” The Lewd Horse even further rubbed salt into the wound by adding this comment.

Asrian looked at that bunch of durian-like bananas and was silent for around five seconds, “What did you do to the tree?”

I looked at Asrian who appeared unsettled and was very curious as to why he asked this question, “What kind of banana is this?” It even has a durian shell exterior.

“These aren’t bananas. This is from a Human-tree race called Glass Shell.” Asrian then pressed on his forehead and looked at the Tripping Prince who wore a look of disdain, “Each tree will only grow one bunch. The tree itself can also relocate accordingly to protect its core… As for what you’re thinking about, this is the heart. If you pluck it out, it also means that the tree has also…”

“Exploded.” The Tripping Prince looked at the Hunter provocatively.

Shooting up, Asrian didn’t give the bunch of bananas a look as he turned and walked into the forest, “I’ll go find something to eat.”

Does that mean this bunch of bananas is inedible?!

So what’s the point of the Tripping Prince bringing them back?! For morning exercise?

Glaring at Asrian as he leaves until his figure disappears within the trees, the Tripping Prince took back his gaze and then glared at me ferociously.

Hey… This has nothing to do with me, right!

He glared at me for more than a minute until I felt that I could be settled by him, the Tripping Prince then turned to look at the bananas and stepped on a few bananas heartlessly. He then sneered and turned his head to walk away.

Poor bananas.

But the Tripping Prince’s shoes are really strong. Normal people wouldn’t use their foot to step on durians yet he could walk away as if nothing happened after stepping on them.

The Lewd Horse leaned over and used its hooves to open a little of the undamaged ones, “Open up the remainings.

“What’s inside?” I looked at the Lewd Horse cautiously. I’m a little suspicious of this.

The Glass Shell is a very precious plant — affiliated to the Human-tree race. There’s something good inside its heart, similar to tonic or herbs. It’s basically the Glass Shell’s essence.

Half believing and half doubting the Lewd Horse, I ended up peeling the banana. It actually wasn’t difficult to peel and surprisingly, the skin wasn’t hard. I could easily remove the seemingly-tough skin by lightly pulling it.

A few bananas were empty — just a few drops of green fluid. When I was about to finish peeling all the bananas, I took out a bunch of green, sticky, transparent, unknown parts that looked like flubber, from the second-last banana.

“Put it here.” The Tripping Prince threw an empty bottle. Clang. The bottle landed next to me as he ordered me as if I was supposed to do it.

…Did you think I would swallow it right here right now?!

Under the glare of the Tripping Prince, I ended up putting that lump of stuff into the bottle and then threw it back.

After that lump of stuff was taken away, the green fluid from the remaining bananas instantly turned black and stunk. In a few seconds, it reeked a stench similar to a rotting dead body. I immediately threw them somewhere further away so that we don’t die from the stench before we even eat breakfast.

When I returned from disposing the bananas, Asrian had returned to the campsite. He even brought back stuff that looked like normal fruits.

“We’re heading towards the Silent Forest.”

After passing me the fruits, he said, “Here would be considered the starting point. Heading north, we will reach the Fire Cave hidden spot after passing by the Silent Hill. Since the Fire Cave and the Ice Tooth Clan have disappeared from history, we’re unable to determine if they are still located there. The compass and the information we have right now suggest that the Fire Cave still exists.”

I nodded my head. Since Senior said that we would reach the Fire Cave after passing by the Silent Forest. The wolf clan should still be there, otherwise, he would have cautioned us first.

But seriously, do I even still have personal time–

Forget about getting killed by someone’s gaze, I still get stepped on by people at night. How am I even going to get some rest?!

“We’re not going to the Silent Forest!” The Tripping Prince’s sudden roar interrupted our conversation.

“We must first visit the Dark Goblins from the Silent Forest.” Holding in his anger, Asrian said, “The Dark Goblins’ commotion isn’t an insignificant matter.”

“The Guild will send people to understand the situation. We must head to the Green Coast on the north and pass by the Chio race’s territory to get to the Fire Cave.” The Tripping Prince retorted, “The Green Coast is safer than the Silent Hill.”

Well, as I watched them argue, I vaguely felt that the Tripping Prince was a little anxious, but this might just be my illusion.

Could it be that he has other agenda besides causing conflicts, stirring up trouble, and looking down on people?

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