The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 9 Part 3)

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Chapter 9: The Foreseers (Part 3)

“I’ll say it again, we must go to the Silent Forest.”

Asrian who looked like he was about to go mad said coldly to the stubborn Tripping Prince.

“We go by the Green Coast!”

I quietly picked up the fruits, sat next to the Lewd Horse and ate. Their fight is going to be endless at this rate. If Senior woke up, I think he would’ve quickly suppressed the situation.

But because I wasn’t Senior, I think it was better for me to remain silent and just eat on the side.

Reaching my Second Year in the Academy, I can distinguish clearly when to not to intercept a situation for the sake of my life. Especially when we are out of the Academy. Who knows, I may be slaughtered the moment I intercept.

Crap. I forgot to buy insurance before leaving!

Previously Zachary mentioned to me about some insurance that I could get from school since nine out of ten trips outside school will likely face accidents. I even told him that I would consider it and yet I completely forgot about this!

I wonder if it is still possible to ask him to mail over the insurance policy…

I haven’t visited the Green Coast in a while…” The Lewd Horse murmured as he munched on the fruits, “There are many pretty sisters over there.

“I’m a Black Robe!” The Tripping Prince began to use his rank to suppress people, “According to the Guild’s regulations, the Black Robes have the right to make decisions! Even if it is you, Asrian, you must listen to me!”

“I’m the one leading the mission this time!” Asrian’s voice also got louder.

“You’re not like me!”

He said it! He said a forbidden word!” The Lewd Horse immediately took a step backwards, probably running away to find a safe spot to watch the show.

Right at that moment when Asrian was about to blow up, I suddenly felt an odd aura cutting across my shoulders, bringing a sharp pain and numbness from my hand within a few seconds.

“Asrian! Someone’s here!” Pressing onto my hand that was starting to bleed, I jumped up immediately. Luckily it didn’t hit the back of my head.

Concurrently noticing sounds coming from nearby, Asrian and the Tripping Prince halted their argument and turned, back facing each other as they became wary of their surroundings.

“Shikin, go protect Bin Yan first!” Pulling out his sabre, Asrian rotated his wrist without any hesitation and the sharp and strong wind gushed towards my surroundings. In less than a second, I heard a few moans coming out. Afterwards, a few people fell within the clumps of trees and grasses.

The Lewd Horse immediately stayed guarded in front of Senior as he looked left and right.

I moved my hand, realising that the hand that was injured had completely lost feeling… Luckily it did, or else I would be crying in pain, “Minas.”

Just when we were all about to stand up, a few people wearing odd masks jumped out from their hiding spots. Those masks brought an indigenous sense of familiarity. It was so long that the wooden pieces reaching the thighs were drawn with odd totems and long eyes, with blood-coloured fangs below, appearing to be very hostile.

So there really are cannibals in this world!

“Damn it.” Asrian’s face turned bad.

Around seven to eight odd indigenous individuals surrounded us in a circle as they reached out their hands and knocked on their large masks. A kind of bizarre and united sounds of knocking kept pounding out, giving everyone a very bad feeling.

“Pfft! The Tripping Prince frowned his brows and reach out his hand, seemingly wanting to throw out some bombs but was stopped by Asrian.

Giving us a look to indicate to us not to do anything first, Adrian kept his sabre out and looked around for a moment. His gaze stopped at the gold-painted mask amongst everyone, “Foreseers, we bear no evil intentions. We’re travellers who are purely passing by this place.”

The gold-painted mask let out a string of murmurs that I didn’t understand. The voice was quick and carried some unfriendly intentions.

They are questioning who killed the Human-tree race.” The Lewd Horse, who still had the mood to take advantage of Senior, crouched his lowered body and brought Senior onto his back. “There’s trouble now. The Foreseers and the Human-tree race have a very close relationship.

Is it the one that a bunch of bananas was dug out from?

I looked towards the culprit. That jerk didn’t have a single sign of guilt on his face, but instead showed a blatant expression saying “I was the one who blasted him into ashes. I can blast you into ashes to join him if you’re unhappy about it.”

One day, I think we won’t even know how we were sabotaged to death by the Tripping Prince.

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