The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 9 Part 4)

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Chapter 9: The Foreseers (Part 4)

The Foreseers, which I learnt from the ancient books, are the neighbours of the Human-tree race, and have a good relationship with the Human-tree race.

It was said that the Foreseers could assimilate with the soil and receive protection from the surrounding Human-tree race.

Despite being surrounded now, I was in total ignorance. Only feeling like we were being surrounded by a bunch of cannibals while Asrian was attempting to communicate with them as he pressed his voice low.

Around ten minutes later, the person with a gold-painted mask waved his hand to indicate to his comrades to take a step back from us. Then, he removed his wooden face mask.

Actually I thought I would be seeing a man at that moment, but what appeared behind the mask was… Well… the body resembled a man. Just a little taller and stronger than us, but the head was of a wild-beast. I couldn’t tell if it was a dog’s head or a wolf’s head, but it was like a character from a particular story-book.

Standing in front of the Dog-headed Human, Asrian and the Tripping Prince who weren’t short to begin with, appeared to be significantly smaller.

The Dog-headed Human coughed and stared at Asrian as he spoke in a low voice, “Hunter, you must be held accountable for killing the Human-tree race.”

He switched to a language that we understood, a little similar to Chinese but with a pronunciation of Chinese from other places. Though I barely caught most of his words, I could still make out what he meant.

“We are apologetic for what has happened to the Human-tree race, but I believe there must have been some misunderstandings in between. Do we have the permission to explain?” Asrian asked the Dog-headed Human sincerely.

“The culprit shall remain, the rest may go.” The Dog-Headed Human replied, “The Earth and people shall interrogate the murderer of the Human-tree race.”

“Fuck this!”

The Tripping Prince who finally ran out of patience blurted out these two words, which interrupted the conversation between Asrian and the Dog-headed Human. With everyone turning their gaze over to him, he abruptly swung his hand.

Asrian’s immediately knew that things were going to turn bad.

At the same time, the Lewd Horse instantly opened his wings and flew out.

The sound of the explosion came from directly beneath our feet. Before I even figured out whether he was just attacking indiscriminately, Adrian dashed over, grabbed me and jumped on the Flying Wolf’s back that suddenly appeared. It then bolted to the sky before we became engulfed in the explosion.

The place where we pitched our tents last night fell into a site of continuous explosion. Fire sparks and smoke covered the entire site. Luckily Asrian was a step faster. Otherwise I firmly believe that I would have already crossed the Bridge to the Afterworld.

You bastard Tripping Prince, are you trying to also attack your comrades? How could you do this?!

Amidst the chains of fire glows, the Tripping Prince who was not stained by a single speck of dust suddenly popped out from the inside and jumped on the Flying Wolf’s back naturally.

“How could you attack?!” Asrian immediately scolded angrily when he saw him.

“That tree is mad.” The Tripping Prince squinted his eyes indifferently.


“We don’t need to be held accountable to those mad Human-tree races.” Turning his face to the side, the Tripping Prince snorted.

The sounds of explosions continued for a few seconds and after studying the situation below for a while, Adrian then turned to look at the Tripping Prince, “You’re killing him because the Human-tree races were going to attack you?”

The Tripping Prince didn’t even make a sound.

Being in between them, I looked left and right for a bit and decided to pose my question, “Did the Human-tree race initiate the attack?” Right. I remember those from the Demon world would be attacked, but the Tripping Prince probably doesn’t resemble half a beast in any ways, right?

Also, there couldn’t possibly be a half-beast amongst us, right?

“Most of them won’t.” Asrian turned to look at me and said, “The Human-tree race is an ancient and wise creature. After the elves left history, the Human-tree race had more or less fallen into deep slumber. Despite being in deep slumber, they would still wake up occasionally. As they have been sleeping for too long, they may forget their consciousness and instinctively attack any approaching living objects. At such times, the Foreseer would guide them to recover their consciousness, or to put them back into their slumber to prevent causing deaths and injuries to other races.”

“That isn’t it.” The Tripping Prince retaliated, “That’s a mad Human-tree race.”

“If it’s a mad Human-tree race, you can just clearly explain it to the Foreseer and that would have prevented an argument. Why didn’t you tell him just now?!” Probably wanting to go over and strangle the Tripping Prince to death, Asrian said while gritting his teeth.

“I have no reasons to further explain to those lowly races.” The words he said this time really made the both of us want to surround him and beat him up.

Those people below seem to be still alive.” Lazily channelling this message in my head, the Lewd Horse flying next to us reminded me, “But the odd thing is that they’re in a chaos now.

“Is something happening below?” I nudged Asrian who nearly busted up with the Tripping Prince.

Before Asrian replied to me, the smoke below had disappeared. Following which, we immediately saw the cause of the chaos.

Except for the flames and the holes caused by the explosions, the gold-painted mask that the Dog-Headed Human who was holding onto was being stepped onto the ground very heroically, and the very unaware person stepping on the mask even created a crack on it, and the crack was very coincidentally formed on the paint.

I saw those words; “The Oasis Is Fucking Hot”, which triggered a migraine as they reappeared in front of me.

“How dare you guys leave me behind?! Come down right now!”

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