The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 9 Part 5)

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Chapter 9: The Foreseers (Part 5)

Sometimes I do believe that the Five-Coloured Rooster is a very mysterious individual.

But it’s the type of mysteriousness that we really should not compliment. 

“Bastard! How dare you escape without me?!” Stepping on the other person’s mask, the Five-Coloured Rooster even stomped his feet twice angrily. I could almost hear the cracking sound from below his slippers. “That bomb jerk! Are you setting off these explosions because of me? Come down and let’s settle this once and for all if you even have the balls to! The sun will shine on your gravestone tomorrow!”

The Tripping Prince who was clearly provoked revealed a smirk, “What a resilient lifeform.”

So were you intending to settle both the Five-Coloured Rooster and the Foreseers since you saw him nearby?

I suddenly had a feeling that I may die unknowingly under my teammate’s hands one day. I think it’s better to stay far away from the Tripping Prince for my personal safety.

Completely ignoring the astonishment from the Foreseers, the Five-Coloured Rooster continued stepping on the mask a few more times and shouted at the Tripping Prince. A few seconds later, the Foreseers surrounded the Five-Coloured Rooster.

Asrian sighed, and then lowered the Flying Wolf  before he leaped down.

Since the Five-Coloured Rooster was below and Asrian had also gone down, I followed and leaped down. Luckily, the Flying Wolf was also flying at a very low height so I wouldn’t die from the fall. But I only realised that it was about a storey high after leaping down so I landed on my butt. Fortunately, I didn’t land on anyone.

“Yang~ So you missed me~ As expected from my loyal servant.”

I suddenly felt that my decision to come down was a mistake.

“Ziray, please move your feet.” I could already sense the murderous gaze from the Foreseers.

“Huh?” The Five-Coloured Rooster lowered his head, looked below his feet and moved them away. The mask was torn and tattered and was completely dirtied. I guess it could no longer be used, “Why did you guys put trash below my feet?”

You stepped on it yourself!

Almost a dozen dark lines had formed on Asrian’s face as he quietly bent down and picked up the mask that was trampled on. I noticed that he was hesitant on how to return it to the Dog-headed Human.

He can’t possibly say something like “Ahahaha, we’re done adding more decorations for you”, right?

If I was the Dog-headed Human, I would have strangled this group of people first.

Surprisingly, the Dog-headed Human, who should have jumped over to strangle us, stared at the Five-Coloured Rooster for a while. Then, he showed a kind of surprised look, “The child of the Rogeria family?”

The Five-Coloured Rooster raised his eyebrow and circled around the Dog-headed Human, “Why do I find a living tomb like you especially familiar?”

“You know each other?” This time, it was Asrian who was surprised.

The Dog-headed Human waved his hand to indicate the other furious people in masks to step down and then he suddenly grinned his mouth. Not sure whether he was laughing or not, but a lot of silver-white teeth were revealed.

“Oh. I remember.”  Punching his fist, the Five-Coloured Rooster snatched over the mask from Asrian’s hand and looked at it carefully before throwing it back to the Dog-headed Human, “Aren’t you that brat who asked me for masks?”

“Ziray Rogeria.” Calling out the Five-Coloured Rooster correctly this time. The Dog-headed Human’s mood turned better and casually passed the mask to his companion standing next to him, “Are these your companions?”

“This is my servant.” The Five-Coloured Rooster pointed at me.

I am not your servant!

Under the pressure from Tripping Prince’s glare and Asrian’s curious gaze, I rubbed my nose and walked towards the Five-Coloured Rooster, “Excuse me, but are the both of you… friends?” I definitely didn’t expect the Five-Coloured Rooster to even have a friend. I thought his life was all about getting more enemies and pissing them off to death.

“Let me think… I think this brat’s called… Bon Pork Lard or something…” The Five-Coloured Rooster who appeared to have completely forgotten the person’s name wrapped his arm.

“Von Raylart. I am one of the team leaders from the Foreseers race.” Completely not agitated by the Five-Coloured Rooster’s words, the Dog-headed Human’s attitude gradually became more polite, “Sorry, I didn’t know you were Ziray’s servant. I nearly caused him to lose his servant.”

“I’m not his servant.” I think I need an explanation as to why my identity was becoming lower.

“He’s my follower.” The Five-Coloured Rooster casually continued, “Those few over there are my follower’s friends.”

“So the both of you are friends?” Not being bothered by the Five-Coloured Rooster’s words, Asrian came up and asked.

I was thinking he was probably very surprised that the Five-Coloured Rooster had a rather good relationship with the Foreseers.

“We’ve met twice or thrice. This brat’s mask was originally mine. It wasn’t exceptionally beautiful yet he wanted it and even replicated a bunch for his team.” Pointing at the mask that he stepped on, the Five-Coloured Rooster said with a ‘how is that thing even beautiful’ attitude, “I bought this from the Original World when I went there for vacation. That shop forced me to buy this stupid thing before giving me a shirt.”

So that’s a souvenir?

No wonder I found it familiar-looking! Perhaps I’ve seen it on some travel documentary TV channel. That must be some traditional wooden mask from some country!

“We have business interactions with the Rogeria family.” The Dog-headed Human briefly explained. Likely because the Five-Coloured Rooster had vouched for us that his hostility had disappeared, “Sometimes the Human-Tree would turn mad. The mad Human-Tree would turn into twisted creatures upon being affected by the pollutive air. The Rogeria family watches over these mad Human-Tree for us. When there’s a need, they would also help to bring these mad Human-Tree or twisted creatures that are experiencing unbearable pain to rest.”

“So I have helped them a few times.” The Five-Coloured Rooster said, “It’s a free service so in exchange they will provide us with some intel.”

“I see.” Asrian nodded his head in relief, “I think there was some misunderstanding earlier on. My partner only fought back because he was attacked by the Human-tree. He didn’t have any intention of killing the innocent Human-tree.”

The Dog-headed Human called for a comrade and murmured some words that we didn’t understand. Then the comrade disappeared from our line of sight, “Our base is not too far from here. Please come and rest.”

Asrian looked at the Tripping Prince who leaped down from the Flying Wolf. The latter hadn’t objected, so he let the Flying Wolf retreat. Then, the Lewd Horse followed behind us, as he joined the Dog-headed Human to enter the forest.

A few Foreseers kept a distance from us as they crept within the trees next to us. Sometimes they would disappear when I turn around, and sometimes I would see their shadows just nearby. The narrow space between the branches and leaves covers their traces, leaving people unnoticed.

Including the Foreseer and the Tripping Prince, their footsteps did not give off any sound, as if they were ghosts floating across. Whereas the Five-Coloured Rooster walked in a swagger as if he did so intentionally. But his footsteps weren’t very loud either. As compared to them, ever since I stepped into the forest, I’ve been making abrupt sounds. No matter how I walked, I would keep stepping onto small branches and fallen leaves. It [the noise] was very sharp.

In the end, the Lewd Horse who was observing me from behind for a few seconds happily stepped around, giving off pitter-patter sounds which made me really want to turn around and punch him up.

After walking for around half an hour under normal walking speed, we finally saw a camp base at the other end of the forest. Actually, it wasn’t located too far from where we stayed last night but we weren’t able to spot this base from a distance away — it could only be seen when we walked really close to it.

“To let the Human-tree recover their peace, we wandered across the world.” The Dog-headed Human chatted with Asrian who was walking in front, “Previously the Ghost Clan has brought a lot of adverse effects which increased the number of mad Human-trees. Our race had to work harder to appease them and put them back into their slumber.”

“Was this so even after the Ghost Clan had left?”

The Dog-headed Human nodded his head, “The trees, water and air were all polluted. The awakened Human-trees were badly affected by this, so it became very difficult to put them back into their slumber.” As he said in a not very profound language, he looked at the surrounding trees, “We have made a deal with the elves to gradually send these Human-trees to a quieter place to return back to their slumber. We have been doing so for thousands of years already. The elves have left, but the Human-trees remained. The Foreseers can only protect them and invite them to move. But these Human-trees move, stop, and sleep along the way; only to wake up a few hundred years later. There are still plenty of Human-trees remaining on land.”

“Is there no other methods like using teleportation spells to send them over?” I posed this question out of curiosity as I listened to the Dog-headed Human.

“No. There are many forms of protection in the vastness of this world so typical spells used outside cannot be used over here. The protection will block the spell and won’t be effective.” He told me something that others have told me before, “So the Human-tree must be moved.”

“Tsk, like I care how those Trees are going to be moved.” The Five-Coloured Rooster quickly concluded that this was completely unrelated to him.

Giving a smile, the Dog-headed Human led us into the Foreseer’s base.

The temporary base of the Foreseers was actually not huge. It was a little like the nomadic tribes — small with a few tents gathered around and a bonfire and some utensils for cooking placed in the middle, surrounding outside is a bamboo fence that was sharpened by wood. This place felt like a cute and small residential area.

 There were two to three women walking inside the fence, their faces were normal… After all I only just saw that Dog-headed Human without his weird face mask, I still didn’t know if the others resembled the same.

The women inside the fences looked like the indigenous — there were tattoos on their bodies and faces. Their skin was slightly tanned as they wore some casual clothes, and had their brown hair tied up or braided. They were carrying ingredients for cooking. Knives were hanging on their waist. They were also a little taller than the Tripping Prince so they looked like they could easily enter combat mode.

Seeing Raylart and the rest returning, the women waved their hands to greet. It looked rather casual.

“These are the female warriors in our team. We usually rotate in threes to protect the base.” As Raylart explained, he waved towards one of the women, and then spoke a few words in their own language. That woman quickly went into one of the tents and bought out a small container when she returned. Raylart received the container, and then led us to one of the tents that had a similar gold colour.

“First, help Ziray’s follower stop the bleeding. The blade had a slight poison that numbs. It’ll be fine after treatment.”

There’s already no way to explain that I’m not his follower.

But if he didn’t bring it up, I would have really forgotten that my arm was injured because it had completely lost its feeling, and in this situation where I have no idea how much blood I have also lost, a layer of blood-like jelly had formed on the wound.

After entering the tent, we realised that this place was much bigger than what we saw from the outside. It wouldn’t be a problem to fit at least ten people in here. It was spacious and there weren’t many things placed inside, just a box that was placed over there –probably used to put some daily necessities.

“Have a seat.” Raylart invited us, and then pressed my shoulder to have me sit next to him. Then he opened the small container that was in his hand. Inside the container was an unknown substance that was mushy and dark green in colour.

The sight of this gave me a bad feeling. This bad feeling was amplified when Raylart generously dug a big lump out from the container with his finger. As if he was trying to prove that my instincts were right, the person who dug out that lump of lava-clay-like substance slapped that lump directly on my wound.

I was initially glad that my arm was numb, but in three seconds, I started to wail in pain.

This is the first time I hated effective medicine so much!

“Bear with it a little, human.” Raylart grabbed my arm that was in pain and then shook his head, “Youngsters these days really can’t endure anything.”

This is way too painful! I already wanted to cry out tears, my entire eyes were blurred by the pain. Even the legendary midst that was said to have a beautifying effect was already out.

“It’s almost done. It’s almost done.” Glancing at me, Raylart said.

Indeed, after he said so, the wound miraculously stopped hurting. Just like when it started hurting, the pain came quickly but it also left quickly — even the wound has returned to its original shape.

“This is a special medicine the Foreseers use. It was said to be rather effective and it’s an ancient medicine, even the Phoenix clan may not use this.” Asrian took over the white cloth handed by Raylart, and carefully wrapped my wound, “It’s just that the effects are rather strong.”

I can totally understand what he meant by “strong”, so much so that I suddenly find that the treatment by the Chief and the others are way too kind — painless and quick — which made me very touched.

“It’s not like he’d die if we leave him alone.” The Tripping Prince’s words were like a pail of snow was directly poured onto my head.

“Hmph! Do you really think that my follower is that weak?!”

Enough, Five-Coloured Rooster. Although I know that you’re defending me, your words don’t make me feel good at all.

Pfft pfft pfft, what a resilient life you have.

I immediately turned to glare at the Lewd Horse. He even turned his face away, pretending to place Senior down.

“Why did you guys pass by this area? The Rogeria family rarely have any relations with the Hunter.” Keeping the container, Raylart cut to the chase and directly spoke to the point.

“I am here to roam the Jianghu*.” The Five-Coloured Rooster gave him a very abstract reply.

[t/n: I used romaji/pinyin instead of trying to translate this word partially because there isn’t an English word equivalent to Jianghu. For those who read wuxia or xianxia genre enough, this word often loosely means the vast world.]

After showing a face of blankness for three seconds, Raylart turned to look at me.

“Uh… I think we were going to the Silent Forest.” You should be asking Asrian instead. I’m not the one leading the group!

“The Green Coast.” The Tripping Prince let out his gloomy voice.

“We’re planning to head to the Silent Forest to visit the Dark Goblins. Do the Foreseers have any news regarding the Dark Goblins?” Completely disregarding the Tripping Prince, Asrian sat on the floor next to Raylart, without even caring whether it was clean or not. This was way different from the Tripping Prince who gave a look of disgust the moment he entered.

Raylart flicked his finger and a scroll of things suddenly appeared in front of us from thin air. He then opened that roll of large cow skin paper. On it was a complicated map that felt like those mysterious maps that often appeared in adventure-themed movies.

“I wouldn’t recommend either side.” He said, “Pirates have appeared at the Green Coast. According to my intel, it is highly dangerous. As for the Silent Forest, the Dark Goblins have suddenly disappeared and hid in the deepest corner of darkness. It is equally unsafe.”

“Pirates?” The Tripping Prince squinted his eyes.

“According to my intel, the three teams that were sent on crusade have been wiped out. Currently, the Guild is gathering the Black Robes.” Pointing at the coast with a half-moon shape on the map, Raylart drew an estimated area from the surrounding border of the coast.

“I wasn’t aware of this incident. The Green Coast is the Chio Fairy’s territory.” The Tripping Prince coldly said, appearing to be seemingly angry. No, actually his feelings were never good in the first place.

“This is the most recent event. Usually it will take some time for the nobles to learn about this.” Raylart glanced at him and added, “Especially those with bad human interactions.”

With this sentence added, my attitude towards Raylart suddenly increased by a hundred percent.

“Were the Dark Goblins the only ones who disappeared from the Silent Forest?” Asrian pressed on the other side of the map. Although I didn’t really understand maps like this, from the looks of it I could tell that he was pointing at an area of mountains. The mountain range was symbolised by some trees and it looked like the Silent Forest that they were talking about.

“There is the presence of miasma over there. Previously there was an unknown existence that opened a diversion door in the Silent Forest. But the Dark Goblins couldn’t find it so they retreated into darkness.” Sharing what he knew with us, Raylart continued, “We couldn’t scout anything more so we were unable to know if anything happened to the Dark Goblins.”

“The Dark Goblins aren’t weak. So if even the Dark Goblins of the Silent Hill had to leave, it is likely that the intruder is not an insignificant character.” Asrian pouted his lips, as he pondered over the possibility of this trip.

“Of course we’re heading towards the place that is dangerous!” The Five-Coloured Rooster happily slammed on the map, “Which route is more dangerous?”

“The place where the enemy is unknown.” Raylart pointed to the Silent Forest.

“Then we’ll go to the Silent Forest! I like challenges the best!”

You’re practically challenging with your own life. In fact, you’re even involving other people’s lives along, for example mine. I don’t even want to go to that damn Silent Forest!

“ If you want to head towards the Silent Forest, I can lead you the way.” Raylart, who seemed to be more in support of the Five-Coloured Rooster, didn’t see the ugly expression of the Tripping Prince who was standing behind, “We’re more familiar with this area so we can avoid some danger.”

“Then you shouldn’t come along!” The Five-Coloured Rooster instantly chased away the guide rudely.

“No. Can we trouble you to come along?” Immediately refuting the Five-Coloured Rooster, Asrian quickly said, “We have never been to the Silent Forest so it will be best if there is someone to lead us there. Since we have just broken your face mask, to express our sincerity, I will have the people from my race bring you ten times the amount of face masks for you.”

“Deal!” Raylart showed a thumbs up.

And so we exchanged ten indigenous souvenir face masks for a guide just like that.

[t/n: Omg finally the extremely long chapter is over! Goodnight. (TL finished this at 2am in the morning x.x)] [editor: why is Part 5 so damn long?]

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