The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 10 Part 1)

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Chapter 10: The Ghost Gate (Part 1)

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That day, we spent the night at the Foreseer’s base.

Later, I saw the other people who had removed their masks, all had normal faces. It appeared that only Raylart was the exception but I didn’t dare to ask why since Asrian and the others didn’t look particularly surprised… Could it be that it was normal for the team leader to have a dog face?

After finishing the meal, Asrian and the Tripping Prince went to bed early. Raylart let us make ourselves a comfortable spot to rest in their base. The Foreseers have arranged people for night watching so we could comfortably rest here for the night and recover our energy.

“I’ll go for a stroll nearby for a bit.” The Five-Coloured Rooster who didn’t seem to want to sleep early dragged me.

“I don’t want to go for a stroll!” I’d much rather sleep than take a stroll with you!

“You’re my follower, so of course you should come along!” Completely ignoring my plea, the Five-Coloured Rooster dragged me out of the tent.

Not wanting to wake the Tripping Prince and the rest, I could only sob out tears and get dragged out.

Where are you guys going?” The Lewd Horse who followed out glanced at Senior who was in the tent, then gently put the tent down to close it.

“Ziray wants to take a walk around.” I pointed at the Five-Coloured Rooster since I was so reluctant to come.

Then I wanna come along~” The Lewd Horse joined.

I’m done with the both of you.

We exited the Foreseers’ fences. As the guards knew that we were invited over by Raylart, they didn’t question us, and let us leave the place before closing the small gate.

The outside was completely dark. After staying in the Academy for so long, I wasn’t used to seeing complete darkness. Even during night time in the Academy, there was at least some light, like small creatures or unknown objects that would glow, so it was rare to experience such a pitch black environment in the Academy.

It’s moist over here.” The Lewd Horse took two steps forward and led the way.

Since it wasn’t towards anywhere in particular, the Five-Coloured Rooster and I followed behind him.

“So what happened after you fell down, Ziray?” He seemed to be perfectly fine so I wonder how he caught us after he fell.

“I just beat up those people who were following us and then walked here.” The Five-Coloured Rooster revealed a haughty look, “Of course I wouldn’t let my enemies cross over my dead body!”

Those who could cross over your dead body are likely very powerful. I gave those enemies a moment of silence. Seeing that the Five-Coloured Rooster has returned, I bet they were left in a pathetic state… Their hearts must have hurt for being defeated by such a person.

“So what are we exactly doing coming out here?”

I suddenly turned to look at the Five-Coloured Rooster, “You followed along without knowing what we’re doing?” Is he crazy?!

“Of course I know that we’re going to the Fire Cave. But you guys mentioned some Silent Forest. So besides bringing people to the Fire Cave, what else are we supposed to do?” The Five-Coloured Rooster wrapped his arm and in the darkness I could faintly see his colourful head slanting to one side.

“Asrian and Senior want to visit the Silent Forest to find out what happened to the Dark Goblins.” That’s about all I knew. “The Silent Forest is also along the way, so we probably are heading towards there.”

“Oh. I see.” The Five-Coloured Rooster flicked his finger, “In any case, we’re going to annihilate the Dark Goblins, right?”

“No.” Even I was proud of myself for being able to talk to the Five-Coloured Rooster so calmly. “Speaking of which, I wonder if Asrian and the Prince will end up fighting each other… I feel that there’s a very tense relationship between them.” Although it’s useless to chat with the Five-Coloured Rooster about this, following the saying that one must relax to not turn mad, I casually remarked and wasn’t expecting any reply.

“It’s better if they fight each other so I can remove the eyesore away!” The Five-Coloured Rooster who was totally adding fuel to the fire pointed a thumbs up to me.

I really shouldn’t have said this!

We’re here.” The Lewd horse who was walking in front stopped. Almost at the same time, our surroundings were also slightly brightened.

There was a lake that wasn’t very big. It reminded me of those ponds that breed frogs. It was so small that I doubt swimming around it twice would make anyone tired. There was an unknown round-shaped leaf that was floating on the surface and some small animals walking around the sides of the pond, though they weren’t near it. The moment they saw the Lewd Horse appearing from the forest, those animals turned their gaze at us.

The atmosphere instantly sank.

The Lewd Horse took a few steps forward, stood next to the pond and looked at it. He then slowly lowered his head to let the horn on his forehead submerge in the water. Following which, a silver-blue glow appeared and floated from the surface of the water and scattered in the air, before disappearing.

This image felt a little fantasy-like and unreal.

Holding this position for a few seconds, the Lewd Horse lifted his head. The small animals that were initially walking around the sides of the pond came closer to the pond and began using the pond that somehow turned crystal clear.

This image looked very familiar…

“Water filter?” This was the only thing that crossed my mind.


Pausing for a bit, the Lewd Horse who almost slipped and fell turned into the look of a youth and dashed to strangle my neck, “Filter your head! This is called purifying! Don’t you know that unicorns have natural purifying ability!”

Pausing for a bit, the Lewd Horse who almost slipped and fell turned into the look of a youth and dashed to strangle my neck, “Filter your head! This is called purifying! Don’t you know that unicorns have a natural purifying ability?!”

“Oh!” I quickly escaped from his clutches. Now that he mentioned it, I recalled that I had read in a book that stated this. But I thought his horn was meant to detect virgins. Little did I expect that it could also be used to purify drinking water! How amazing!

“Hey hey. You’re not allowed to touch my servant.” The Five-Coloured Rooster clutched the Unicorn in return.

Two seconds later, I saw a rooster and a Unicorn in his human form grabbing each other. What an ungracious act.

I decided to leave them alone and took a look at the side of the pond. Most of them are small animals. I could also see that some were squirrels and rabbits while I was unable to tell those that looked a little odd, for example the three-legged crab that walked in a line and was stopping by the waters.

Squatting down, I saw a bunch of animals drinking water from the pond. Even when I went camping last time, I didn’t drink water directly from the source. I wonder if there was anything that might cause poisoning or bacteria that might cause a stomachache. But since the Lewd Horse has purified the water, it should be fine, right?

Scooping a handful of water and drinking it, I noticed that there was a blue-eye spider quietly crawling back into the forest nearby. Looking in the direction, I noticed a shadow of a human over there, but it wasn’t moving.

Weird. I usually never noticed his presence. Why can I see it now?

“Ziray, I’m going somewhere near for a bit.”

Looking at them, they were still grabbing onto each other tightly. I think he’s currently occupied.

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