The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 10 Part 2)

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Chapter 10: The Ghost Gate (Part 2)

Passing by the tree, I saw the person standing at an obscure spot, camouflaging in the darkness.

This time, I really found it weird. Although I knew that this person was monitoring me, compared to bumping into the blue-eyed spider whenever I open my room’s door, I have almost never seen him.

Why did he appear today?

“Who did you bring back?” As if he didn’t notice me, the youth slightly lowered his body to let the spider crawl onto his shoulder. He then paused for a moment, “…I was careless, Devil Master.”

His voice felt a little weak. As it was dark  in this forest and the youth was wearing a black outfit with a face mask, I almost could not tell his current situation. “Are you injured?” For some reason, I felt that he wasn’t feeling well. Based on my recollections, he should turn around and disappear; he also said that he was careless which meant that he didn’t expect me to come to his hideout.

What happened?

“The Time Willow Race does not need the Devil Master to worry.” With this cold reply, the youth quickly turned around and disappeared without leaving a trace, as if he never was there.

But I know that he was probably still around — because he needed to monitor the Devil Master so he couldn’t be too far away.

Just when I was still thinking, I heard some sounds from behind. Then I heard some brat hanging himself on my back, “Yang~ What are you doing here? Are you catching mountain mice?”

I bet the Five-Coloured Rooster doesn’t know what “mountain mice*” means!

[t/n: The word actually refers to people who do illegal logging. But the literal meaning of the word is mountain mouse.]

“No… Don’t suddenly hang yourself on my back.” I quickly flung the Five-Coloured Rooster away and turned my head to think for a moment and then snap my fingers.

The forest brightened up a little.

The contract with the Light and Shadow Village was indeed still effective even though it hasn’t been used in a long time.

Under the light, I saw a small puddle of white liquid on the spot where the youth was standing. If I recall correctly, his blood was indeed white in colour. I remember clearly back then when he was injured by Senior Gasai at my house. Seeing the pieces of white colours in front of my eyes, he was indeed injured — badly injured.

But wasn’t he always following me? Why was he suddenly injured?

“Oh oh. I haven’t seen white blood in a long time.” The Shikin who was just strangling the Five-Coloured Rooster also joined. Then he squatted down to pick up a fallen leaf that was stained by the white blood.

“Is white blood very rare?” I looked at Shikin and asked, “Do very few people have it?”

“To be exact, most of these people have already disappeared from history.” Putting his hand on my shoulder, Shikin, who was almost of the same height as me, threw a leaf from his hand and said casually, “Basically those who possess white blood are related to the Gods. Of course, there are some special races with white blood, but it is very rare. I have only seen it twice.”

“Twice?” So he had actually interacted with the God races?

“That’s right. To get close to a pretty sister, I had no choice but to make the guard pass out but I accidentally exerted too much strength; the other time was when a pretty sister beat me up so much that her fist bled, so that was a total of two times.” Shikin’s expression revealed a look of happiness when he talked about being beaten up.

Who on earth said that Unicorns are holy and pure Magical Beasts?

Looking at the white blood on the ground, I was still a little worried over the youth’s condition, “Brother Shikin, can you give me some of the medicine from the Medical Department?”

Shikin stared at me for a bit, then passed me a small bottle from his pocket without asking me a single thing, “This medicine is meant for speedy-recovery. It’s produced by the Phoenix Clan. Remind me to ask him for two boxes once we return.”

Damn it. Like I’d want to!

Looking around for a little, I put the medicine at a tree near the white blood. I think that person must have seen what I did, but I wasn’t certain whether he would take it. Perhaps he might also have some medicine with him and I was just doing something unnecessary.

But sometimes it’s better to do something than to not do anything. At least I don’t want to see someone I know crumbling down.

“Yang~ Who are you giving it to?” Staring at my actions, the Five-Coloured Rooster turned his colourful head, “There’s no one around.”

“Hey, stop asking.” After the glow on the item that I placed had disappeared, I pulled the Five-Coloured Rooster back to the pond nearby. Shikin then casually strolled over a few seconds later.

“You servant! How dare you not tell me the truth! Are you raising something inside?” The Five-Coloured Rooster who grew great interests in the medicine left in the forest revealed an evil smile. This made me not want to know exactly what he was thinking.

“It’s nothing. I’ll tell you when there’s a chance in future.” I guess I won’t tell him even if there’s a chance in future, who knows that there might be an endless stream of questions then.

After returning to the pond, the Five-Coloured Rooster suddenly fell into silence.

And then I noticed that there suddenly was no sound in the surroundings — there clearly were still sounds of little animals rolling around and drinking water nearby. Now, not even the sound of fleas could be heard. The entire pondside was silent and still.

Usually under such circumstances, something would definitely happen.

“We’re surrounded.” Shikin came over and placed his hand over my shoulder. “They’re not pretty sisters either. Just four people. I’ve got no idea what they want.”

“That’s odd. Isn’t this place near the base?” I thought it was all safe nearby. Little did I expect there to be trouble at the pond. I turned my hand to grab Minas in my palm. Next to me, the Five-Coloured Rooster has also flung out his claws.

I cannot deny that the Battle against the Ghost Race has greatly affected me

At least I won’t panic around in such a situation, which was something I never imagined before I entered the Academy.

Sometimes I wonder if my life would have remained the same if I didn’t enter the Academy back then.

Who would I be if I had not taken that first step?

Would I still be that same weak Chu Mingyang?

When I was unable to retaliate, would my family and I have died under the Willow Time race or at some other place?

If I did not make the decision back then, where would I be right now?

Humans need to change.

“Hey! Four bastards! Show yourself and fight! I despise pussy cats like you! Come out and be killed! Stop wasting time!” The Five-Coloured Rooster, who has never changed since I met him, pointed at a dark corner and shouted, “Be a man. I’ll chop your head whether or not you show it. Hurry up and let me finish my chopping work!”

So you actually have times you want to quickly finish your work, huh.

I looked at the Five-Coloured Rooster. A few seconds later, a few shadows flashed past in the forest. As expected, four people appeared nearby. Correction, they didn’t look like humans. They were small and short, with green skin and sharp ears and there was dense and curly brown fur on their body. They resembled more like elves, but I didn’t know what they were.

“Surrender your stuff!” One of them who had exceptionally lots of fur said in a weird tone.

I looked at that odd group that was only the size of my thigh and turned around to look at Shikin, “Is this a robbery?” This was the first time I experienced a robbery like this. My past experiences were all grab and go.

“What? That’s not what you say in a robbery!” The Five-Coloured Rooster raised his opinion, “It should go: ‘males on the left, females on the right, lean against the wall!”

“Uh, I thought you would say ‘This road is paved for me, this tree is planted for me. If you want to go over there, pay for the road fees’.” I did not expect his words to be much simpler.

The Five-Coloured Rooster bumped his fist in his hand, “That’s right! I forgot about this sentence.” He immediately turned to look at those four furry things. “Did you hear that? This road is paved for me, this tree is planted for me. If you want to go back alive, surrender everything!”

Uh…You know we’re the ones being robbed right now. Why are you turning the table and robbing them instead?!

Those furry things who didn’t expect to be robbed instead, were left stunned for a moment and then snapped out of it, and said, “S-surrender your things or we’ll kill you!”

Squinting his eyes, the Five-Coloured Rooster expanded his claws, “Great. Then come and kill me. I’ll pick up the things from your dead bodies later!”

That’s called looting corpses!

“You guys are probably the Mountain Goblins, right? Why did you come here to rob? Don’t you know that the Foreseers’ base is nearby?” Shikin squatted down and asked.

“Eh!” The long hair thing jumped in shock, “F-foreseers?”

“The Foreseer, Von Raylart, and his team are here. Aren’t the Mountain Goblins most afraid of them?” Shikin tilted his head to look at the four furry things whose faces had already turned pale.

After Shikin had finished his words, those four curry fur things were really shivering.

“Alright. I can’t be bothered to fight without you guys. Just hand over your stuff and get lost!” The Five-Coloured Rooster who became the robber instead sneered.

“Why are you taking their stuff for no reason?” I restlessly stopped those furry things that were really throwing everything on them out, “Hurry up and go.”

The curly fur thing widened his eyes and looked at us, “Can we just go?”

“Please feel free to.”

The one with exceptionally a lot of fur revealed a look of disbelief. He probably thought that we would call Raylart and the rest out to annihilate them. “V-very sorry. Actually, we have nothing left to eat.”

“Right. Don’t the Mountain Goblins live further in the mountains. This is just a small forest, why would you guys come out from the mountains to rob passerbys here?” Shikin stood up and looked at those four furry things.

With the question asked, the few immediately revealed a look of despair, “A Dark Path has appeared in the mountain, so we could only leave.”

“Dark Path?” Where have I heard of this term? For some reason, hearing this ‘Dark Path’ gave me a bad feeling, as if something will happen.

“Oh? Tell us about it.” The Five-Coloured Rooster pressed on with great interests.

The few furry things looked at each other and the one with exceptionally lots of hair opened his mouth, “A door of darkness has appeared in our mountain. The black thing was wandering around and we could only leave the mountain.”

“What kind of door?” I stared at those four furry things. Their expressions looked very troubled, as if they did not know how to describe that object, they stuttered while trying to find a word to describe it.

They couldn’t say anything properly after almost five minutes. Just when I was yawning and wanting to call the Five-Coloured Rooster to head back and sleep, one of them suddenly spoke.

“We’ll bring you to see!” The long fur thing shouted, “We’ll bring you there to see!”

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