The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 10 Part 3)

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Chapter 10: The Ghost Gate (Part 3)

The time was 12.16 am.

I looked at my watch and silently thought, ‘What the hell am I doing following these people deep into the mountain instead of sleeping?’

After the four furry things sought agreement from the Five-Coloured Rooster and Shikin, without asking for my opinion, they used a similar teleportation spell and brought us from the pond near the forest to another completely dark forest.

Shikin, who was standing next to me, opened his palm. A few silver-blue light spots floated on his palm and then scattered around. The forest around us was instantly brightened. The light wasn’t as bright as daylight, but rather was a faint silver-blue glow that was enough to bring us out from the darkness.

This forest was different from that near the pond. The forest, where the tent was, flourished with life but this place was different. It had a large volume of dried trees, like those horror movies, and the dried branches grew twistedly in all directly, some even tangled up with each other. The withered vines, which were equally lifeless, were hanging above our heads. It even looked like there were skeletons or trash wrapped along in it. The entire forest gave off an eerie feeling.

To be more exact, this place was really suitable to film a horror movie — to film those scenes where someone would appear out of nowhere with a knife to chop you.

“Ah, this is the Great Douloso Mountain, where the Mountain Goblins reside. It isn’t too far from our base.” Recognising this place that looked like a dead body would crawl out from the ground anytime, Shikin turned his head to look at the four long fur Mountain Goblins, “But this place clearly used to be full of life and even had many pretty sisters.”

So he uses pretty sisters to describe places. I suddenly thought that if Shikin went to a place full of such long fur things, he might have completely disappeared from the world like this.

“This place feels strange.” Actually, I was just talking crap since everyone else here could probably notice the extreme strangeness.

The layers of dried tree branches covered the sky, as if they were going to hide this place.

“All lifeforms have left.” The long fur Mountain Goblin told us. “The Dark Path appeared and lifeforms have left. The Mountain Goblins’ home is located deep within and we can no longer return.”

“It’s right ahead.” The Mountain Goblin with exceptionally long fur looked rather nervous as he held onto the short dagger on his waist. Then he stiffly pointed towards a deeper place, “The Dark Path is over there.”

“Since we know that it’s located there, let’s just charge towards it!” The Five-Coloured Rooster instantly led the group and dashed forwards, completely ignoring our reaction, “Those who block me shall die–”

“Ziray! It’s very dangerous!”

I was very reluctant to see a repeat of a similar incident of gravity in action and when I was just about to chase after him, a fine sound suddenly came from my side. As if something knocked against metal, a crisp sound came, followed by a soft moan.

“Stand back!” Immediately reacting, Shikin pulled me backwards and just at the moment where I narrowly avoided, a black knife nicely sliced across at the spot I was standing. It was only two seconds and I was nearly split into two-halves.

Before I stabilised my footing, the Mountain Goblins’ wails instantly came from the sides.

I saw a pair of grey eyes.

“The Ghost Race!” I didn’t expect to see such a being over here. I also vaguely knew what that Dark Path that they were talking about was. Since the Ghost Race would appear here, I’m afraid that path was…

“Dark creatures!” The Mountain Goblin that suffered a cut let out a shriek and then disappeared to hide within the darkness.

The bunch of Ghost Race that was hiding in the darkness then appeared. There were around seven to eight of them and were all insignificant individuals, unlike Andlier who was a high level.

This made me more assured. If the number was small, I should be able to manage it given my current strength.

Those strange sounds once again came out from the knives that the Ghost races pulled out. I realised that their knives seemed to be flicked out by something. A few small shiny balls landed on the ground and disappeared in the darkness while holes were drilled through the knives of the Ghost races.

“Minas.” Thinking about whether I should switch to second gear or not, I then fired a few shots at the few who were coming over, and aqua regia bubbles immediately circled around us.

The Ghost races who didn’t manage to stop in time collided with the bubbles and screamed in pain as the bubbles corroded them.

No matter how many times I watch, I still believe that the aqua regia bubble is the most painful bullet.

“Yangyang, Shikin, step back.” Just when I was thinking about what to do, a piece of purple cloth stroked past my view and then I heard a chain of explosions.

In a blink of an eye, only dust and dirt were left as the surroundings were blasted. Then, silence returned.

“Ari?” I was startled. I didn’t expect the Tripping Prince and Asrian to appear here.

“We felt your presence breaking off so we followed using the teleportation spell.” Pulling out his sabre, Asrian looked towards the depths of the dried forest, “I wouldn’t have thought that there are Ghost races here.” 

I took a peek at the Tripping Prince who was standing at the side. The colour of his face was beyond description of the look he had when he stepped on poop.

“Oh right, Senior…” Why are there only two of them?

“Raylart and his people are protecting him so he is fine for now.” Squinting his eyes and placing the sabre upright, Asrian slowly lifted his sabre, “Summoning the winds.”

Following his voice, the entire forest was wrapped into a gush of strong wind and the dried trees let out an uncomfortable and scary sound. Then, a few howls were heard.

Lowering his posture, Asrian slightly bowed, “Winds of the dancing blade.”

Just when a few Ghost races were pouncing over, Asrian swung his sabre. Those grey-eyed Dark races were violently torn apart by the typhoon and black blood spurt out. 

The Tripping Prince, who was standing at the side, flicked his fingers and those corpses were blasted into dust in the mini explosion before they even landed on the ground. They instantly wiped out the minions from the Ghost Race who were ambushing in the forest.

“Fantastic! Fantastic!” Shikin did the honour to applaud.

“Where is Ziray?” Noticing that there was one less person, Asrian quickly asked.

“He is probably heading towards the path of his life…” Looking at the dark forest path, I said quietly.

“Hurry and follow him. We shouldn’t lose each other. There’s the Ghost Race’s aura.” Asrian said my guess.

The Dark Path that the Mountain Goblins said was indeed the Ghost Gate. I had this feeling when I saw those Ghost races.

Are the Ghost Race cockroaches? They always appear out of nowhere. So annoying!

Shikin shook his body and turned into his unicorn form immediately. As if he was leading the way, he quickly entered the place where the Five-Coloured Rooster disappeared to. The path where he walked was brightened up by a faint glow.

The Tripping Prince, who intended to release the Five-Coloured Rooster into the wild and let him survive on his own, snorted after seeing Asrian trying to catch up. With a nasty look, he also followed very willingly.

Just when I took a step out, my vision was suddenly pulled towards the small glow on the ground.

That was a small crystal-like bead. The object that hit the Ghost races was this. Taking a closer look, there were five to six of them on the floor.

“Yangyang, hurry and follow up!” Asrian hastening was heard from a distance away.

Without thinking much, I immediately picked up those small beads, stuffed them in my pocket and turned around to catch up.

I hope that the Five-Coloured Rooster doesn’t stray away from his path to life before we catch up to him.

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